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  1. polar align

    @Brian1983 I would suggest spending as much or as little time levelling your mount. Dont worry this subject always causes both camps to clash. I have tried both and I have to side with @ollypenrice on this one. For some it just takes away a possibility of something causing issues. Are you going to be taking photos or are you just going to observe as this makes a large difference. If you are just observing then you can just do a rough polar alignment as you would not be on a target for that long. If you are using a camera then lots of options are open depending on your setup. Maybe if you let us know your set up this will help.
  2. Flats

    @RichLD sorry for the late reply I have been laid up in bed since early Tuesday evening. I am using the Ha clip-in (new) with my canon dslr which has my coma corrector (new) and then my baader ir filter. I did not try to processes any of the lights as I was just observing the 20 second exposures from within apt when trying to auto plate solve. When I feel well enough and get a clear night or two I think I will take some normal lights with just the coma corrector and then try some with the ha filter once I am happy with the results from using using the coma. But should I be plate solving and then adding my clip in filter and do I also need the ir filter whilst using the ha filter.
  3. Flats

    Okay tried my new Ha clip in filter but came across a few issues. When taking my flats the histogram is not showing in the canon software if bright is chosen. If I choose rgb then I can see see all three and moving the exposure moves the red histogram. Is this correct and the right way to take flats with this filter. Also I took a few lights but they came out very red to the point I could not platesolve with results so had to remove the filter to platesolve. You could only just make out polaris in the image. Its an astronomik 12nm clip in filter with the modified 500d. Spill.
  4. Flats

    Thanks that was my initial thoughts so will get this sorted.
  5. A few more bits and bobs

    pm sent about the game pad.
  6. Flats

    I have just brought a clip in Ha filter for my canon and comma corrector. I have done new flats for the coma but should I also do some flats for the filter or is this not needed? Cheers Spill.
  7. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    Okay try this. Do not start cdc and make sure mount is at the home position and actually release the clutches and reposition. Start phd and connect mount to start up EqModand check the position shown in EqMod. Open up APT and pointsolve and put in the position from EqMod into the approx boxes and blind platesolve and when complete click sync. Is the position then shown in APT platesove results the same as EqMod. I may be barking up the wrong tree but I am sure I had a similar issue and I am racking my brains on the process I went through to sort it. I am sure EqMod and APT positions should be out a little as there should be a little human error placing the telescope in its home position. I got a few things going on that need sorting a home but when I get a chance and a bit of clear sky I will go and check my exact routine with APT.
  8. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    It can do some weird stuff from time to time and I find that a full reboot helps. When you sync the blind solve do the co-ordinates in apt match that of eqmod?
  9. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    sorry if you have checked all this but make sure the mount is not parked and that it is correctly connected to apt. Can you move the scope using apt directly?.
  10. I think you will find that most people over balance their scopes on one side so this keeps the gears in constant contact with each other. Aligning the finder scope is easier either in the daytime on a distant object or at night taking advantage of the moon. I do not think there are any real setting in PHD that I could say use this and it will work as its dependent on your own kit. Once you have set up PHD you can click on the brain on I think use guide assistance that will give you the recommended settings. There are also a tonne of vids on youtube. I and this is odd think of it as keeping a balloon floating on a parallel plane you only want to tap it hard enough to stay put no wack it and have to wait ages for it to come back down or have to whack it down. This is just fine tuning phd to your kit just not the default settings and test our some changes. This is the side of this that I really like. Poking around making changes seeing what works and what breaks. You can download a phd log viewer that will give you a visual display of your guiding for analysis that people also use to post here if they need any assistance. I really am no guru but hope this all helps.
  11. The small cost for a rowan belt kit is so appealing. Bit this will have to wait a month or two.
  12. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    Don't forget to update the list of objects as the default list is a bit lacking imo. Download unzip then in APT open object browser click custom tab then click import list and select one or both. 100 Best Astrophotogrphy Objects.zip Burnham Northern Tour - no stars.zip All courtesy of the apt forum.
  13. Just to let you know these mounts do sound like a bag of nails when slewing and its normal. I think my eq5 pro had the ability to wake the dead.
  14. Thats easy. When using PHD drift align it slew the scope to the south and if you make sure your finder scope is set up correctly you just move the direction button either in eqmod or apt to line up a bright star then get the star in the middle of the canon live view box. I would then zoom in and readjust and then use 200% zoom. Sharpcap is very user friendly and quick to set up but I guess I have always prefered to drift align as I can keep this running for as long as I want to make sure I'm happy with it. I can also get my alignment to be slightly out one way or another so that when you start guiding you only make corrections one way. This then helps dealing with any backlash if you are not using the rowan belt kit. If you use sharpcap then you just connect your guide cam and start sharpcap after a rough polar alignment using the polar scope. HTH.
  15. APT and All sky plate solver (Disaster)

    Just found this on the apt guide. Solve will use PS2 and Blind Solve uses ASPS. If Auto is used then if will use PS2 if installed rather than ASPS. HTH Spill