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  1. You should just be able to drag the image into the text box where you type your post or click on the choose files.
  2. HI Just installed this remotely to my obs comp but it failed to detect my qhy5 mono that I normally use for guiding. Is the cam not supported. I realise its an old camera. I normally use a neximage5 but I was not prepared to go out in the rain and connect it.
  3. I believe these are know to the trade as weeee bolts. Thats the noise you must make as you throw them over your shoulder.
  4. Up until just over 18 months ago I have never touched a telescope...But here is my story. Around 15 years ago I moved 10 miles from a light polluted town in Somerset into a quiet dark village with a hand full of street lights (i think its less than this). I always remember my first night. Popping outside to have a ciggi and looking up at a clear sky and being just dumb stuck by the amount of stars I could see. From this point on I would always look upwards at night. In a strange way I missed it when I gave up the fags as I enjoyed these dark clear views and spotting satellites and the occasional meteor shower was my limit. Then a couple of years ago I found myself discussing the dismal views from a garden in North London with a relative. About a week after returning home a package arrives and inside it I found a and then where do all these bits go which end do you look through. Finally this great bit of kit gave me views of saturn that blew me away. They were so fake looking just like the sticker you can get for a kids bedroom wall. Yes this 700x76 china special was the bee's knees..Not for long. I then found myself frustrated at trying to find objects and track them. I then after hours of searching found a 127 mak for sale and being a bit geeky fell for the idea of goto. This also came with a neximage5 camera. The step up visually was life changing but it was the moment I tried out my new camera that my AP interest really started. I could actually image these great views of saturn, jupiter and the moon and share them with my family. The fact that it also involved a pc and tinkering about with software was just a bonus. No long in I found the mount was not the best but from there soon followed a eq5 pro and c6-n and a canon 1100, then a 150pds and a modified 500d. I am for now using my neq6 and have added a 130pds to my list and who knows what the future will bring. I am sure the computer geek in me helped fan the flames of AP. As you can see I stumbled into AP and never intended to take this road with all its potholes that not only frustrate you and but empty your pockets of money but also reward you with some amazing image that you can keep and share with others. You know I may just have to drag out the 700x76 out again just to remind me of the beginning.
  5. op has uploaded a .cr raw image. @Swithin StCleeve eqmod is a computer program used to control your mount. APT is again another computer program used to control you camera PA is polar align. You need to align you eq mount so that when you track and object in the sky you do not get any star trails. M13 Single__0002_ISO3200_20s__34C.CR2 Too late.
  6. Seems to be a possible website issue maybe. I have just noticed that my last post was retained in the reply box when I clicked in it and also the download link for the image has now stopped working!!!
  7. Hi @Adaaam75 I am not to far away from starting my build. So far I have the brake discs ready to go (classic car brake discs) with some m12 stud to use as an anchor and managed to get some black ribbed 6" plastic pipe for free. I am going to buy a dumpy bag of balast/sand from bradfords and a few bags of cement to make a base and fill the pipe. Luckily I have a cement mixer from when I built my shed/mancave so this will make things easier. Regarding a metal vs metal pier I have seen that metal ones can cause lots of vibration due to oscillation if poorly designed. I guess this is why a astro made metal pier is so much due the R&D put into them. Going to keep an eye on this thread to see where you go with it. Spill
  8. Thats a good first attempt. I would suggest dropping your iso down to 800 and you will need to stack several of these into DSS with flats and bias. You can also try using apt to control your canon and this will then allow you to dither so you may be able to get away without having to take darks. You have not mentioned but are you autoguiding as this will help for long exposures. cheers Spill.
  9. Have a look on a previous post on here. These guys and girls are doing a grand job on a complete linux package. moving to linux Also for image processing startools works well and of course gimp.
  10. what are your dec and ra rates in eqmod? I think off the top of my head they should be 0.5 to 1.0.
  11. over my last three sessions I have a total of zero subs...that has to be at least 6ish hours wasted. This was due to my eq6 bolt issues followed quickly by pa issues.
  12. hi shyam, try hanging a weight off the tray to keep the mount as stable as possible.
  13. I do know if you chat with the guys from morgan computers you can get them to add extra ram for you.
  14. I would get windows 7 and if you feel the need take the free update to windows can then always got back to 7.