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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it will be very helpful. Great image of the Pleiades too, congrats
  2. Very nice, it will look a lot better after post processing. Give it a try using registax 6.
  3. Hi, i think you have to debayer your image. i did a little search and looks like the asi533mc pro uses rggb for its bayer matrix. have a look at this topic on sharpcap's forum teaching how to debayer:: https://forums.sharpcap.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=254 hth
  4. You can exactly do that on the site below, it will give the coordinates and even match and annotate the known objects you captured https://nova.astrometry.net/
  5. What file extension are you saving the stacks? Are you trying to find it only from within ImPPG?
  6. you need to adjust the ascom pulseguide settings. Raise it to 0.50 on both RA and DEC rate sliders and it should solve that problem. i attached a print with it: yes, you have to insert your guidescope focal length there. hth.
  7. Hi, did you select pc control on the handset? I don't have my gear around so i can't guide you through the menus, but it's easy to find it. After enabling pc control you need to check the right port for your serial adapter, click on the windows menu and type device manager and check there for its port number. Now open eqascom toolbox, click on driver setup and then under "eqmod port detail" you'll click on the box right below the binoculars icon and choose the port number you check before. (don't click on the binoculars icon after that). Click on ok, and now it all should be good to go. HTH
  8. Hi everyone, long time since my last post. I'm trying to reprocess a moon mosaic i made a few years ago. The images were stacked with autostakkert 3 from several videos i took, and I'm using registax 6 for the wavelets processing, but I'm getting a glow mostly around the bottom and the right side( is it CA?). Is there a way to process it without getting that effect? Or maybe Someone could teach me how to remove it with photoshop. I'm posting an example below., jpg to be easily viewed and tiff for anyone that wants to have a go with it. Thanks in advance for your help. processada1.tif
  9. Beautiful Trifid and Lagoon. Lagoon is one of my favorites targets.
  10. Can you also post a screenshot with ascom settings? I'm interested mostly in the pulse guide settings, maybe your ra and Dec rates reset somehow. The screenshot should be something like this:
  11. It may not be dead, have you tried plugging it to a computer with a serial port? I think you havea good chance to get it back to work.
  12. I was almost thinking about giving up too, nothing seemed to work. I was getting terrible pictures, couldn't get my polar alignment right, just as you said. The one thing that really helped was buying a sharpcap license and use its polar alignment tool. its very straightforward and well worth the price. Looking back i wish i had known it before, it would help to avoid most of the frustration. Hope you get back to the hobby, it's very pleasing when it works.
  13. Merlin66 sorry, i thought you were the one having problems opening the files. I somehow misread the nanes . Let's see if spacecake got it to work.
  14. Can you show the contents of the ffmpeg folder? To me it looks like you'll have to copy some folders to the same directory as the executable.
  15. Hi there, have you tried using eqascom toolbox to diagnose if there is a problem? Open the toolbox and choose comms statistics, select your COM port and start test, it should show results much like a ping reply. You can also try looping the tx and rx pins at the serial end together with a thin wire inside the holes and use the tool above to rule out the mount. I did that trick once to test a faulty cable that came with my heq5.
  16. Random freezes or reboots usually are a sign of something wrong with the RAM, sometimes the hard disk may be the culprit too. You can use memtest to check your computer memory. Here is the link: https://www.memtest86.com/ For the hdd i like to use crystal disk info: https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/ Hope it helps.
  17. Like david_taurus83 said, you don't need to be guiding, or a guide camera to do dithering with apt, it can do dithering on its own. But you still need to connect apt to the mount with eqmod. To do dithering this way you click on the gear tab, hold shift and click on the guide button, where it's showing guide program you choose apt dithering.
  18. Hi, this is just a guess as i don't have two cameras to try. Have you tried holding shift and clicking on the connect button? It will show the select camera type window. You can then select the third option and choose zwo camera, on the right you can select the camera number that you want to use. Hope it helps.
  19. Hi, did you set your scope focal length under the tools tab in apt?
  20. I don't know why you are getting bad guiding. I leave mine after i get around 00:00:15 and get good guiding.
  21. Nice, didn't know that. Edit: I just read the information at dss site and you are right, thanks for pointing it out.
  22. I'll give a try with a larger spacer that i have, i remember to have tried with 75 and abou 77mm.
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