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  1. Hello and welcome. I`ve been stargazing from my location near to London for over forty years. I found this book to be a good bedtime read when it is cloudy.
  2. If you are stuck for any bits of material give me a shout. I work with metal and I`ve got all sorts of bits laying about.
  3. Without the option of a lathe I would use a flap wheel as Doc mentions. Don't separate the part from the tube. Then I would choose a 50mm dia flap wheel, 40 or 60 grit, and use oil or tallow etc to prevent clogging. Then gradually sand at the hole and rotate the tube to get an even shape. Just make sure the drill doesn't overheat.
  4. I had a prediction from Calsky that the Moon would cross the face of the Moon from my home location at 20:39 BST. I thought I would give it a go even if the sky was still light and there was a large local tree in the way! Anyway, I manged to get something. It can just about be seen moving from top centre down to the left in the Giff.
  5. I’m a bit of an ‘offcut magpie’ at work so if you are stuck for any odd bits of metal, just let me know and I’ll see if I can help.
  6. For a general idea of elevation I sometimes use my mobile phone with the Velux roof pitch app.
  7. Hugh Allen certainly maintained the high quality of the BAA webinars so far and explained a potentially complicated subject in logical steps.
  8. I guess your hand set is the same layout . I’ve attached a picture of mine. When I press ‘user’ which is no 9 key, I get the screen as shown, for example. The bottom line is the RA and DEC which can be changed and is inputted by the number pads. The plus or minus of the dec value is changed by the up or down arrows.
  9. I have an Orion XT10 with the push to system and I remember finding an object before by displaying the RA and DEC. It was a bit fiddley but wasn't too bad. As mentioned before I would think it will be difficult to do at high elevations. Normally if I wanted to find a comet I would input it`s RA and DEC as a `User-Defined Object` then it is a simple matter of just re calling the object and pushing the scope to it.
  10. It’s quite a normal looking shed, but you might notice the two part roll off roof.
  11. I`ve stored my 10" dob in the observatory for many years now. The observatory is quite a well ventilated steel construction. I keep it in a padded scope bag such as one of these here and I put the base next to it, then finally I cover both parts with a shaped tarpaulin such as an outdoor furniture cover. So far I haven't had any problems with moisture affecting the mirrors as far as I can tell. If the scope is damp after using it I will leave the cover unzipped until the scope has dried off. This will usually be by the next day. The scope case has been a good investment and especially useful when I take the scope camping to a dark site etc.
  12. A great introduction to variable star observing, I shall be giving it a try!
  13. Very informative and some good discussion.
  14. I have seen a small round black object travel quite fast through the scope in front of the Moon before, only once though. Difficult to say how far away it was and the scale of things but my best guess is that it was probably a lost helium balloon, otherwise as we know, there is a whole load of stuff flying about in Earth orbit.
  15. That`s bad luck, especially when you`re on course for a positive result! I thought I would monitor this one just in case even though I had a low probability, however when the scope ended up pointing at the Moon I spent the next ten minutes trying to find out what the problem was until I gradually realised the Moon really was in the way!
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