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  1. Sure, i wasn't recommending to buy a cheap adapter I got this one to try to update the handset, but it didn't work, and then i tried to use it for mount control and it works fine until now, even under windows 10.
  2. Yes, that's the way i connect mine. I use a cheap usb to rs232 adapter. I also suggest to install eqmod and ascom platform too so you can integrate all the software needed. It's very straightforward to install and use. I can try to help you with it if you have any problems. This is the link for the sbove softwares: https://ascom-standards.org/Downloads/Index.htm https://sourceforge.net/projects/eq-mod/files/EQASCOM/
  3. Hi, how are you connecting to the mount?
  4. +1 for sharpcap, it takes me about 5 minutes or less for the PA. I also made some markings on the floor after i did my polar alignment and when i place the mount over them it gets me very near. Last tine i did this i got it within a 6' error.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Carole. I only get an image like that one way of the focuser, i don't if I'm explaining it right. If i move the focuser inwards to become out of focus, i get an image just like that one you showed, but if i move it outwards i get a different one. I'll try to take a picture tonight and post again. Thanks for replying, yes, guiding was off when i took this one. I'll try to get the camera square with the focuser.
  6. hello everyone, i'm trying to get back to using the 130pds as i was struggling to get it collimated. this week i gave the no tools collimation a try and it looks better, but i don't know much about it. could someone please check if the collimation is ok in this picture? thanks a lot.
  7. i was struggling so hard to collimate my 130pds that i gave up imaging with it for a few months. recently, i was searching for sites to get some help collimating it and found one that gives a good alternative and it requires no tools to do the job. I did try this method, but i don't know if my collimation is good or not, i'm about to post an image on the 130pds topic to see if anyone can check it for me. this is the site: https://garyseronik.com/no-tools-telescope-collimation/ you could this method a go to check your collimation as you already did it with the barlowed laser and the chesire.
  8. Nice, didn't know it allowed too. By other ways you mean placing the mount on another area? You're right, there is a function on the synscan controller(maybe you will have to update the controller firmware to enable this) that allows you to do a polar alignment after you do a two star alignment, but you'd have to at least pointed towards northern celestial pole to be easier when you make the PA routine. From there you can choose from a list of stars that the controller shows you. I don't remember if it's accurate for AP. I can give it a try again and compare with sharpcap to see if the alignment is good or not and tell you.
  9. Since you said you can view Polaris and around, I recommend using sharpcap for polar alignment. With the free version you can only check your PA error, with the paid version you can polar align really fast with the use of a camera like the asi120mc or maybe even a Webcam if it's compatible and sensitive enough. It's well worth the (low) price.
  10. I never stacked that much but i think It shouldn't take that long. Are you using 2x or 3x drizzle?
  11. Ah, now i see. I miss expressed myself then. That command was to be used on your rpi not on your desktop. Sorry for not noticing before.
  12. Weird, it should list your wifi interface there. Please also try iwconfig and press tab twice, it should complete with your wifi interface too. Also Is your card listed when you do a lspci?
  13. Did you try that command i mentioned? You can also type iwconfig and then press tab to show your wifi card name. I think there is no need to start a new, we can work it out.
  14. Looks like your wifi card isn't listed there, i only saw ethernet and the loopback. it's been a long time since I did some networking. Can you try this command to list it? dmesg | grep -e wlan -e b43 I'm booting my linux right now to try to better help you Edit: it should list something like mine: wlp3s0 renamed from wlan0 From there we can try to connect to your router.
  15. Thanks Thanks, it would be great to see a large magellanic cloud capture from you. I was planning to add more imaging time, but skies are not very good so far.
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