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  1. Thanks for all your advice. As much as I would like to move to ccd I think that having a reliable mount will always be the main priority so I think the belt upgrade and cleaning and re-lubricating the existing bearings will be a good start especially as my mount does have some age to it. Cheers Spill.
  2. I am sure using something like this is much easier than using my laptop screen as you can just point the scope up and balance this on top. I'm just a sucker for the easy way.
  3. might be worth having a look at this backlash vid
  4. @smudgeball Will you not need to polar align the mount and then tighten the mount. If you have to remove the plate and tighten would you not possibly knock it out of alignment. Would it not be easier to use a circular metal cutter to make a small owl's nest. Even if its only enough to get a ratchet in to tighten it up.
  5. Hi, Looking for a auto focuser and possible usb focus controller for my 150pds. I know there is one on astro buy sell for £22 but had no response from the seller. If anyone has one going please let me know. I do also have a 130pds so if a couple come up cheap enough that would be fine. Thanks. Mark.
  6. I have found myself at a crossroads. With my permanent pier just weeks away I have found myself looking at upgrades. Do I ditch my dslr's and put the money to buying a dedicated cdd or do I purchase a wedge. These are both (to me) high cost items. So the one thing I keep looking at is the rowan belt upgrade. I know its worth doing but is it also replacing the bearings at the same time if I go down this route or should I just install the belt kit and be happy with what I have. If new bearing are on the cards does anyone have any details on which bearings are needed or a link to purchase them. Thanks Spill.
  7. Well this is my poor effort. Thanks to @happy-kat for the previous work flow. Until this I was always an autodev guy but loving the manual dev. I have no real idea how this will look as at work on a ancient laptop. Definitely not as good as other here and probably a bit on the grainy side.
  8. has anyone bitten the bullet and tried one of these? or should I stick to my laptop screen.
  9. My first question is did you go into the house or garage. Because why would you sell something that is stolen for a couple hundred pounds from your premises. I know with cars worth thousands you have to be careful as you may meet outside an address but you actually never venture onto the property and or the residents are either on holiday or the house is empty. If my son left a large item in my garage for ages and I had enough of it taking up space he would have two options move it or loose it. Did you meet the bees??
  10. Could you let us know which version of DSS is being used as an older version will cause issues. Should be 3.3.2.
  11. Thanks @Adam J. Thats a great build and probably above my capacity but will certainly look at doing something similar. I guess if I do not remove the rear case then I need access to turn off the rear display screen. Can be 100% but though my 500d will not power up from leaving it in the on position either. Sure I need to turn it off and on again. Cheers, Spill.
  12. why not just get hold of a few house bricks or blocks and some cement and postcrete for three small foundations. Lay the single bricks/blocks to the height you need and then drill out some hole in the top to hold the tripod legs. Make the foundations as deep as possible so if or when you move just remove the brick fill the hole with soil and re-seed.
  13. Top of the page click the arrow next to your user name and click account settings. Then click on signature on the left hand side. hth.
  14. Once I started guiding I noticed a massive difference in the quality of my stacked images and now only need to crop the smallest area and have found the images easier to process.
  15. Nice Kat. What do you use to keep the two bright stars under control. Mine keep bloating out..