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  1. Ok I see, thanks for the update.
  2. I was wondering, it`s normally held in September but have now gone the for month later. I can never normally get to Kelling in the Autumn because both my childrens birthdays are centered aroung the equinox and I had best be around to help them celebrate! Maybe the new moon in September 2020 was considered a bit too early? Hope you all get some clear spells this weekend.
  3. Very much agree. I used a mono camera for the capture but the visual view was a real treat.
  4. Clear down here so I managed to capture it before going behind a tree. Rough screen shot shown here. Neptune is below and slightly to the right of the bright star in the the centre of the image. Neptune’s moon was placed roughly between the star and Neptune but the brightness of the star was a bit overwhelming to see it clearly.
  5. Yes, I use Virtualdub for recording and editing my astro AVI`s. I step through frame by frame for the best image and save it as an image file.
  6. Another way Sir Patrick had to inspire people was to take the time to reply to any letters he received. Had I known that as a youngster I would have no doubt composed a letter to the great man himself and eagerly awaited a response. Me and my family met him at the Herstomceaux Festival of Astronomy in 2007. He took the time to meet everyone and also had lunch in their cafe while we were having lunch as well. So does that mean I can tenuously say that I have had lunch with Sir Patrick!
  7. Still got it! A little tatty now. That round mark low down in the centre looks like the moon but it’s a mark from a stain.
  8. I was too young to stay up and watch The Sky at Night but Patrick influenced me by his legendary book The Observers Book of Astronomy.
  9. I recently read the book The Haunted Observatory by Richard Baum (recommended) and chapter 9 entitled `Lichtflocken` deals with reports of a similar phenomenon. The book is an interesting journey into the history of astronomy so the reports are from some years ago ie. 18th-19th century. I don`t think there was a definite conclusion as to what it might be but it might be anything from insects, pollen, dust flying on a breeze or as mentioned something to do with the observer themselves. A search of `Lichtflocken` on the web produced some results including a youtube video demonstration here
  10. This site is good In the sky.org. Your location can be saved to see relevant information. I always read Astronomy Now for the monthly night sky guide.
  11. Apart from any other problems you might be having, I was a little bit worried that you are using a 2x Barlow and 3.6mm eyepiece for alignment because the field of view would be very small. When I do alignment I normally use a 25mm eyepiece on it`s own to give a decent field of view to allow for any discrepancies
  12. I updated from a 120N+ to the 910 and the increase in sensitivity was pronounced. I was previously limited to mag 12 stars for occultation work but with the 910 in good conditions I can work with mag 14 stars now.
  13. The camera I use for my occultation observations is a Watec 910HX/RC (mono) which provides an analogue output. However I digitize the signal via a USB video adaptor to record onto laptop. Simple to use, great for live viewing and still good for obtaining useful scientific data.
  14. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why we have had similar issues. If I find out anything else I’ll post back here.
  15. I’ve got mine hooked up at the moment and it seems to be working fine and receiving twelve satellites.
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