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  1. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    That is the exactly the same thought as me, although there are rumours of ATIK bringing out an equivalent and I thought I saw something about the asi1600 being upgraded!!
  2. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    I have been looking down this road allot lately. I would consider the cost of the 2" filter carefully for several reasons. 1. The cost an awful lot compared to 1.25" or 31mm. 2. You might end up paying more for a 2" filter wheel and maybe need two as I think most are only hold 5 filters (not sure as I stopped looking at 2"filters after seeing the price dif). I have decided to just keep on saving until I have enough to buy the filters/wheel and mono camera, even if I have to sell my dslr kit and go without for a short time.
  3. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    Hi @tooth_dr, I would be more tempted to save the money and put it towards a dedicated mono ccd/cmos. I think due to sensor you need a massive amount of lights to really get a good result using narrowband on a dslr and from what I understand using a dedicated ccd/cmos is so much easier. I have a baader uv/ir screwed into the end of my mpcc and then use a ha clip in when needed, not really sure if I should be removing the uv/ir whilst using the ha filter so I just leave it in place. Cheers Spill.
  4. new astrophotography camera required

    Are you able to solder a lead to the board and bypass the plug? I have no idea if this is possible but just a thought.
  5. I'm Very Confused

    If it were me I would update the mount, yes you can spend some time and money getting every last possible ounce from your kit and it is satisfying to a point. I am sure that I am correct in saying that ap for most people leads to the need for perfection, it is this need that drives most to buy better and better gear or to improve what we have to achieve this. With very few funds I have learnt to try and spend what money I have on this hobby wisely, sometimes its better to sell a bit of kit and buy and upgrade then waste money trying to make it better. All I would say is that for ap your mount is the most important bit of kit to consider. Have you read 'every photon counts' it may give you a better understanding of what you need. hth Spill.
  6. My first "NO EQ" DSO Images

    Good looking images, what type of mount was used? In startools have you tried to mask the subject and then run life-isolate? I may clear up the background a bit for you.
  7. HEQ5 vs NEQ6...benefits

    On the second hand market there may only be around £100-150 between the two, I would take the neq6 and be future proof. I would think about how far you would need to carry the kit from the car, if its only a short distance then it's no bother.
  8. There is no reason why you cannot use the home position even if you strip down every time. If say home is 12 o'clock and vega is say 3 o'clock but the mount points to 6 o'clock and you move the mount by releasing the clutches to 6 o'clock and then move to the home position you will go to 9 o'clock which would be wrong. I would roughly polar align the mount, check you settings on the handset fully, run a 3 star alignment. If you need to correct the mount use the handset to slew for any alignment adjustments.
  9. Cartes Du Ciel VIRUS WARNING

    If anyone is worried and they have already installed cdc4 then it may be worth downloading combofix. Only up to windows 8 but a very good program for clearing out viruses.
  10. The clutches have no connection to polar alignment. The part of your mount with the polar scope is static and will only move if you physically move it either with the adjustment bolts or re position the tripod.
  11. Imagine a pole running through the earth from the south to north pole. This is what we are polar aligning the mount against so the pole and our mount are parallel. This allow the mount to rotate in RA correctly. This is why the angle of the mount increases the further north or south of the equator you go due to the curve of the earth. When we align the star we are just getting the software to work out where in the sky the mount is pointing, this info is not kept by the handset and needs to be done each time it is switched on.
  12. Cartes Du Ciel VIRUS WARNING

    Was this the 32 or 64bit version, can I check if this was the .zip or setup version.
  13. Using lower iso ?

    If you dither then you do not need darks so this will save you allot of time.
  14. Using lower iso ?

    Do you dither between lights?
  15. collimation fast scope

    Thanks all, I have redone collimation and ran a star test that looked good. Will take the change tonight to do some lights and see how they come out.