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  1. Atreta

    Eqdir cable

    Thanks for the advice,. My mount is a heq5 pro. The cable you linked is not that expensive indeed. But i think I'll just order the 6 pin rj11(rj12?) from an online store and fix that cable.
  2. Atreta

    Eqdir cable

    Thanks, I'll give it a try and report back if it works. Let's hope so
  3. Atreta

    Eqdir cable

    Thanks for the reply, I'll try to see if there is any available here in Brazil.
  4. Hi everyone, i need a little help from you. The rj11 to rs232 cable that came with my mount has lost somehow its rj11 end and i can't find any new one with 6 pins in my city. I was reading a few sites and also in here about diy eqdir cable. Is there a way to use that cable with the rs232 to usb adapter and make it work with a rj45 plug so it can be used without the synscan controller? I posted a picture o the broken cable. Thank you. Edit: could an admin move this topic to the diy forum? I created here by mistake.
  5. Can you post screenshots of both windows device manager showing the adapter and eqmod displaying the error?
  6. I'm very interested in testing it, Alex. It will be great to have ascom support built in.
  7. One thing you could try is changing the adapter com port on windows device manager and change under eqmod too to match it, and see if it works by any chance. Also you could try a different usb port on your computer( remember to check the com port number again) Last time i had that error it was because i changed the usual USB port that I plug the adapter and was wondering why it was giving the not found error.
  8. Yeah, i was looking in there, but i overlooked the assets part. Just downloaded it. Thanks again
  9. thanks for the hard work. where in github is the installer? must be somewhere obvious, but i couldn't find it.
  10. How are you connecting your mount to the computer? Can you post a screenshot of the toolbox and driver setup screens?
  11. Hi, did you download the EQASCOM from that page? If you did, open the windows menu and type toolbox, it should show up.
  12. My thought too. I use apt from the very start of my astrophotography attempts. I tried backyard eos first for a few days and then moved to apt. Now i need to renew my subscription
  13. Do you have platesolving software setup within apt? It's a very nice feature and can help you with what yiu want to do. There is a fixed post right in this forum that teaches how to install and configure it.
  14. I often use mine with a 135mm lens and with good polar alignment i can get consistent three to five minutes exposures with no guiding,. I use my camera attached to a dovetail and a knob to secure it.
  15. Wow, pretty impressive. Gonna try it later tonight. Thanks for the update.
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