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  1. Gimboid

    Hello from Wales

    Heya, Welcome to SGL
  2. I haven't got anything yet.... well, that's not exactly true.. I have a SW150pl on a EQ3-2 mount however that's going up for sale shortly and then I will start to look around for the best bargains I can find to put a suitable kit together for AP.. I bought the current equipment a year or so ago, haven't hardly used it and still a complete beginner but after only a couple evenings playing around, reading up online and looking through these ere forums I quickly decided that it's AP I want to get in to and ofc realised I don't really have the best gear to start with. So basically starting from scratch besides a cheap canon 1100d I picked up recently. Only reason I picked this scope was because I came here and was told just like pretty much everyone starting off.. buy this book.. so, bought book and was simply going on the advice within... It recommended the 80/400 scope and as this seemed very similar to the SW version I wondered if good value as a starter.... at the mo I haven't got my eye on anything in particular, I just browse around to see what is about.. money not great at the mo so figured I would buy various pieces as I go until I have what I need... however, I was thinking along the lines of a sw 150pds and the best mount I can afford but again, that will depend on what comes up at the right price at the time. off-axis guider.. no because I haven't a clue what it is lol Im reading a book and it has touched on the subject but that's as far as I have got... I have been reading up as much as possible of late trying to learn but I'm simply not a reader.. Watching videos, shown or told.. no problem but all my life when it comes to reading I just hate it and don't seem to absorb the information quite the same but if it's worth considering then I will do my homework.
  3. Reason I came across this scope... I'm currently reading the book 'Making every proton count' as this size telescope used as a guide scope comes recommended in the book so I had popped on Ebay simply out of curiosity to look at prices and ofc found this one... The book also covers the subject of the tube rings, to save money and weight I would make an adjustable set of my own out of aluminium. As for my telescope.. I currently have SW 150pl on a eq3-2 which I bought before considering AP so the plan is to sell the current set up and purchase either a 150 or 200 pds and ofc a much better mount.
  4. Hey all.. If I may I would like to pick some brains.... What would be folks thoughts on this as a future guide scope? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HELIOS-ST80-Helios-Sky-Watcher-Telescope-D-80mm-F-400mm-Coated-Optics/113726201256?hash=item1a7a9c1da8:g:pjwAAOSwV9RcnOUG I have had a quick look online and at a glance it seems very similar to the Sky Watcher Startravel 80 which I have seen recommended as a being used as a guide scope.. The cheapest ST80 I can find is £98 + post. Now the seller doesn't want to offer postage due to total weight but I was thinking that maybe he would consider posting everything but the mount and maybe to sweeten the deal offer him the same price without the mount.. actually I got a 5% discount with ebay at the mo so if the seller was up for it then i'd have a new guide scope for £60.80p plus postage.. Obviously being very new to all this I wouldn't have a clue as to the difference in quality between the Helios and SW scopes so was wondering would this be a good buy?
  5. Heya.. Welcome to SGL
  6. Gimboid

    Hello from Ireland

    Heya... Welcome to SGL
  7. No I didn't see edited reply.. but think im with you now lol If I get the enhanced dual motordrive I can use that with a guide scope which can be controlled via a laptop using APT
  8. Dual it is then... I have a vary small patio area to use in my garden and i'm within 6 feet of my house which is in between my set up and polaris so polar alignment is going to be tricky.. I have been reading about and watching videos on how to get reasonable alignment using a compass.. obviously when i'm away from home it won't be an issue. Just want to see if my thinking is right.. If I go for the dual set up I take it I need the enhanced version which can connect to a auto guider which in turn will connect to a laptop? To then have goto capability would I need anything in addition or would this do it?
  9. Yes on both accounts... I would look to upgrade the mount down the line when money allows.. I may consider upgrading everything if the interest takes hold. As for my 150pl.. my thought is to sell it on.. I know it is better suited for viewing but as a beginner I wonder if I would really need it as I can still view through the 150pds...plus I could put the money from the sale towards tracking. On the topic of tracking dual or single motors? Control of the RA is the must so could I just leave the DEC adjustment to manual.. is their any real benefit in paying extra for full control knowing that I will at some point be upgrading the mount.
  10. I finally have 'Make Every Photon Count' in hand... if I get through it it will be the first book I have read in over 30 years lol. Some thing I would like an opinion on please... I have been thinking that when the time comes and I want to start buying some decent gear for astrophotography that I would like to buy as much as possible in one go.. may look for a more complete set up of better quality, but for now..... There is a skywatcher explorer for sale not far from me.. it's a 150p-ds ota so the right tool for the job rather than my 150pl.. it is advertised as open but unused, in box with all original accessories for £130 well, that's if the bids don't take the price up(currently no bids) Was figuring that the lighter tube may allow me to use my dslr with the scope on my eq3-2 just to start me off. I would then have all the basics to satisfy me until I can get some money together to upgrade properly. What do you folks think?
  11. Heya, welcome to SGL.. Iv'e only been around for a few days myself but can already say that you will find plenty to chat about on here
  12. Astrophotography tool.. check! Found it.. Will spend some time on youtube doing my homework ready for when I need it.
  13. Laptop.. that is the way I have been thinking since reading up... I have an old one here somewhere I was going to fire up.. was figuring be better than touching the set up all the time and im guessing there will be a few programs worth installing to help me along.
  14. Damn it... I nearly forgot. Picked up a camera tonight. I had been tempted to go for a cheap 450d on WEX until a 1100d turned up local.. guy wanted £100.. offered him £80 as in that's all I can afford right now (which was true when I messaged him last night and then today ebay is going off.. sold some bits ) anyways.. he said he would take it so popped down early evening today.. camera, canon 18- 55 lens, ring flash and some additional lenses that fit in front of the main lens.. camera had been used for close up work. Camera looked a bit dusty/grubby on the outside.. don't think it had been stored in a proper bag for a while. Anyways... bought it, came home and cleaned it... besides the slightest of a mark on the screen which I have polished out even further it looks immaculate... not even a finger print on it, no wear on the grip, no lettering worn off.. it's fab and and top of that it has a 7000 shutter count so i'm chuffed to beans
  15. The differences you mentioned, I had noted them when making comparisons.... the only other obvious difference was the 1100 has a smaller screen but seeing as I have never owned a camera like this before I couldn't see that bothering me lol I always have facebook up on my computer so will keep an eye out.. I use facebook a lot for groups im in to do with motorcycles plus buy/sell bikes parts.. always check the marketplace too.. only started looking on there a few months ago but find it great, loads of stuff for sale and some good bargains to be found. My regular routine every day morn and late evening is ebay, gumtree and the market place so from now I won't just be looking for bike stuff lol Oh and just requested to join Secondhand Astronomy Equipment UK sao will keep an eye on there too. Thanks for the pointers
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