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  1. spillage

    Baader 2" UV/IR cut L filter

    now updated with price.
  2. Baader UV/IR filter well looked after and has been used with my modded dslr. Comes with case. I have just noticed a very very small blemish that I have struggled to photo but this has been present since on the camera and never caused issue with the images or else I would have noticed. Bank transfer or cash on collection. £50 + £1.99 p&p
  3. spillage

    130PDS or 150PDS?

    My 150 does weight allot more than my 130. I find that the 130 gives me great images am once on the mount I am more than happy to keep it there. What I like more about the 130 is that being so small it is not effected by the elements and I have manged to image when the wind would have caused me issue with a larger scope.
  4. spillage

    What did the postman bring?

    Just had a text from the other half that this has arrived. App the adapter was for an eq3 which should be the same as the eq5 which should fit the neq6....well fingers crossed anyway. But as it was a bargain I am not too worried.
  5. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    Okay do a platesolve on a star , sync it then in stellarium click on the star to make sure its in the target and then ctlr + 3 to align the star, if you do this with a few starts then when moving the scope via stellarium will become more accurate. The point of using platesolve is to do away with having to manually align the scope, Doing this just allows you to choose a target quickly that is not in the APT objects list. Although you can manually add locations to custom object list or using store after a platesolve of an image (full version) for future use. I sure I have posted a couple of custom lists on here before that you can import into apt giving you a larger choice of targets although I know some of them were not correct and need editing. When I am running my kit I only really use my todo list as I only have a few target on the go. Hope this helps. Maybe I need to try this myself.
  6. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    Thats right apt will only send the position to stellarium when you sync. Its like an automatic star alignment, in cdc it also passes over the sensor position and size so you can see exactly what will be captured on the sensor. This allows you make adjust the mount positon or sensor to how you want.
  7. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    exactly as above. They should work independently unless apt is trying to send commands to the mount at the same time? If you start stellarium first then apt and connect to the mount without any platesovling can you then move the mount in stellarium?
  8. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    That sounds very odd. I would jump on the APT forum and ask there. I find IVO the developer very helpful and quick to respond.
  9. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    No sure on that one. That is a setting you need to make in stellarium and not related to APT. Have a look here about 1/4 of the way down.
  10. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    I think the finderscope has the wrong back on it and only comes with the viewer like eyepiece. As you are not too far away I would pop into flo and have a chat as I am sure they will advise you what is need and a best.
  11. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    Sure flo also stock the adapter to convert the finder into a guider.
  12. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    I think I would want to get a guidescope/finder and guide cam first.
  13. spillage

    Space restricted obsy roof ideas

    You can also if using a very small shed or wooden frame fix it to your concrete pad at the back with a hinge. Open the door detach/unattach the front of shed and tilt back.
  14. spillage

    First image with my new mount

    Platesolve is no help when polar aligning. That still needs to done in either phd2, sharpcap, polemaster or using the pa scope. I tend to platesolve then run drift align in phd2 and once I'm happy platesove to my target.
  15. I am wondering if anyone has heard of or used the xsories weye feye wirelss wifi remote control and tether system for their dslr.

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