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  1. spillage

    Wooden pier

    I think 300mm may be a little to big. But don't get rid of it but instead if possible get hold of some smaller 150mm pipe and put this inside the 300mm and cut the 300m down 300mm or more. Then just fill both with concrete. You will have the stability of the 300mm base and the extra clearance at the top of the pier. If this makes sense.. Cheers,
  2. Just wondering if Atik would be happy for the folks happily using their soon to be redundant software to make it available to download outside of the Atik website? I always try to keep a copy of older version software for such times when it is no longer available.
  3. spillage

    ed80 ds focuser

    Hi All, Looking to upgrade my single speed to a DS. If anyone has upgraded their standard SW one and its collecting dust and taking up space I would be more than happy to give it a new home. Cheers,
  4. spillage

    ED80 focuser parts list

    ebay is your best bet. When I get home I can have a look at the ones I have fitted.
  5. spillage

    ED80 focuser parts list

    Are these not M3?
  6. spillage

    314l cooling

    Thanks for all your helpful advise. Glad the camera is working as it should.
  7. spillage

    Remotely Controlling Imaging Queries

    I am with Noah on this one. Having a display mount side really helps allot. I was lucky as my garden shed it only about 5m away so I managed to run vga and usb cat5 extensions to run the mouse, keyboard and monitor from there. Just having a headless unit to start out with can be a real pain. The only thing I would add is that if you can do without wifi then don't bother. It will just cause you extra issues along the way.
  8. spillage

    314l cooling

    Oh okay so you just turn the cooling and leave it. How essential are the darks for these, Would you need to take darks every session as per a dslr. I guess I am just used to using my asi1600.
  9. spillage

    314l cooling

    This is the 314L not the plus version. So does the L version just cool at the minimum temperature possible? I have it running for a good 15 minutes last night and all apt reported was 0 degrees. I have read that you can set the temp on the 314L, that option is greyed out in artemis and apt. @carastro yes this was indoors but at the moment I have no heating so it was not that warm. I will have another look tonight but just trying to work out if its me of the camera/software/driver.
  10. spillage

    314l cooling

    Thanks @Davey-T I have fired them an email asking the same question. Guess its just a matter of cost. Cheers,
  11. spillage

    314l cooling

    Hi All, Just trying to set up my 314L but I do not seem to be able to use setpoint cooling. This is both with artemis and atp. In artemis it show cooling "on" but I cannot change the temp. Not sure if its the user of equipment. I have tried several leads and power sources. Cheers,
  12. Maybe not this week... F/6.8 = 16 911 Euro, includes VAT 23%. Net export price – 13 749 Euro (non EU countries)
  13. spillage

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I have always found my focuser on the 130 solid and hang off my 1600 and sx filter wheel from it in that orientation.
  14. spillage

    Remotely Controlling Imaging Queries

    If possible run cat5 from you existing router in the house down to your kit. You can buy a length of cable from ebay ready to go with connections cheaply or make your own. Just grab an old wifi router, turn off dns (some setting will also need to be made for wifi) and plug your network lead into this. You will then have spare connection ports near you mount and a strong wifi signal. I just house a cheap £50 desktop and router next to my mount in a waterproof wooden box. I can then run this via team viewer from any location.
  15. spillage

    ASI 1600 mm cool pro and DEW

    I have the mk11 version so I do not have the ability to use waste heat.

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