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  1. Atreta

    3D Printers

    Sure, as soon as it arrives and i get it to work
  2. Hi, You may try to focus it on a distant terrestrial object during the daytime and mark the draw tube with a pencil or a sharpie, you can also do that at night time with the moon or another visible object. Then if it isn't perfectly focused it will be almost there, so you can take a picture of the dso and make the proper adjustments. Hth
  3. Atreta

    3D Printers

    Hi, Louise. I just bought a creality ender 3 and I'm waiting for it to arrive. It's a good printer under 200 usd. There are a few videos on YouTube reviewing it.
  4. Atreta

    An improved Crayford or not?

    Ah, cool. Gonna take a read. I removed the heritage focuser, I'm thinking about taking it apart to see how it works.. Thanks
  5. Atreta

    An improved Crayford or not?

    Lol, don't be mean.
  6. Atreta

    An improved Crayford or not?

    I find amazing all that knowledge about how stuff works. How do you guys get to learn these things? I'm very interested in it but don't know anything about it.
  7. Atreta

    Startools help

    Startools won't open the autosaved tif file generated by dss, after the stack you can choose to save again it as a tif file or fits. This manually saved one will open fine with startools. Just remember to save with settings embedded instead of applied.
  8. Atreta

    OOPS! Was that a meteor ?

    You can check the time the file was created on your pc (if it was made using one)
  9. I may have misunderstood the way you did and also never did narrowband, did you set the images to the r g b channels before flattening?like ha into the red channel, etc. It's just a guess, but others will help you out for sure.
  10. Atreta

    PHD2 Sanity Check

    Hi, did you also increase the ra rate and dec rate value under ascom pulseguide settings? It's recommended to increase to about 0.5.
  11. Another thing to check is if the mount is indeed tracking, are you using it with eqmod? You need to press a button to make it track, maybe that's the source of the problem with phd2.
  12. It does that when it cannot connect to the mount, maybe the com port has changed somehow? Check under windows device manager.
  13. Atreta


    Nice image. A good thing to do also is to dither between frames to avoid that kind of noise (walking noise). You move the mount a few pixels on a random pattern and when you stack you choose sigma clipping and it will help a lot. Are you using any software to manage the imaging session? Apt can do dithering automatically alongside with phd2.
  14. Atreta

    2" 3d eyepiece extension tube

    I made a mistake converting from inches to mm, i confused cm with mm and made the top diameter 50.08 instead of 50.8. The printed piece wouldn't fit at all and i spent a good amount of time to try to sand it. Not a fun thing to do :). I redid the draw to allow a bit of more room. Nice suggestion of using the tape to make it to fit. Thanks.
  15. Atreta

    SharpCap for Polar Alignment

    Hi, it will work fine with the asi120mc. You'll have to get the mount/scope pointed around the celestial pole with about a 5 degree difference, more than that and it gets a hard time solving. Sharpcap is a very good program, i recommend that you use the free version first and see if it will solve around your field of view. with it you can check how good is your polar alignment, with the paid version you'll get the instructions to where to move and the amount of movement.

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