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  1. Great, we are just about to sit down for Christmas (Polish tradition says we have Christmas on Christmas Eve), will PM in a bit
  2. For planetary stacking, I run VMware fusion and either registax or autostakkert. Siril native on the Mac can do planetary stacking by all accounts, I've seen some nice results but never tried it. For DSO stacking I use PixInsight, but I don't think it's designed for planetary.
  3. You can easily replace it with any metal rod of the same size. Just remove the grub screws that hold the shaft in, put both ends together and measure the total length and diameter, then get a replacement
  4. I am interested (I have one of these and am looking for another for small lenses), but concerned that the photo doesn’t show the controller (which has a USB female socket for this to plug into, buttons to choose low medium high heat, and a cable with a USB male socket to plug into power). Is the controller included? If so please update the photo and I’ll take it
  5. If you are interested let me know and I will package it up as best I can
  6. No finder scope I’m afraid, just the ST80 as per attached photos.
  7. Ahhh true didn't notice that. Mine has tube rings at least . I will see if I can manage to pop home today to grab some photos.
  8. I hope that this doesn't break any rules, but you might want to ask about this one: https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=166468 It's an older blue ST80 but looks in good nick, and he only wants £35 for it plus delivery! I couldn't let mine go at that price, but would be a good saving for you perhaps ;-)
  9. Ok, that works for me, will grab some pics either late on Friday or early Saturday, if I forget then ping me a message
  10. I'm away from home until Friday evening, but when I get back I can wrap it up and weigh it and work out what shipping would be (and can take some photos for you), and if you then pay me £50+shipping via bank transfer (or via PayPal but you cover the fees) then I can post at your risk.
  11. Don’t have a box for it, so it’d be kind of risky! I could wrap it in bubble wrap and put it in a cardboard box, but that doesn’t sound like a great recipe for optics...
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