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  1. spillage

    Atik 383L+ How many flats

    I think I would do a run with the wizard for my broadband filters first. Then remove some sheets of paper and run another for narrowband to the get the exposure time down. I normally run about 50 off.
  2. spillage

    JamesF's observatory build

    Well I am about the same distance from Taunton (East) as you and I can see it from my back garden.
  3. Thats a good start. I would make sure that you use calibration files when stacking as this should take out the banding and dust motes you have. This will then make it easier to process the image. I think you need to crop the image in pi and then run dbe? sorry I do not really know my way around PI even though I have a copy. cheers
  4. looks to me like dust motes and possible moisture on the sensor or glass. May be worth as mentioned checking your calibration files and possibly changing your desiccant tablets.
  5. spillage

    Effect of excessive coma corrector distance

    Sorry the info was wrong. I have never really thought about it, I guess its just a case of concave/convex and the spacing allow the image from the mirror to be reflected inwards or outwards on the CC until the curves of images are equally matched which bends the original coma to appear flat. I can only guess that the curve on most modern day mass produced mirrors have a fairly standardized curve so one CC may work on several scopes or there are only a small number of companies producing mirrors. Although reading this back sounds kinda obvious. I have never really tried adding a huge amount of space when setting up a CC as its a job I hate and just want to get it correct asap.
  6. spillage

    Some people...

    I myself see ABS much like ebay. It's a very good site and (touch wood) I have had no issue buying or selling bits and bobs there. But it's a buy sell site in my eyes. However I do always check the wanted section here and if someone wanted a low cost item that I am either no using or have multiples then I would happy help out for free. There have been a few occasion when a kind member from this site has helped me out and I think that is the way we should be as humans. Just to dribble on a bit more, only recently I was contacted by an elderly local couple wanting to sell some astro gear from a late relative. I had a look and could have purchased to lot for about £600. I had to explain to them that there was around £1500 worth of kit there so helped them sell it rather than take advantage.
  7. spillage

    Effect of excessive coma corrector distance

    The first image is the spacing is too close and the second it's too much. Delrins are great - You put them between threads of connecting parts and so when you screw everything together, it will only screw down as far as the Delrin and so you gain some spacing. Copied from an earlier post. cheers,
  8. spillage

    Which Mount ?

    On my 8" quattro I fitted a threaded bar with an adjustable weight to get the balance the best I can. I also have a small pile of lead sheet that I can cut to size for my other scopes.
  9. I can only suggest you go straight in for a mono cooled camera. This make calibration a breeze and the ability to shoot narrowband means more time using the kit than looking at it. Yes dealing with the extra data is a little more complex, but what else are you going to do during those many cloudy night we get here in the UK?
  10. If you are able to access the internet from the pc near your mount and have another pc in the house you could always use teamview or vnc. Leave your laptop in a plastic box and sit indoors at you other pc with a nice cup of tea or cold beer...
  11. Sorry it's been ages since I had to star align but when you slew to your alignment star and then adjust the mount are you taking the backlash out. I am sure maybe that you need to go north, west for you final adjustment.
  12. Have you tried startools for post processing? They offer an unlimited trial version, you just cannot save the image but it allows you to use everything else. It is also a reasonable price to purchase.
  13. spillage

    baader on ebay

    Well I take it all back. But even at that price they seem over priced.
  14. spillage

    baader on ebay

    It clearly looks (or not so clearly, cannot decide if this is on purpose) to be a cheap set of blackspur worth a couple of quid.
  15. spillage

    baader on ebay

    Now this is a new one for me. Didn't realize baader did these!!

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