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  1. Try stacking the images you have in deep sky stacker and then stretching the image. You can use startools for free to help you process the image. You just cannot save the image unless you purchase it.
  2. you still need to do your PA. This makes your tracking more accurate when using phd2.
  3. my bad I had the mounting plate on the tripod in my head not the scope mounting puck.
  4. If you have an android phone have a look at synscaninit. I will show you where polaris needs to be on the polar circle. As long as the lug on the puck is roughly facing polaris it will be fine. Too far out and you will not be able to make the need adjustments. I think from memory it will also show the correct date format any possibly you co-ordinates but not 100%.
  5. top one is a focuser from a telescope so he possibly upgraded one of his scope. The thing with wires is a light panel used to take calibration frames with a camera. I missed the first set of images so not sure if they contained the scopes so not sure what telescope it would be from. I helped an elderly couple up the road from me do something similar. I fact I ended up testing cleaning and listing all the items and just pointed any potential buyers in their direction. We found the more expensive items were easy to sell but the smaller things just got bundled together and sold in small lots. It is strange as I found they thought the larger things were worth more and kept overlooking the smaller items that were worth much much more.
  6. I do find with startools that the manual dev is much better than the auto function.
  7. Have you heard of startools? Its very easy to use and initially appears a bit basic but has lots of hidden aspects and it actually very good. Within a few clicks you can have a good result. I have pixinsight but find unless I am using it allot I forget the workflows so have to go back to the books and vids for help. Knackered valve seals?
  8. It moves the scope around in random movements during a set amount of frames. This helps the processing software remove bad pixels, pattern noise and man made streaks in the image. So it kind of makes the stuff that should not be there dance around and easier to be spotted and removed. As you would need to take dark frames at the same time you image with the dslr it might mean that the time spent capturing darks could be spent capturing more light frames.
  9. Just too add more to the table. You can also set up dithering. This may allow you to be able to process your image without using and dark frames.
  10. I think APT might be a good start as I know it supports dslr. Its also free to use but also very very cheap for the full version. More like a donation. Is your dslr connected directly to your computer? Have a look at this post.
  11. platesolve involves taking a single frame, this is ran through the platesolve software (normally integrated into capture software) which works out where the mount is. You basically choose a target, the capture software (NINA, SGPro, APT) moves the mount to the general area, takes a single frame, platesolve works out the co-ordinates and the capture software move the mount in needed and the process is ran again and again until the desired co-ordinates are reached. In SGPro this normally take a 5 mins. Its a marvel to see in action.
  12. I ended up using some tf2 grease when I did mine. seems okay so far after 12 months +.
  13. @JamesF Yes I use the skywatcher reducer. I have only seen it a couple times on really bright stars but maybe its always there and I just have not noticed.
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