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  1. Hi can anyone tell me where I can purchase a power cable to go from my AZ EQ6 GT PRO to a HitecAstro mount hub pro v4 thanks
  2. Mine does the same never used to one star alinement got to main object for imaging using max dl for tracking can be fine for say an hour then drops dec very annoying and not a clue why it does it .
  3. I put the bat on charge for a couple of hours . Got the hand controller in doors opened up the casing just in case it's damp plugged it all back in guess what ? It's working thanks for all your help I think I just panicked a bit .
  4. Using a leisure bat but the bat is sound as power light on mount does not flicker . Guider is a stand alone Lvi
  5. Any ideas heq5 pro turn it on it's getting power little red light is on , but no contact noise that you get the bleep sound . Hand control is getting power as again the screen lights up but no LCD info ie start up screen blank , plug in guider that comes up saying no contact . So has anyone had this problem before cheers.
  6. Thank you ,labour of love learned so much from everyone thanks . I've know started planetary as I've just got a qhy 132 e so their be more help needed soon lol
  7. I've been on with this one for weeks please tell me what you think and any advice please All subs 5 / 10 /15 / 20 mins dslr about 18 hour 30 ISO 400
  8. I just can't seem to get the softwear that I got with the camera to work it down loads from disc then stops working same when I down load from web site I give up any good soft wear out their please for planetary imaging
  9. Thanks for the great advice , but please could you tell me how to stack with rgb calibration I've not got a clue how you do this or what it is sorry also a bit lost off with HLVG what's this . Will defo stack with the short subs removed and I do know what gradient x terminator is I was just trying to save some money as I've been told I should spend my cash on pixinsight again thank you .
  10. I've added my other image what one do you think is best I can't make my mind up
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