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  1. thanks Mike....appreciated muchos!
  2. Hi All. could someone kindly let me know the Astronomy Now email address for picture submissions? would be most grateful kind regards bob
  3. Great story John! yes i remember the waterworks.... also my dad is also at the same cemetary, cheers bob
  4. Here it is again....tilted to straighten the bridge a tad. cheers Bob
  5. Thanks Craig. no it wasnt...but you are close! it was taken from bedminster down....about 2.5 miles away from the bridge. cheers bob
  6. Clifton Suspension Bridge & Comet Neowise Missed out on this image last night due to bad planning, but I am reasonably pleased with this effort. 10 seconds F4 320asa Hope that you like, and please comments welcome. cheers Bob
  7. Here it is again peops......with the trail brightened slightly......this is because with the original image, the trail didnt show up too well when printed up.
  8. Yes hdr sounds good. The thing is that the trail of the space station was not as bright as I had hoped. The next night was brighter but had to use a shorter exposure as the sky was too bright at 10 pm....
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