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  1. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Latest update. FLO retweeted news from Alan Stern about a new mission website design see here looking good with rendezvous count down To start with I was half expecting to do an `all nighter` and scrape myself off the floor after the New Years Eve party to watch the fly past coverage at 5 in the morning, but of course, the time delay puts it just right for breakfast viewing. Can`t wait, New Horizons has been an amazing mission, with still more to deliver.
  2. Phil Fargaze

    Do FLO & RVO have sales ?

    A good way to find out about FLO bargains is to keep an eye on their Twitter feed.
  3. Some results have already been published by Eric Frappa which you will find on the Eurastar web site here. It shows the timings submitted from individual locations to build up a picture of the shape and size of the asteroid. https://www.euraster.net/results/2018/index.html#1029-156 https://www.euraster.net/results/2018/20181029-Xanthippe_crd.gif My chord at the moment is number six. It’s reassuring to see my results correlate well with the other observations. As more observations get submitted the results should get updated.
  4. I got a positive result for this one as well, provisional time 5.7 seconds at 6.2 km from predicted center line. If you follow the link Helen provided and contact Tim Haymes he will make sure your data gets sent to the European coordinator and provide any advice. I was aware of around 30 observers across Europe prepared to observe this event. So far there have been about five confirmed positives from the UK. Some observers have also reported being clouded out.
  5. Phil Fargaze

    Ham radio ISS contacts

    When I was at the Herstmonceux Festival of Astronomy in Sussex UK, the QRZ Amateur Radio Group of East Suusex are based there and they tried to contact the ISS whilst we were watching on. However the guy explained that due to a possibly large amount of other people trying to get in touch, they would be lucky to get a response. I don`t know anything about amateur radio but it was very interesting. They did get in contact with a Japanese fisherman somewhere in the Pacific Ocean though!
  6. Phil Fargaze

    Logbook Observing records

    My logs go back to the year 2000. It`s surprising how often I might look back to read up on something, especially transient events like comets or fireballs. I enjoy reading up on my reports from previous star parties and it gives me ideas for objects to either re visit or objects that I did not get to see. I thought about going digital with my records but it still seems more accessible to have a folder on the shelf.
  7. Phil Fargaze

    Anybody Use This For Dew?

    Similar experience to Niallk. I tried using a 12V hair dryer but the hot setting was drawing too many amps, especially in the field at star parties. So I resorted to using it on cool blow but that didn't seem very efficient at drying anyway. Plus I didn't like the noise of it either, I like it to be nice and quite when I`m out with the scope! The necessary short lead is a problem as well.
  8. I was out camping with a group of families and friends this weekend Friday to Sunday, and managed to see three meteors Friday night ( clear all night) and two Saturday night (cleared after midnight) and tonight back home, I`ve just seen two in the space of five minutes before it clouded over. Quite good considering the local light pollution of suburban London. It was great to be able to get some of the non astro campers to see some meteors, and for some of them it was their first sight of a meteor! Of the ones I saw on the camping trip I was simply standing about talking and not doing a dedicated vigil. This gives me the impression that this years shower has been rather active than previous years or otherwise I was just lucky. I`ll see when the results get counted!
  9. It must be pleasing to see some detail in the Fireworks Galaxy, it looks so good in images. I managed to view NGC6946 back in October 2017 from a dark site in Suffolk with my 10" dob. I was going through the Caldwell list and NGC6946 was Caldwell 12. My log book entry:- Not very obvious but circular shape defined by haze and some resolving stars. 24mm Nagler. Looking back, whether I could really resolve any stars or if they were a part of the Milky Way, I`m not sure. I`ll try and revisit it this Autumn.
  10. Phil Fargaze

    Why Did You Start??

    When I was 8 years old ( I`m 51 now) my father got me a `starter frac`, which showed stars as a green colour! Something must have clicked though, I got a Tasco frac which served me well and I discovered the planets. Teen years and aspirations to be a rock star got in the way but when the dust settled I was back with an 8" dob, then 10" dob and now an observatory with a Celestron 9.25. My biggest regret, not taking the effort to see Halleys Comet in 1986, although I`ve vowed to still be around to see it in 2061 `ish`!
  11. Phil Fargaze

    COMPLETED - Please remove

    Another pm from me.
  12. Phil Fargaze

    Wi-Fi Adapter Problem - Update.

    The other last `hunch` is to delete the app off your phone and re load it.
  13. Phil Fargaze

    Mars, Saturn and Jupiter

    I`ve had the 10" dob on the table before to get a view of Mercury! However, I do take extra care and don`t take chances. Also I never stand on a chair to raise myself, too dangerous. I always use a step ladder or I have a caravan step, which can be very handy especially when showing young persons views through the scope.
  14. Phil Fargaze

    Wi-Fi Adapter Problem - Update.

    Here’s another uneducated guess! In the manual from the link provided by Muzz I noticed point 5. “ Using access point mode or station mode”. Would this make any difference?
  15. Phil Fargaze

    Wi-Fi Adapter Problem - Update.

    Although the home Wi-fi is not involved in the connection, have you tried turning off the home Wi-fi to see if that helps, just in case it’s confusing things.

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