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  1. Thanks rocky star-hubby says about 45mins so may make a night of it, on the next weekend we have clear skies. I checked about 30 mins ago but it hadn't Paul, I'll have a check in the morning. Thanks for the responses. Looks like I may need to go down the explorer scientific route if it doesn't come unstuck..... Back to the reading the 'everything you need to know about eyepieces' thread
  2. Hey rockstar, I'm in Darwen so it's not too far away, I've not been yet, so this will give me a reason to go as I only have the zoom and the stock 24mm Meade that came with my scope. Thank you
  3. I've had my Baader zoom out to night but it won't go past 16!
  4. Heads ringing from fireworks and barking

  5. Clear night and I'm indoors with curtains closed and tv loud. One dog scared and the other none stop barking! Give it to

  6. Hi Syfi, just wanted to say the guys at Opticstar are ace and no pressure in buying. I bought my telescope from there, they are shutting down the display area soon though - details are on their website. My hubby popped into the shop in Stockport and I spoke to a gent on the phone andalthough they were very good, when I looked they were a bit more expensive. Happy shopping and clear skies
  7. I'm so glad you have asked this question. I too have just got a 6" SCT and I hope to look at exactly the same things as you, so will be watching this thread intently!
  8. Lovely images, I only hope that when I actually start to take pictures they are half as good as these. Nice work
  9. Tums, cracking shots. The shot of the moon I hVe as my avatar thingy was taken last week I think with my galaxy s4 handheld to the ep, the detail kinda shocked me for a camera phone! I haven't even got to the editing side as I've only started on bible number two 'Making Every Photon Count' (bible one = Turn Left At Orion ) Jo
  10. Happy-Kat, collection went great, sauna took me straight there with no getting lost It has come with a uv filter and anti glare filter and also what looks to be a remote shutter button which is a bonus Not felt upto doing anything with it at the mo and I haven't ordered the t ring (which I'll do today) there doesn't seem to be a rush though as forecast is showing cloudy for the next week Hopefully I'll get my mojo back, although it's back to work for me next week after 6 weeks off so I reckon I'll be pretty shattered of a night, although I got MEPC to read and keep me busy
  11. That is so cute... I didn't know you needed to eat Jaffa cakes to be a proper astronomer..... I'm just off to stock up Thanks for sharing
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL. Like you, I am a beginner in this wonderful and amazing hobby. You have come to the right place as the wealth of knowledge of the lads & lasses on the forum is truely astronomical and they are willing to help any questions you may have.
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