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  1. I saw Venus for the first time late this afternoon almost by accident when I let the dog out. Grabbed the bins and got enough of a view to work out what I was seeing so I grabbed my 60mm grab and go Frac for a better look. It was very low and soon dropped behind my neighbours trees but I'm chuffed to bits that I got it.
  2. I'm the same, get a good south east but little else. I like it though because as a novice it gives me time to concentrate on one thing at a time before the view changes.
  3. Great thread thanks guys. The Plough is perfectly placed to view from my small garden at the mo so this has helped a lot.
  4. Hi, Just noticed Lidl will be selling some 8x60 bino's for £29.99 on Monday. Maybe of interest to some.
  5. I got the wife to have a look at Saturn last night and actually got a proper 'wow' out of her, amazing as she normally has no interest.
  6. I'm still using the 60mm refractor I mentioned earlier in this thread and this week have had some amazing views of Saturn that have blown me away.
  7. Just managed to see it again at 90x and it's beautiful, still tiny in the ep but stunning none the less. The only bad thing is it's too late for my nine year old to see!
  8. After weeks of poor seeing and my general aversion to staying up late I have finally done it! Let the dog out for a wee and saw a gap so got the old Tasco out and pointed at what I hoped was Saturn only to find my skills have improved more than I thought and I was indeed looking at the ringed wonder! Very very small in the eyepiece and a bit wobbly due to my poor equipment but at only 60x mag when the wobble stopped I could see the gap between planet and rings (just)! Thought Jupiter was good but Saturn is beautiful, looks like a cartoon! I turned 40 yesterday and this has made my birthday wee
  9. I'm in Sunbury but don't know if any local groups so will be keeping a kean eyd on this!
  10. Surprised nobody has mentioned the Heritage 76 mini dob ,reviews seem good for the most part and can be had for under £50.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm leaning towards the EQ-2 I think, don't really need it to be too portable and I think viewing on a table with my kids jumping all over it might prove frustrating! I have a birthday coming up so hopefuly my family will be generous!
  12. Hi all, I may be in the position to upgrade from my old Tasco frac soon and have noticed the Skywatcher Explorer 130 is only £115 at First Light optics at the mo so looking for opinions from the more experienced! Would the fact it's not parabolic be an issue and how would it compare to the Heritage 130? I'm still very much a beginner who likes a bit of everything and if I'm honest I'm not fanatical yet! So not really looking to spend too much. Thanks in advance.
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