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  1. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why we have had similar issues. If I find out anything else I’ll post back here.
  2. I’ve got mine hooked up at the moment and it seems to be working fine and receiving twelve satellites.
  3. Luke! I have had the same problem with the same unit. I recently decided to upgrade my older GPSBOXSRITE 2 unit to the newer GPSBOXSPRITE 3 which is what your one looks like as well. I had got it running fine after showing bad gps then it began to show bad gps again. In the end I had some correspondence with Simon from the Black Box Camera Co and we decided that I return the unit for them to check. They confirmed that the unit was working fine, but even though I was offered a refund I said I would have the unit back because I guessed the problem must be confined to circumstances within or around my observatory which I will try to overcome. With reference to the GPS week number roll over, I would expect my older unit to be affected but the new unit to be unaffected but the older unit is still working fine. If I am not mistaken the effect on older GPS receivers is that the date is shown wrong but the time remains correct. I havnt tried my new unit again since getting it back but I am going to try it tonight. I presume you have been using your unit for a while, otherwise a new unit does need some time to settle down.
  4. My scope comes indoors sometimes as well when there is a lengthy period of rain and I store it by the side of the bed, much to the amusement of my wife. While it`s there I do pass the odd admiring glance to it. ( the scope that is, not my wife!)
  5. Indeed, I have done video astronomy from London with pleasing results but when I took myself and equipment to a dark site I was very much more amazed at how much deeper the view was.
  6. Back home from the meeting. A great range of different talks and well done to everyone involved in getting it organised. The talk on Black Holes gave the old brain cells a welcome workout!
  7. I caught up with Pallas last night. Here is a single frame from a short avi captured with a Watec 910HX/RC mono camera attached to a Celestron 9.25. Pallas is the brightest object near the centre of the image.
  8. Although on reflection, the Watec cameras are perhaps not as commonly used as the other cameras in your list. Their output is composite video which requires an analogue to digital convertor to be able to link it up to a laptop.
  9. My camera was obtained from Modern Astronomy and the spec links on the web site seem broken. I `ve found another page showing the specs which is here
  10. Have you thought about including the Watec range of cameras, I use a 910HX/RC.
  11. If it is just asteroid occultations you are after then I also suggest OccultWatcher as well. Although a lunar occultation feed can be selected as well. Near the bottom of the OccultWatcher home page here it does suggest that it can run on xp, however further updates have been implemented so I cant`t say for sure whether the current issue will be xp friendly.
  12. I`m booked to go, looking forward to it.
  13. Great team work by yourself and the other 10 astronomers. I have attached a map which shows the sites of other potential stations that were announced to get an observation, maybe you are aware of it. You can see that there is a high concentration to the west of the prediction with a lower probability of success, but the exact path can always shift so it does show how valuable the fact that you and your observing colleagues managed to obtain some data (plus had clear skies). I obtained the information on the map from the freeware programme Occult Watcher which I use myself to organise my occultation observing. Link here
  14. I`ve ordered one of the Stephen Hawking 50p coins today, I`ve started collecting £2 and 50p coins anyway so it would be a good addition to my collection. See here
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