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  1. 14/15th May 2330-0200 As a result of lockdown ennui, I bought and received my PVS-14 a few weeks ago, but only today I finally received the Rafcamera adapters to attach filters to its weird threads. My offering of a sprouting potato to the sky gods was fortunately accepted and today was blessed with clear skies. As the lockdown has caused both TNVC and Televue to be shut meaning their eyepiece adapters have not been available, I have instead picked up quite a few bits to facilitate widefield night vision observing. Among these were a Baader 7nm Ha, 610nm LP and a 3x Afocal lens for t
  2. Hunting for 3C273

  3. Revolution Imager held at the post office awaiting customs payment... How does one go about doing that?

    1. wxsatuser


      Go to the PO on the card, take card with you and pay the fee.
      The actual place they hold ours is the local sorting office not the PO in the town.

      They may ask for ID but whenever I have been to our PO the card is the ID.

  4. Completely replaced my eyepieces. 9, 14, 20mm ES 100 deg and 30mm ES 82 deg. No more soda straws.

  5. First night with the 20mm ES 100, all I can say is... wow

    1. rl


      I'm pleased you're pleased...you made the right choice. Regards, RL

  6. Bit the bullet... first 100deg eyepiece on the way

    1. Pig


      Nice one :-)Which one did you buy ?

    2. DobbyX


      ES 100 20mm :)

  7. How are you supposed to use dew heaters? Do you just turn them to maximum?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. faulksy


      the trick is to put them on before dew forms, what are you using them on.

    3. DobbyX


      That makes sense, I left the heater on low and came back after a few hours to see dew on the corrector plate. I turned it up to max but there was still big ring of dew around the secondary that wouldn't go away. I am using it on a C11.

    4. Fish


      On my C8 I just put mine on full from roof opening, never got too warm and not had any dew (touch wood ) .

  8. Finally saw the Veil... in a 12" refractor!

    1. Daniel-K


      Sorry to hear that ;)

    2. ronin


      ??? Cambridge, 12" refractor, Nothumberland perhaps ??? Seems a bit unlikely as IoA has copious amounts of light pollution (usually).

    3. DobbyX


      Yes, that the one! I used my own OIII filter and eyepieces ;). I couldn't see it at all without the filter.

  9. I just had my first opportunity to use my new CGEM 1100 after getting it more than 2 weeks ago from FLO. I am impressed enough that now I want to tell everyone about it. There will be annoyed people in the lab tomorrow. I upgraded from a C6 SCT on a non-GOTO CG-5 which I will still use a really convenient grab 'n go scope, but as I had hoped, the extra aperture really makes huge difference. I was observing from a non-ideal site with a building blocking up to 40 degrees altitude in the north, east and west directions, with lots of accompanying lights. However, the seeing was good after the clou
  10. Upgraded to an 11" from a 6" 2 weeks ago... not a clear night in sight.

  11. Saw a meteor stretching about 40 degrees across the sky directly above. Occurred around 2:10-2:11am 06/7/10 and lasted about 2-3 seconds. Very bright, brighter than Jupiter that just happened to go behind some trees causing me to look around the sky in no apparent direction when It streaked across. Did anyone else from the North Hampshire/Berkshire region spot this?
  12. Ordered some Baader Optical Wonder with cloth on thursday evening, went away for Friday and Saturday. Was pleasantly surprised when I got back and found the package on the doormat today. Thanks very much!
  13. Actually, I as far as I know there are not many people that are interested, instead the job of using it has been thrust upon the unwilling hands of the boarders that reside in the school. I believe there is a CCD camera included and the whole setup is to be computer controlled. I am not sure about filters though, I will ask to find out; there are quite a lot of low pressure sodium lamps in the surrounding streets, they should help alot with that.
  14. No, a state grammar school in Reading. I spoke to my physics teacher who applied for the grant and he said I was welcome to come visit at any time to use the observatory . Now its a question of the weather and the somewhat abundant light pollution in the middle of Reading.
  15. Today I had my last exam, physics and it contained a fair deal of astronomy questions . This means I have reached the end of sixth form and I have left my school of 7 years. Now for the annoying part, only now have they received a grant to build an observatory in the grounds, meant to house a 16" Ritchey-Chretien and an apo astrograph. This has been in the works for several years and it is only now that they get around to doing it, just as I leave the school.
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