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  1. Well all working fine now thanks for the help
  2. Yes Micheal it did move the mount in all directions on the 19th but at the end of the calibration it said failed due to previous fault I don’t know will do as you have instructed in setting try again and will up date will also take more screen shots when error codes come up
  3. I will go out in Obbs later and connect up to mount
  4. I’m not connected to mount but I’ve opened eqmod in tools
  5. i think ive posted the wrong log try this one i hope it makes sense to you PHD2_GuideLog_2020-11-18_092029.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2020-11-19_105837.txt PHD2_DebugLog_2020-11-19_105837.txt
  6. sorry for late reply been a long night last night i got it to move north/south/east/west last night went through all its steps then stopped says cant guide due to previous error im guessing thats when it would not move at all east west . ive attached log i think
  7. It will track in RA just not move when I try too guide So i can still image but only short exposures no guiding . factory reset I guess u mean hand controller I don’t use it eqmod direct
  8. I’ve got a old computer in loft mite drag that out
  9. Could it be a fault with mother board in mount
  10. No mate tried pulse also won’t move RA fine in DEC
  11. Tried that mate tried tight /slack nipped up every tightness you can think of . It was working fine last year just not now nothing has changed in set up
  12. Help please I’ve tried 3 st4 cables I’ve tried pulse guiding I’ve tried PHD2 I’ve tried maxim dl I’ve tried reinstalling I’ve tried different rates god knows I’ve tried everything thing was working fine last season just can’t get it work this time I’m giving up thinking of getting a stand alone guider . any suggestions that I’ve not tried mount moves fine with ascom control but if I use the controls in tools for both software will only move north south ? im about to throw towel in
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