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  1. replacement bit for NEQ6

    hth. spill.
  2. replacement bit for NEQ6

    Try here.
  3. neq6 .3 teflon shim

    Cheers Steve. I have just replied. Mark.
  4. neq6 .3 teflon shim

    Hi As per title I am after a 0.3mm shim for a eq6 for tuning my mount. cheers Spill.
  5. Again another +1 for mount. But the 150pds is allot heavier than a 130pds and will give you a larger fov. This may allow you to expose a little longer with your current kit and they can be had cheaply second hand.
  6. Those photos do look very impressive. If you ever have an issue with the canon using non canon inks just hold the the button with the triangle on it for about 60 seconds.
  7. I would not bother with alignment as this is done in the platesolve. I would suggest checking PA though. With my gear I use APT, I choose my target and the mount is moved near to it and then APT takes a series of single shots to check position and makes adjustments as needed. I can then update my mount with this position. You should be able to make a platesolve from the home position and then update these co-ordinates. If you can save a single image you can reuse this for platesolving. Not sure if any of this is of any help.
  8. Mice!

    Have you tried Cat5 although I hear Cat6 is much better.
  9. I had massive issue with my flats until I included some dark flats then it was all okay. I also found that using normal darks caused more issues than it solved.
  10. Arrrggghhh! Help me decide please!

    This is true, but I have seem people swaying towards the atik purely for the support/service side. I think the qhy has the sensor further back than the zwo so with 1.25" vignetting may be more of an issue. 17.5/18mm for the qhy and 6.5 for the zwo.
  11. Arrrggghhh! Help me decide please!

    or the atik horizon!! Although I am very happy with my 1600mm and using usb3 it seems fine.
  12. I have my imaging rig permanently outside. I think as you have found it will only be the screen that cause an issue. Are you able to turn off the screen and use a computer indoors via vnc or teamviewer?
  13. Imaging with the 130pds

    @carastro Take a look here at the mod @Sunnieboy has mentioned.
  14. Imaging with the 130pds

    Hi @carastro, you only need to take out the screws that hold the focus adjuster plate in place. You can then just pull the draw tube out. You can just unscrew the compression ring at the eyepiece to remove it, if it's needed. I would ask him to use a nice flat sharpening stone over the flat part on the tube, This will grind it flat and make better contact with the part that move the tube up and down. There is a youtube vid somewhere. Found it.
  15. Best software for controlling ZWO ASI 1600MM?

    Nope I too have not had any issue ever with APT and my camera's.