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  1. Am loving the nice field of view and star field processing too.
  2. I have moved from a lovely darkish rural home to a limited sky view place just off Cheltenham town center, so my imaging has taken a turn for the more challenging. Seeing a half saturated background using a R filter after 120 seconds is depressing, but narrowband to the rescue. Here is an effort on the Elephant's trunk. I struggled to process this, as LP data is much harder than dark sky data. I have had it easy for too long!!! TS60ED, HEQ5, ASI1600. 50 x 5min Ha, 22 x 5min Sii, 30 x 5min Oiii and some very over saturated RGB for the stars, no more than an hour total for them, as it was pretty bright...
  3. This is great and good on you for doing it. Following closely to see how much of a difference this will make, even if it is just a better understanding of your mount.
  4. I have found my 6" primary has frozen over on a couple of cold winter nights without a dew shield, which would have given it a bit more protection for the higher in the sky objects during those evenings.
  5. Can't argue with that price compared to the ones I saw. Still seems an expensive upgrade, but it does validate your point about upgrade being a preference over a new Az mount. A Mewlon is a very nice scope and does deserve a very nice mount.
  6. We are talking about a $1.6k gemini 2 upgrade according to the Losmandy site, and for that you could get some extremely nice Az goto mounts that would do a Mewlon well, not sure what is cheap about that. No apologies necessary.
  7. Money no object? https://www.optcorp.com/asa-4-inch-image-rotator.html
  8. What about losing the focuser as well and having the whole thing as a rotating auto focuser : http://www.geminitelescope.com/integra-camera-filed-rotator-focusing/
  9. ...and I haven't spent nearly as much as I want to.
  10. A script to read signatures and get FLO new prices would be rather distressing.
  11. Go as long as it takes to get decent signal. I use a 414ex and the Baader NB filters and range from 15 mins to 25 mins. As mentioned above, there is no colour balance to worry about, you just want signal and you can always do quick RGB versions if you wanted to get normal coloured small stars back into the image if you feel they are bloated as Olly points out.
  12. Wow, that is lovely, and very impressive.
  13. With the awful weather, I have resorted to using iTelescope.net for a quick imaging fix. T21 - a rather large Planewave CDK. This is just under 2 hours of data, 5 min L subs and 2 min binned RGB. Hopefully back using my kit soon, but the forecasts......
  14. If you have any desire to create good images, this statement needs to be understood to be very wrong. The mount is by far the most important aspect in ANY imaging setup. I would happily spend the majority of any imaging budget on the mount, and stick any old tube on it rather than a mediocre mount with an awesome scope.
  15. For the £1200 budget, this puts new 100mm+ APOs slightly out of reach, given the need for reducers/flatteners. I personally would love a TS 80 SuperApo with 0.79 reducer/flattener for that money as a seriously high quality widefield setup : https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6294_TS-Optics-Photoline-80mm-f-6-Triplet-FPL-53-SuperApo-with-2--Feather-Touch-Focuser.html Great focuser included. The Esprit 80 and dedicated flattener would be right up there as an option too. The more expensive you go, the less you get in return in terms of improvement. You are paying exponentially more for those final few % improvements. Is an FSQ106 over twice as good as an APM102, as it costs well over twice the amount new - no, but you have to make the choice where to stop and for some, it is worth it. Don't be afraid of second hand. This can get you a lot more for your money and scopes tend to age well.
  16. I very much like the TS/APM range of APO refractors. Also, the Skywatcher Esprits have received a lot of praise, but don't own one or seen one myself.
  17. Looking forward to seeing how this operates in the wild! Lovely looking mount.
  18. A Gemini 2 upgrade is quite expensive but will give you a much more modern handset/system to control the entire system with. For similar money though, you could put your very lovely Mewlon on a new shiny Az goto mount and enjoy things even more than an old EQ based system. As mentioned above, that scope is a lovely item, so if things change, it should be the mount.
  19. Best upgrade for my 250px was a telrad. Almost like cheating. Telrad, Finder, EP and target is more often than not right there. Lovely scope. I added a Moonlite over time as I wanted to do some imaging, but gave up on that idea as it is just way too large and scary but like the Moonlite on it now. Telrad was still a better, and much cheaper, upgrade though.
  20. This is a frozen 10" Skywatcher 250px and a Megrez 72 on a Skytee, which was pushing things a bit.
  21. Go for it guys. This thread and the linked threads on CloudyNights are exactly why I love amateur astronomy and the people who do it.
  22. PlateSolve2 works by doing a circular based solve around the current pointing coordinates, so if you are not close, it will fail as it expects the image to be in the area in which it thinks it is currently pointing, whereas a blind solve via astrometry.net is exactly that, a solve based on no known pointing location. This is why PlateSolve2 will start working on a successful blind solve.
  23. Well done whoever got this, mine is extremely good.
  24. Woah. Gorgeous work and result.
  25. Full moon and hardly any darkness and you came up with these - good work!
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