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  1. I have the ASI224 and 294 and both accept a 1.25” IR cut filter right in front of the sensor. There’s a step down adaptor ring that comes with the camera to allow for this which screws inside your first adaptor next to your camera judging by the image you posted. Remember it’s a bit of a punt idea so if you don’t have a cut filter already might be worth borrowing one or get an SVBony IR cut filter off of EBay for £12.
  2. I’m going to take a wild shot at an IR source given that you had a ring even on your darks. It’s been really hot these past few weeks. Could it be that your sensor is picking up a warm spot or structure within your optical train? I know this sounds whacky but given Vlad’s observations on the lack of IR coating on the sensor window is it likely that given the multiple mirrors in that RC this might be the IR source? Might be worth adding as IR filter right in front of the sensor.
  3. My personal experience with DSLRs and T adaptors is that they never connect to the camera as well as a lens does so you’ll always have some droop or misalignment in the rig. I tried all sorts to sort out my DSLR/WO71 stars issues and in the end I used strong rubber bands to pull my canon up tight to the T adapter to stop it slopping about.
  4. Try reducing your backfocus slightly. If you can focus using the HFR in your capture software that might give you a sharper image to work with. At F4.5 your focus window will be small so do expect that when focusing. Bat masks are not the best tool with fast scopes in this range in my experience. Go for the smallest/lowest HFR reading you can get. It’s not too far away given some. Good luck.
  5. Following on the heels of my earlier trial on the Pinwheel with the uncooled ASI224MC, I was inspired to shoot this project of NGC4565 Needle Galaxy. It was captured over three sessions 1-6 May 2021, for 8.5hrs of integration, 1000 x 30s subs, 1x1 binned, gain 200 on my uncooled ASI234MC strapped onto my APM107/700. This is the first time I’ve attempted the Needle and I’m quite pleased though it needs a few more hours, but that will have to wait until next year as the UK dark window is closing fast now. Hope you enjoy this. Clear skies
  6. Taken over 8 sessions from 2-16 April 2021. Though M101 is a relatively large target it is quite dim and this required a significant effort to get detail into its core. I took 27.5hrs of 30sec exposures which I then thinned down to the very best 18hrs of data removing mostly moon impacted subs. Processed in APP and PS it was tricky keeping the core detail that I had imaged from blowing out. Lots of advice and lots of very small curves stretches was the key in the end. Hardly sharpened it much with noise reduction undertaken as and when noise just stared to appear during stretching. As t
  7. I unreservedly apologies Stu. Not sure how I did that but it is not appropriate that you feel that was the case so sorry.
  8. It’s a point sure enough but your comparison just confirms your own bias. Cheap shot but I’ll take that. I’ve said sorry, this ain’t about winning for me. Clearly it is for you. So you both win…
  9. Okay, guys I give in. I’m a minority, I get that now. Clearly, having a conversation here on just the morals is quite the wrong thing to do as there is no place in the market place for that weak human trait. The financial crash of 2008 proved that. Sorry, and I really do mean that guys. I expected some support but hey hum. Seems to me now that we clearly deserve the market place we generate and that we promote. It’s been really informative though. Perhaps we should stop now.
  10. I repeat, Seems to me we clearly deserve the market we subscribe too. I’m not trying to bait you guys but you could take the view that scammers are just bad guys making a buck by other means, seems both approaches to our fellow man just happen to have equally questionable moral overtones. That’s my point. If you see it as fine then it’s fine. We get the market place we deserve because we want it that way.
  11. The sale in question is for something bought out of a decease guys gear clearance only last month and is three years old. Just seems wrong to me. Quoting market forces is just a cop out and simply fans the flames. We are all facing a 30% hike in gear prices and we know why. Suddenly it’s okay to hike second hand prices amongst our selves. Seems to me we clearly deserve the market we subscribe too.
  12. Pleased that morals and a sense of fairness have no place in this dog eat dog hobby of ours. Too romantic a viewpoint? probably, but that’s unfortunately only one side of the human race that we seem to ignore for convenience. We then start on about scammers (This thread) taking people for a ride. What’s the difference, one’s legal and the other isn't?
  13. Does asking 70% or £1200 of the current new price for a mount (£1750 which is the result of a 30% hike by C19 inflated shipping fees apparently! which is a lot of extra shipping cost if you ask me) when the seller then states it’s three years old, constitute a form of scam or just plain profiteering? That mount was £1250 new three years ago. We then talk about ‘consumer buying power’ being able to drop the cost of gear again after the current supply issues go away but I’d suggest some are just killing the hobby by hiking second hand gear prices because there is a shortage and new pr
  14. I have now fixed the issue. My ZWO adaptor was only 43.5 mm without the 5mm ring and including the 11mm extension ring that comes with the ASI294MC camera. I still don’t believe it but I added only 0.7 mm spacer shims that came with the adaptor to bring the BF up from the adaptor’s 43.5mm to 44.2mm and that has now placed focus on my Samyang 14mm F2.8 lens in the middle of its travel. Such a small change but that’s how to address this if anyone else asks. Clear skies all.
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