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  1. Hello! As the title says I'm looking for an 0.7x focal reducer and hyperstar(preferably V4 but V3 offers are welcomed as well) for a C8 Edge HD. Let me know if you have any of these. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the comment guys, I actually had a similar discussion in cloudynights, and EVERYONE was saying that the CEM60 is bad and that the G11 is much better. Any opinions?
  3. Well I guess there is no mount that can handle the C11 hahaha
  4. Nice, I like it And your dog seems extremely cute and beautiful.
  5. Well that sounds like a completely different story then, as that shouldn't happen in my case. Obviously it's something I need to keep an eye on though.
  6. Hello guys! I've decided to with with the C11 Edge HD route, and I'm looking for a suitable mount for it. I've heard a lot of bad reviews on the celestron hardware, and heard mostly good reviews on the Ioptron CEM60(the non encoders version). I would love to hear more opinions on what would be a good choice for my C11, I'll mostly image DSO with a hyperstar probably, but I do want to have the ability to image on full focal length as well. I'm imaging with the ASI071MC pro, and using the ASI224MC for guiding, don't think there's anything else relevant? My budget is probably around the $3100 including shipping(which is around $100-200 here to Israel). I've seen so far that the best sites would probably be FLO/optcorp. Thanks for the help :)
  7. How did you charge it? If I'll charge it from the car battery, it will be ONLY when the engine is running so the alternator will take care of it.
  8. Hi guys, long shot but who cares..I'm looking for a C11 Edge HD. I live in Israel and will pay all the shipping costs. Let the fun begin
  9. Generally most of the time it will be for maintaining, but if the battery reaches around 50% after a day or 2 of use, then I will need to charge it harder.
  10. I'm not an expect, but the charging should be float charging starting at rather high amps then slowly lowering the amps as far as I'm aware.
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