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  1. Hi all, First image of the season for me. Happy that my kit survived the summer holidays! M52 and the bubble nebula 20 * 300s at ISO1600 on a modified 1100d Have to say that this is the trickiest target to process that I have ever encountered! All comments welcome Cheers
  2. FYI, I fitted exactly these motors on my EQ5 with no issues. Very quiet motors and worked very well. Good luck with the sale
  3. I have one of these in very good condition. Yours for £20 + postage? Cheers Vern https://uk.telescope.com/mobileProduct/Orion-SteadyPix-Pro-Universal-CameraSmartphone-Mount-125/109822.uts
  4. Hi there Could you say where it would need collecting from please?
  5. I think the Chinese asi120 clone is the Datyson t7 and can be bought on aliexpress for £80 ish (colour or mono). Not used one myself but seem to recall other forum users have Cheers Vern
  6. I have a working Skywatcher DC motor and brackets. The cable is missing and handset appears faulty but let me know if it is of any use V
  7. +1 for this book Quick play with PS. Think I may have over stretched a tad
  8. All neater solutions than my folded bin bag and rubber band ? V
  9. Morning all, Pleased with this M51 from Star Wars day on May the 4th. 130PDS + HEQ5 + 1100d modified + 80mm ASI120MM Guiding 40 * 240s subs + Bias and Flats Comments welcome ? Here's a wider uncropped version. I think I prefer this one
  10. There's a nice piece of software called VirtualDub available. If you can convert your tifs to BMP and name them 1.bmp, 2.bmp then you can load them as a sequence into Virtual Dub and save them as a movie. I did this a while back with my individual subs so that I could get an idea as to how they changed with darkness. VirtuaDub may be able to load tifs so it may just be a renaming exercise....memoey has failed me! v Thinking again, I did the rename by selecting all my files and then right click rename. I renamed them as x.bmp which results in x_1.bmp x_2.bmp etc which is Good enough for VirtualDub as it just needs an increasing index
  11. Hi bobro These were also from a Bortle 4, Stockbridge Hampshire. I think I am coming to the same conclusion regarding staying up late, just a pity about the going to work thing! Subs are raw+jpeg so I get both. Jpegs are just for ease of sorting really. I was also amazed by how many satellite trails I captured! Maybe 25% of the subs had them but hopefully removed by DSS averaging Thanks for your comments Vern
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