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  1. I don't know why you are getting bad guiding. I leave mine after i get around 00:00:15 and get good guiding.
  2. Nice, didn't know that. Edit: I just read the information at dss site and you are right, thanks for pointing it out.
  3. I'll give a try with a larger spacer that i have, i remember to have tried with 75 and abou 77mm.
  4. Yes each group will be processed in separate , but there will be only one final stacked image.
  5. Since you have calibration files for each session, in DSS you can place the images in different groups, for instance you load the first night's images it will be in the main group tab(right in the bottom of the screen) and it will create a group 1 tab, you put the second session there along with its proper calibration files, thenit will create a group 2 and so on. But if you use only one set of calibration files you can load them all together in the same group.
  6. Thank you. I'm considering saving up for the MPCC as it is well recommended in here. One thing that i liked about the gso cc is that it increases the focal length and so we have to rack the focuser outwards and this removes the Pacman effect on bright stars.
  7. Haven't been imaging for some time due to lack of clear skies, but got two good days in a row. This is my latest image of the good old carina nebula with about 5 hours of data processed with startools. I have a few more hours of previous data, but i'm getting some overlapping problems. Forgive me for the huge coma around the corners, I gave up trying to use the gso coma corrector because the stars were looking better without it.
  8. Well this is just a guess,. t's been a long time i don't try to sync within stellarium. But if it behaves the same way when issuing a sync command from aot, then it will not sync if you don't press the tracking button in eqmod(apt also has a button for that). And by looking at your screenshots tracking is disabled, so you could try that and see if it works.
  9. When i upgraded mine, i had that same problem with my usb adapter. I had to connect the cable to an older pc with a serial port and the update worked fine.
  10. Hi, can you give more details? does DSS stack the images, but give an error when it is about to save the image, or give that error right away? on my windows 10 machine it won't allow to save anything to the root of the disk, the c:\ "folder". Maybe that's your case, Also can you tell an example of a folder you have tried to use? with more details we may be able to help you.
  11. That's a great m42 image. You can keep those images with satellite trails, if you stack with sigma or kappa signa methods(forgive me I can't remember the exact name, I'm not on my pc right now) dss will remove them in the final image.
  12. Nice, glad it worked. I'm thinking about Kev M problem, i never seen it before. Edit: i was reviewing my last sessions and it looks like it's mirroring after each image. First one is OK, second one mirrored, third one ok, and so on. And looks like this is happening only in apt image browser, under windows explorer everything is normal. It looks like a bug within apt.
  13. Can you check if in your camera is set to auto rotate vertical images? https://support.usa.canon.com/kb/index?page=content&id=ART136901&actp=LIST
  14. Hi, was it a 64 bit version of cc? Mine was photoshop cc 2014. Fits liberator only installed a plugin for the 32 bit version. It won't install for the 64 bit. Maybe it also stopped working on newer photoshop versions, i gave up on it after i started to use startools to process.
  15. this is the file i used to install: https://www.spacetelescope.org/projects/fits_liberator/download_v23/ sorry i didn't mention it before because i didn't remember if used the v3 or the v23 install, but i looked inside my old notebook hdd and found it. the install routine will ask for the photoshop executable, plugins, scripts and actions folder, if the install path is correct it should populate the fields automatically.
  16. I'm sorry, It looks correct, i misplaced it "near" the wrong star. It was nearer Segin ( ε cas).
  17. I uploaded your cropped image to nova astrometry and it solved this: http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/3379473#annotated Using stellarium i looked for V Cas and zoomed in and it showed that c/2017 T2 PANSTARRS seems to be around that area.
  18. IIRC it should work fine. I used to use it under windows 7 and photoshop cc. Fits liberator will install the plugin automatically.
  19. I never used it, but as far as I know it is used to control the mount using a gamepad in place of a synscan controller. You can remove it If you won't use a gamepad for that.
  20. Very nice, and a good opportunity for your friend to also learn how to remove gradients/light pollution. What program did you use to process it?
  21. Very nice, thank you for proposing it. It will be a great helper if this can be implemented.
  22. That's interesting, just out of curiosity, would this work with a manual focuser and tell when the best focus is reached?
  23. I think i made some progress tonight, I switched the 12mm spacer for a 20mm one and the total backfocus for the gso coma corrector+ camera became about 76mm. Then i also reviewed the collimation and took some time doing it with a star test and when i thought it was ok, i went for the test shots. the corners look a lot better, yet not perfect, one other thing i noticed is that it was a bit harder to get the best focus ( maybe i'm getting old, lol) anyway, here is a picture to showing the result of tonight`s efforts. ps: a noob question: is a coma corrector also a field flattener?
  24. I'll try again tonight if it's clear and report back. I can make a tad smaller ring so the corrector + camera can be inserted deeper into the focuser tube and have it focus more inward without protruding into the light path.
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