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  1. Interesting discussions ! A coaxial bazooka dipole for Macavity...wxsatuser has an rsp1a by sdr play (nice radio !), and a diamond d-777 was mentioned (a 5/8 wave mil over a 5/8 wave civil co-linear with matching stub sleeve)...hmmm Airband fans..I like that stuff too ! You may find some more info on my website / blog http://www.merseyradar.co.uk/airband-radio/sdrplay-rsp1a-review/ http://www.merseyradar.co.uk/airband-radio/home-made-coaxial-dipole-antenna-for-civil-airband/ Regards all, Mike
  2. Hi, Has anyone found a supplier of collimation springs for Skywatcher Scopes ? Looking for set to suit 200p skyliner. Purchased the ones for Meade via Bobs Knobs but they are way too big and powerful and I had to return them. The only ones I have spotted so far are from the US and they are part of a kit. http://astronomy-shoppe.com/?page_id=186 But I cant help thinking that there must be some twiddlers out there with locally sourced components they have picked up cheaply. Can anyone in the UK help please. Thanks Guys.
  3. Hi Inthedoghouse and Welcome. Great username , I should have picked that one as most of the time I am In it !
  4. Okay Liam, nice one. I have been communicating via pm with Liam but tried to include most of the basics within this post to help others like me who stopped by SGL to find out more about this great hobby. Seems like this was quite a popular post as I have received quite a few "likes" on this one. It was very satisfying to help Liam . I think he is now all ready to go when the weather picks up. If any other members would like to try out aircraft photography / "extreme birding" using their telescope , drop me a pm and I will be glad to help. For those just browsing here and want to peruse the ho
  5. I always forget something.. Liam, make sure that your finder scope is adjusted for focus (you can do this with the finder scope removed). More importantly,check that the finder scope cross hairs are perfectly aligned with the image in the focuser. The best way to do this is looking at the moon or a distant static object in daylight. Take your time with this one. Even small adjustments here have a big effect on success rate so make sure you are entirely happy. If you make your adjustments correctly, you will not miss many aircraft by fumbling /panning around trying to find them. You will have
  6. Sorry Liam but I posted an incorrect photo of what the 2 inch eyepiece holder, barlow optical assembly plus camera body looks like when mounted to your scope. It should look like this Some tips before you begin with this arrangement First off with just the camera body, Set camera to manual M mode in the command dial. Make sure that your camera viewfinder diopter adjuster is correctly set. Press the shutter button half way. You should be able to view the lcd segments of the green numbers for shutter speed etc in the lower part of the viewfinder very very clearly. Mount the 2 inch eyepiece ada
  7. In the spirit of SGL... It doesnt get any better than that for a newbie who is stuck...Well dome Charic.
  8. Hi Liam , Sorry the photos did not work Properly The camera should look like this The a380 spoiled by W.A.T. And the much smaller Airbus A320
  9. Hi Liam, Here is how to attach your Nikon SLR /Barlow Lens Combo for Contrail Photography. Canon owners please look here http://www.skystef.be/scope-setup.htm For Nikon SLR setup First you need the 2 inch eyepiece holder/adaptor most telescopes are supplied with this accessory from the factory. Put this to one side as you will need it later. You will need to separate the Barlow element itself (the black bit) by unscrewing it from the stainless steel tube of your 2 inch Barlow assembly. This part is the only piece you will need for Contrail Photography with Nikon Camera. Next take the Barlow o
  10. Hi guys, I have a 200p skylines, the Phillips (mirror adjusting screw) size m5 x 20mm, 25mm will do but metric m5 is the thread style and pitch. These are known as stainless countersunk set screws/ machine Screws. Normally they will come with either 3mm hex head or Phillips no2. Lots of engineering suppliers do these. You can get knurled head stainless thumbscrews m5 also. The little hard to see Allen things provide the lock by pushing the mirror plate upwards towards the open end of the scope.this locks the mirror cell in place by push pull on the screws in each pair. These little fellas are
  11. You have come to the right place Liam. The members on SGL helped me so much when starting out and gave me a warm welcome too. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/124029-hello-to-all-sgl-a-newbie-with-a-new-angle-on-telecopes/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/45436646@N08/ Send me over a pm glad to help.
  12. probably right...however I did find this useful web page that is scope specific http://astrobeano.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/moving-mirror-on-skywatcher-130m.html Worth a go for breathing new life into daves d50 me thinks...
  13. Hi Greg, i would mess around with manual mode 1/500 sec is normally ok for moon, try a 60 sec exp for stars. you could invest in a timer remote from eBay,great fun for stacking star trails and time lapse work in daylight. Your d3100 is a formidable machine. Tip ,you can trick the d3100 and make the exp comp +- work in manual mode by sticking camera in shutter mode first,set exp comp,then switch to manual mode again.camera remembers the +-value . This is handy for prime focus where I set +0.7. 3100 has super quiet shutter,much less noise than my d90s,d80 ,d40,50 and d300 cams.
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