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  1. Stacking program for android?

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  2. Stacking program for android?

    Thanks, yes it would be interesting. I tried to search for information about but couldn't find a specific program for astrophotography. I found one named stacking photo, haven't tested, but it looks like it doesn't align the frames, so if your guiding is quite good you can try it. Also it got some bad reviews.
  3. Hi, My notebook has died on me and it will a while till i get another one. Is there a stacking app for android so i can get back to tale some pictures and have some fun? Thanks
  4. DSS going open-source

    Good news, i hope it gets more improvement. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I'll switch it off today for a few minutes for you. Edi: looks like i won't be able to switch it off in england and also not here in brazil
  6. Free Android app - APT DC

    Just downloaded it. It's fine with my moto z. I'd love to see too an apt, the main one, for android. Is there a possibility? Thanks Yoddha
  7. Me and M42!

    Very interesting story and great capture. Also you did quite an evolution between first and last captures. Thank you for sharing with us, astronomy is a life long love, we may set it aside or maybe forget for sometime but it always comes back.
  8. Imaging with the 130pds

    Beautiful image, Carole
  9. DDS problem see photo

    That was my first thought too.
  10. Did you try to Uncheck the: "use median filter to reduce noise" button? DSS refusing to stack usually happens when the stars are out of focus.
  11. DSS problem

    When i had that error, if i remember correctly, was due to having a jpeg file in the middle of my added raw files,. I think you can't mix them in dss. My notebook just died so i can't test it again.
  12. tr3 cluster with OAG

    Very good, stars colors look great.
  13. Hi, I know that the nount is different but a i had something similar when i tried to update my synscan, the updater wouldn't connect at all and when it did the flashing was faulty(but finish with no error). I connected it to the mount and it wouldn't start the motors and gave an error. I got it fixed by connecting to the serial port of an old pc i have and then reflashed it. Give it a try if you have access to an old pc or take the controller to a pc shop that may have it. Hth.
  14. Thanks a lot, gonna try it as soon as the skies clear.