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  1. Thank you everyone for some great ideas. I ordered my dob on the 19th Oct and am currently waiting on a delivery date, still have a couple weeks yet as there is a 30-40 lead time on FLO, so should be able to get something from that auction site
  2. Hiya Has anyone have a dust cover that is a good fit for their 200p skywatcher dob? thanks
  3. Jonathan, thank you so much for your detailed response and it has really given me something to think about. I just wish I was able to see these in the flesh, I’m rubbish at visualising objects . From what you have said the 150p is sounding favourite. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my question.
  4. Thank your the reassurance with the Meade owmuchonomy. I've already got 9mm, 12mm, 18mm Xcel LX 1.25 eyepieces and a meade super plossal 24mm. I also have a seized mark 3 Baader Hyperion. I don't really want stretch to £1000 and would prefer to spend half of that, which would easily get me a 200p Dob - brand new, but if i went down the refractor road, having read so much on this forum, that much would only cover the mount. why oh why is this choice so difficult!
  5. I am really not technical and I just wished there was something that I could get that was in between, so I could set up quickly and be able to take photo's of what I'm seeing. Not sure I want to be backwards and forwards with loads of stuff. I've got turn left at orion which is so easy to follow. I also have making every photon count but it was really above my level. I will go back to it at some point and have another go at it. Thank you randomic
  6. Thanks John. every time I read a post where this is the discussion, I tend to find myself swing from a dob to something different. I'm just frightened that I have made a mistake selling my Meade which was small compared to the 200p I'm thinking of getting and whether I will be able to move it myself. Really appreciate the reply.
  7. Hi all I first came on here when I bought my first telescope, a Meade LT6 ACF in 2014. Everything was great and then we moved and despite taking care with my precious LT6, I could not align the scope and it was left to one side. I have since sold it and sort of regretting it as I sold it for much, much less than I bought it for. Ah well, can’t do anything about it now. so getting to the point, I’m on the lookout for another telescope and one that won’t get left in the corner. It would need to be easy to move about and set up. I took some great photos of the moon with my LT6 and
  8. Thanks rocky star-hubby says about 45mins so may make a night of it, on the next weekend we have clear skies. I checked about 30 mins ago but it hadn't Paul, I'll have a check in the morning. Thanks for the responses. Looks like I may need to go down the explorer scientific route if it doesn't come unstuck..... Back to the reading the 'everything you need to know about eyepieces' thread
  9. Hey rockstar, I'm in Darwen so it's not too far away, I've not been yet, so this will give me a reason to go as I only have the zoom and the stock 24mm Meade that came with my scope. Thank you
  10. I've had my Baader zoom out to night but it won't go past 16!
  11. Heads ringing from fireworks and barking

  12. Clear night and I'm indoors with curtains closed and tv loud. One dog scared and the other none stop barking! Give it to

  13. Hi Syfi, just wanted to say the guys at Opticstar are ace and no pressure in buying. I bought my telescope from there, they are shutting down the display area soon though - details are on their website. My hubby popped into the shop in Stockport and I spoke to a gent on the phone andalthough they were very good, when I looked they were a bit more expensive. Happy shopping and clear skies
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