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  1. Thanks for following up. So is it just a FOV modification then?
  2. I’m using an APS-C Canon 650d with the Askar FMA180 scope. This makes the 180mm Askar a 288mm FL scope with my APS-C on it. So What? What are you guys using as the Focal Length setting in NINA given that the crop sensor has a x 1.6 factor effect on FL? or Can the crop factor be ignored? If so, what is NINA using that FL data for? PadrePeace
  3. If anyone is interested the secret to stacking in Autostakkert was provided to me by: https://www.astrobin.com/users/cafuego/ quote: I put AS into surface mode and set Jupiter as the anchor. After analysis, add a few manual align points around the edge of the planets and on the moons and you should get result
  4. Sorted it. Had a really brief window of clear sky tonight so grabbed what I could and processed it as best I could. SW150PDS; ASI224MC; 2x Televue Barlow; AZEQ6 mount. Processed in PIPP and Registax. Chris
  5. E532DFCD-864F-4F4B-9848-02B634FF3428.tiffE532DFCD-864F-4F4B-9848-02B634FF3428.tiff
  6. I don't do planetary imaging much but felt I had to have a go at the conjunction for obvious reasons. I managed to get out early enough tonight to capture video of the conjunction though it is terribly low in the west. 2min capture length (18000 frames) using SharpCap and a SW 150PDS, ASI 224MC (first light) and a FL of 750mm. The histogram drove the settings to balance Jupiter against Saturn which is much dimmer and a fast exposure to try to beat the seeing at such a low elevation (10degs). Here are the settings for file: [ZWO ASI224MC] Debayer Preview=On Pan=0 Tilt=0 Out
  7. I’d say that faint line is a bad pixel column on your sensor. I have a similar one but not all the way up the screen. Calibration removes it. Nothing else you can do.
  8. I was wrong to call this out and didn’t do my research well enough. Apologies all round and especially to the seller. Thanks for straightening me out John.
  9. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=167596 so what’s this? £700 new from Altair Astro.
  10. Personally, I’d have washed my hands of that one.. think about it.....
  11. eBay has them, UK stock, for £299. Just saying. Of course it could be that the so called C19/lockdown upturn in sales of astronomy/astrophotography gear reported by retailers has run its course for some as the realities of our hobby and UK weather are starting to come home to roost. anyone out tonight?
  12. Saw this so I questioned him on his ad as it didn’t say if it came with a tripod etc. He kindly sent a copy of the receipt from Telescope Express for 299Euros plus postage (330E). It was just for the mount and nowt else. I think he’s genuine but I guess the poor fella will never shift it at that price even if they are in short supply. Who could possibly need one that badly? Come to think of it how come TE were selling them for so much in the first place? Scalping?
  13. I run this same rig with the focuser, a 460EX/EFW guided by a 60/30 mini guide scope and a QHY5L-II M and so if you could slip a Lum layer of Ha in there somewhere it has the makings of a very capable scope. I’ve additionally also played with mounting the DSLR as a counterweight for double shooting. No images yet though but balance will be key. Happy to share the SW adventurer adjustment mod with anyone having difficulties with the IOptron system.
  14. Here's my effort with the ASKAR 180 at NGC7000. A very busy target with so many stars but chosen to test the scope into the corners. Doubt it will win IoTD but this new scope is setting the standards at only 180mm for a flattened triplet with ED (unspecified) glass, likely to be 51 class I'm guessing. Rig: IOptron Starguider Pro with ipolar. SW 1.75'' tripod Canon 650D modified Askar 180/40 triplet Pegasus Focus Cube V2 mounted with one of AdamJ's 3D printed casings. Camera and scope mounted through bits stollen from a Star Adventurer mount to give me
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