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  1. Hope to join you all later for this (if work permits it....) Hope everyone is doing well
  2. All the best to FLO, IKI and all involved with this project. Looking forward to following it. I have had experience using remote telescopes with @Helen primarily through Faulkes and SALSA. They are a great resource for everyone involved. As for science imaging. Would you consider opening the observatory up to 'Targets of Opportunity' (i.e. GRB, SN, X-ray systems in outburst etc) to contribute to the data collection of those systems?
  3. An extension to @Helen's comment, welcome from Newport . Helen I think a star party in our area is over due I need to get out more often lol
  4. Very sad news, but completely understand. Thank you to everyone who put so much into organising this. It has always been great to attend and I will very much be looking forward to the next Hope everyone has a good weekend and can get the equipment out for a little bit
  5. Darn it, bit late, but can I have 1st refusal if it happened to become available again
  6. @wormix I will be arriving on the Thursday as well. Look forward to meeting you :)
  7. Old picture time....I'm sure my parents and brother won't mind me sharing this.......... I was in Dartmouth for the day, it is one of my childhood memories, although I do remember the British weather getting in the way and us only being able to see little bits of the eclipse when the clouds thinned a bit.
  8. @Helen That looks great, we will definately need the try that out......maybe a cheeky meetup before hand to 'hone our skills'
  9. I have some experience of Radio Astronomy from my Uni days, would be very interested if you're doing a talk on it I would love to try it out again one day
  10. Booked Thursday - Sunday. If SGL/FLO or anyone needs a hand during those days please give me a shout .
  11. Hey :) Believe I still have access to Faulkes, will happily queue up some observations :D take me back a few years. Hope all at FT are doing well :) Looking forward to seeing you and Paul on Thurs.
  12. Hello and welcome from just over the bridge in Newport
  13. Hey, Just a quick message to say big Thank You to everyone who purchased a bracelet from @Helen or myself at the weekend. We managed to raise £150 for Astro Cymru which I have just send over to them If I missed anyone who would like to purchase a bracelet, I have a couple left with me so please either get in touch or head over to the Astro Cymru website at http://www.astrocymru.co.uk/web/ where you can purchase them from Emma directly. Many Thanks again. Simon
  14. Oooo think I still have access to these Some spectra might be interesting, a bit different but still interesting and I have used before..... My favourite observation using these was the Eagle Nebula in H-alpha, although pretty low in the sky at the moment if would be nice to have that done again
  15. SimonS


    Looks good hoping for a dry spell when I set up on friday Can just about see my pitch on the left there
  16. Great to hear about the enthusiasm. My 6 year old Neice asks me lots of questions about space etc and I love to hear the ones that really stump me. When I did Physics at GCSE and A-level they avoided space as much as they could (I don't know why) so I hope they put it into the curriculum as much as possible, it is a facinating subject
  17. Hey @FLO I realise it is only very small, but could you bring along a pack of the Space Desiccant Sachets for me please Do you happen to have any of the Muonionalusta meteorite slices? I wouldn't mind "treating" myself but its unavailable on the website. If not don't worry as realise it may be a bit late to get hold of. Thanks
  18. I know that a second hand one of these is up for sale at the SGL2018 camp....there is some interest on it but, if it doesn't sell, might be an option
  19. SimonS

    Moon 24/08/18

    From the album: Imaging Challenge #17 - Through the Eyepiece

    Image taken with my Galaxy S6. 1/24s EXP at ISO400
  20. @RayD We are neighbours for the weekend we can struggle together will be a good couple of days. @Helen Will have space on my pitch if you would like to set up you lovely Dob again
  21. Just to add a little further to the laptop screens. I spent a while considering whether to buy a red filter to fit over the screen of my laptop for times such as SGL. However while playing around with the settings I realised that on my laptop, it is possible to set display 'profiles', of which I now have one set for a Red screen and works perfectly. I am sure this will be possible in the display settings for many people and will be worth a look.
  22. Nice image Yes definitely a plane going through, got the Nav lights and flashing beacon lights going through
  23. As a lover of aircraft and astronomy, these are brilliant. Sad to see the DC-10 in such a state, but love the images well done.
  24. Hey Yes there is a fair amount of crossover of sciences when it comes to astronomy. I studied Astrophysics at university and had modules covering chemistry and biology as well. Having Chemists or Biologists involved with astro research is great and is crucial with projects such as SETI. My main project involved looking at chemical compositions of stars in clusters using spectral data, and I admit I struggled with parts because I don't have a big chemistry background. As Craney said, there is a lot of chemistry involved with looking at atmospheres, nebulae, interstellar gases etc so
  25. Thank you for posting about the bracelets @Helen and a big thank you to SGL admin for allowing these to be mentioned here and sold at the camp I would just like to add a little extra background info for everyone, in advance of SGL2018. While at University, Emma (a good friend of Helen and myself) started a (not for profit) company called AstroCymru with the aim to "use innovative and exciting products based on astronomy and space science to engage and inspire its audience" (AstroCymru, 2018). A large proportion of this is done by offering 3D shows and workshops to schools that
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