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  1. @jeffwjz I guess it depends on what you want. In theory it will turn my F/7.5 600mm scope into an F/4.5 360mm scope, which I think will be interesting (especially with my camera, the 183M). I've read both negatives and positives of my scope with the 0.6, so I'm going to take the plunge and see . What scope and camera do you have? (Mind you, if this 0.6x reducer is available, I'm hoping he'll sell it to me not you since I did ask for it yesterday!).
  2. @Aidantake a look at my comment on your post -- I was asking about the 0.6 just yesterday! -simon
  3. Older post but it comes up in the search so I figured I'd ask -- is the Altair Astro 0.6 Flattner/Reducer still available? I have a Celestron ED80 600mm f/7, and an Altair Hypercam 183M on the way, so the 0.6 seems like it will be a good match.
  4. Is the field flattener available separately or will you only sell to the buyer of the scope? (I bought my ED80 a few days ago, but without a flattener).
  5. Aha! That button was hidden by the keyboard when I was typing in the name of the location :-). Many thanks!
  6. Nice to have it in app format -- the mobile site worked ok but much better in the app. Is there a way for me to set the 'home' screen to be my home location? I've saved my home in 'locations' and can use the 'current location' tab, but it would be nicer for it to load my home report on app startup rather than always showing 50.70,-3.52 ;-) -simon
  7. I use the build from here: http://www.partha.com/ -simon
  8. I thought this was superb. http://www.ba-bamail.com//view.aspx?emailid=12288&MemberId=0&& I wonder what kind of magnitude our sun would be if looking from say Arcturus...
  9. It looks like what you want is something like this: https://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16412 I'd be wary buying from Altair Astro if you want it in a hurry though, they promised me a next day delivery for which I paid £6 and didn't receive the item until I called them three days later, at which point they finally sent it (and not on 'next day' either, though I managed to pick it up from the courier's depot on the next day). If you wanted to buy this, I'd suggest finding a stockist at a real astro shop.
  10. Doesn't seem to make a difference on mine -- even with noise up as high as it can go, I see the stars at the top of the screen (and it autolocks on them happily). Maybe I'll try flashing to firmware (for some reason mine is running Celestron Nexguider firmware despite being a Skywatcher Synscan).
  11. I have the Baader Mk3 zoom and it's superb. I got a really good deal, bought used from SGL classifieds for £70 with the rubber eyecup missing and FLO sourced me an eyecup at no cost, but even at full price I'd say it's easily worth it. That said, if you want a really budget option Alan at Sky's the Limit has imported a good quality zoom at a significantly lower price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The current beta version of GIMP natively supports 16bit tiff files and is very stable indeed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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