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Phil Fargaze

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  1. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Amazing new evidence regarding the shape of Ultima Thule! Latest release
  2. Phil Fargaze

    Astrofest 2019

    A more detailed list of talks and sessions has now been put up on the astrofest web page
  3. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    New higher res image released today! See here
  4. Phil Fargaze

    observatory essentials

    I have a few obscure accessories to hand in the observatory. A bottle opener, a paper weight, some incense sticks, reusable hand warmers and an old towel.
  5. Phil Fargaze

    Astrofest 2019

    Some speakers have been confirmed for Astrofest, details on their web site, although dates and times still to be confirmed.
  6. Phil Fargaze

    Accoustic mirrors.

    There are some acoustic mirrors or something similar at The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux. Details near the bottom of this page here I`ve tried them out for myself when I was there with the family.
  7. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    With reference to the live science update from the New Horizons team here on Thursday 3rd, Chris Lintott (BBC Sky at Night) asked the same question regarding the fact that two spherical objects have come together but have not formed a larger spherical object. The response is supplied by Mark Showalter (SETI Institute) at roughly 44:30 minutes. Interestingly he points towards the fact that there could be a moon or moons that have carried off the angular momentum of the two parts of Ultima Thule which enabled it to join together slowly. So far there hasn't been any moons spotted yet but he is waiting to investigate further images as and when they get downloaded. Looking forward to The Sky at Night which is broadcast on 13th January BBC4 22:40 entitled `Beyond Pluto` and takes a look at the latest from the New Horizons mission.
  8. Phil Fargaze

    Astrofest 2019

    I used to go when I was after new equipment and it was a great chance to see it up close with a possible discount thrown in. Once I had enough equipment, I started going for the talks, however now that the subjects are not disclosed very far in advance I can't plan my trip. I did find the allocated time per speaker to be a little bit limiting for the speaker to do a decent full length presentation of their subject. Otherwise, it's a great celebration of all things astro and I might even go for a look around this year. Don`t forget to check the TFL website here to check your journeys. There is frequent engineering work carried out in London at the weekends
  9. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Good graphic here
  10. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    What an amazing object! We are most likely seeing formation in progress, in time it may coalesce with more fragments until it gets to a large enough mass to pull it into a more spherical shape. Alan Stern did comment that he would be interested to see if there are any smaller chunks of material in orbit about the object as the resolution of images improve.
  11. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    As far as I am certain there is a press briefing by some of the NH team regarding latest science results at 7pm UK time today. Hopefully they might have some new images to show.
  12. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Fingers still crossed!
  13. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Fantastic result. Awesome achievement!
  14. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    As far as I know, they are due to receive the `phone home` signal from the probe at about 15:30 UK time. Amazing to think that at this very moment that signal is zooming it`s way across the Solar System on it`s way back to Earth.
  15. Phil Fargaze

    New Horizons zooming in...

    Todays live update by some of the team on youtube here. Getting excited now!

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