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  1. Definitely Juan at Cheap Astrophotography https://www.cheapastrophotography.com/ Cheers Vern
  2. Hi And welcome Dave. Where abouts are you in Hampshire? I'm not too far from Andover either Vern
  3. Hi all Two clusters from last night. M3 and M37. Can't remember how many subs were useable after the wind played havoc with guiding. Probably 10 x 90 seconds. Stacked in DSS Quite pleased with these for such a short integration. V
  4. Found one Thanks star struck. Also thanks for all the offers and suggestions. Cheers Vern
  5. Hopefully a recurring event so would like to source my own. Many thanks for the offer though
  6. Thanks happy-kat. Definitely something I am considering if a swap doesn't show. Do you know of any dob base plans?
  7. I have a 200pds and was wondering if anyone has a 200 dob or similar they would like to swap. I'm after something for a village outreach event. Must be close enough to Winchester Hampshire for swapping after the wierdness ends! Thanks Vern
  8. Hi Alacant. Don't you ever have clouds? Seems you are posting another fabulous image every day Absolutely no jealously here whatsoever! Keep it up Vern
  9. Just reread your post. Not a collimating holder...sorry!
  10. Hi Adam I have an Orion smartphone mount up for sale. Very sturdy, good quality clamp for compact cameras and phones. Attaches to eyepiece. Unboxed but very good condition £20 + postage Photos on request etc etc Vern https://www.telescope.com/mobileProduct/Orion-SteadyPix-Pro-Universal-CameraSmartphone-Mount-125/103503.uts
  11. I built one of these. Raspberry Pi powered fun! https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-All-Sky-Camera/ Definitely need to add dew control
  12. Thanks for all the responses. I can see opinions differ I guess I'll do an experiment and let you all know if I spot a difference Thanks Vern
  13. Hi All, I have always balanced my 130PDS on an HEQ5 using a single counter-weight almost at the end of the extended shaft. It also balances well with 2 weights on a sorter shaft. I understand that 2 weights increases mount loading but does either method effect guiding. I recall something about turning moments etc from Sk00L but it's hazy!! Thanks Vern
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