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  1. Atreta


    What type o network cards are used? Gigabit? Are you using a straight thru cable or cross? It's been a long time since I worked with networks, in that time it was needed to use a crossover cable to hook two pcs directly. Ps: I did a quick read and saw that if the network cards are Gigabit it works also with straight thru cables.
  2. Atreta

    PHD2 issues

    Glad it worked. Did you change anything?
  3. Atreta

    PHD2 issues

    Hi, what is the value in your ascom pulseguide settings? It starts with one and it won't move my mount with that value, i changed it to 5 and it works fine. Hope it helps.
  4. I use ISS detector satellite tracker on my android phone , it is very accurate. It shows iss and iridium satellites and has a checkbox to show daytime passes.
  5. Are you using the latest (4.1.1) dss version? This is the link for it: http://deepskystacker.free.fr/english/index.html Your workflow seems good to me, but you'll have to take lots more pictures to be able to stretch more details from the objects. There is a video tutorial from Forrest Tanaka shooting images from Andromeda galaxy with a fixed tripod, which may help you. here is the link:
  6. Atreta

    NGC5128 - Centaurus-A in closup

    Awesome image, i think is the best one I've seen of it.
  7. Atreta

    Best astrophotography software

    Hi, what is your scope too? Depending on your scope a dslr will not be that good for planetary imaging, except for the moon and maybe the sun (with a proper filter of course). But it sure can be done, specially with the aid of a barlow lens. A good imaging software is apt: https://www.ideiki.com/astro/Default.aspx and there is also backyard nikon: https://www.otelescope.com/store/product/4-backyardnikon-10-premium-edition-otl-byn-p/
  8. You can tell it by looking at the object and see which way the image is getting sharper. The moon is a good object to practice, or distant trees during the day. If focus is not improving racking in, then you try racking out until you get a focused image. Some scopes may lack inward travel, like my older heritage 114p newtonian , and some other may lack outward travel and need an extension tube to get it to focus properly.
  9. Atreta

    Imaging with the 130pds

    They're all good targets, i like the lagoon more.
  10. Atreta

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Thanks, yes it's still unmodded, I'm still considering if I will. I was aiming for the southern Pleiades but LP was too much, so i went for the lagoon.
  11. Atreta

    Imaging with the 130pds

    My last one, m8-lagoon nebula. Only 58 minutes worth of integration. Ps: i named it wrong when saving
  12. What was lacking to focus it, more focuser travel outward or inwards? Were you using with a diagonal? I don't have the ed80, but if it was more outwards you can add an extension tube or a diagonal. if it is inward travel you may need to use a lower profile adaptor or if you are using a diagonal or extension tube remove it and try without it.
  13. Atreta

    Be gentle with me!

    Hi. I use apt with eqmod and platesolving with asps and platesolve2 . What software are you using for solving inside apt? Did you download the right indexes for your scope or lens? The first program i open is apt itself, then go to the gear tab and click on connect scope. If it is the first time you're setting it up you have to hold shift and click the connect scope button to choose your mount. Then it opens eqmod by itself when it connects. Secondly i take a test shot of about 15s in a region near the pole, hit solve and sync and that's it. Please post more details of how you tried to setup so we can better help.
  14. Atreta

    ngc3372 - Eta carina nebula

    Ah got it Wanna see it when you do.

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