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  1. If you are using polemaster then it will not be a drastic PA issue. By the way don’t worry too much about the mount being level, this just helps with the orientation of adjustment whilst doing PA but with polemaster it will be easy enough.
  2. I have used APT for a couple years and cannot praise it or the developer enough but have now also obtained sgpro. Initially sgpro looked confusing but after a few runs it really is easy and makes sense in how it works. This can be ran on several computers under one license so only one purchase is needed. But if you feel confident then have a go with @stash_old suggestion of a free linux version.
  3. I like to use a small weight and place it either side of the axis as this helps me confirm if it is balanced correctly.
  4. I would either suggest lowest price first, N.I.N.A similar to sgPro and free. APT is free but only has a few restrictions of the paid version, TBH its more a donation than a purchase but a very capable program. SgPro again a well used program, I think its about £100. Get yourself the lynx eqdir lead that will take away the need for the handset. Just read that APT cannot control a dome YET, but there may be work arounds using external software.
  5. Have you looked at the second hand market for a better mount?
  6. Sorry don't want to hijack the thread but if you use the clicklock and rotate the camera does this not mean you need to take new calibration data every time its moved. I have in the past used both a baader 2" lp filter and a clip in type when I had a dslr. Have a look here.
  7. I could be wrong but if you use the skywatcher ff then you can screw this directly to the focus tube and do away with the clicklock. It should also make is less prone to flexture.
  8. Might be worth having a look here.
  9. What option in the drop down box are you choosing in phd2 to connect to the mount?
  10. Do you have the ascom drivers installed for the mount?
  11. Sorry that was my poor editing. I own a couple of zwo cameras and SX filter wheels. One camera had to go back to China for over a month and the filter wheel got damaged (by me) and was resolved in under a week. I think the story of zwo and the 1600 is well documented and they did a good job of getting a new product on the shelves first although I think they are now on version 3. I guess SX feel there is room and profit in the market for them and their followers.
  12. But as there are other cheaper options out there you do have a choice. I have purchased chinese gear and whilst it is good value for money if it goes wrong then you are looking at a long time without that bit of kit if it needs to go back to the manufacturer. As already mentioned Atik which seem to be cheaper than SX but a bit more then ZWO do have a good following and also provide good after sales service but as I have never used them I cannot comment personally.. I think you pay your money and take your chances. Nothing in this hobby is normally cheap and most or at least myself have had to save to buy the kit we want. Again all I can say is that SX in my experience have fallen over themselves to help and resolve any issue very quickly.
  13. I would like to say in my experience that the extra cost of the SX kit is well worth it when things go wrong. The customer service they provide is some of the best I have come across.
  14. Are you saving the bad pixel map to a different hard drive or location. It may be a fault with the storage. It may also be a fault with your profile so might be worth setting up another profile and seeing if it continues to happen with the new profile. What version of phd2 are you running?
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