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  1. Good advice above. Make sure your finder is aligned (do it on a distant building in daylight). Use the eyepiece with the highest number and thus lowest power first as it shows the most sky. Practice. If you still don't like it, you can buy an alt-az mount (I've got one) and it's easier to use. Good luck and welcome to the forum. Let us know how it goes. Dominic
  2. domstar

    New Dob's First Outing

    Well it looks gorgeous. I'm following this with interest. How do you like standing while observing? How was tracking? Are you busting a gut with the weight or is it comfortable? Asking for a friend (who's a bit of a weakling)
  3. domstar

    10" Bresser Dob Has Landed!

    Wow. Congratulations. It looks very exciting. (Can we have a human next to the scope for comparison, please?)
  4. domstar

    Binoviewer first light

    Thanks for that. A great report and really informative.
  5. domstar


    Hi, the one for 20 quid on ebay is the same as mine - Bresser 70/700 refractor. I got it from lidl for about 80 pounds if I remember correctly. It took me a long way in astronomy (I spent a further tenner on second hand eyepieces from ebay which improved the scope no end) Because of the Lidl connection, there's a big second had market for them where I am. I suppose a lot of people buy them and don't use them. The prices here are between 35 and 50 pounds so the one for 20 pounds is good if you live in Leeds. I'm not experienced enough to tell you if it's the best cheap scope around but for 20 pounds go for it (if you live near Leeds). It's certainly decent enough. I loved mine although I have since upgraded.
  6. Thanks. Any experience of using them without goto? I run screaming from RA/Dec numbers. I think an atlas like this should be my next step but it'll take a bit of work to change from my current practice of trying to remember stellarium.
  7. firstlightoptics.com (the sponsor of this site) and astroshop.eu both deliver to Lithuania. I found on the latter site that delivery could be 10 Euros although there may be complications that aren't mentioned online. Why not email firstlightoptics and ask. It might open up your possibilities of what you can buy.
  8. domstar

    Pedants' corner

    Stargazers is a perfect description. I never understood what Cloudy Knights was trying to imply.
  9. domstar

    Birthday, beer and Jupiter

    Great report and happy birthday. It sounds like the perfect night (apart from work in the morning). @alan potts Every bubble's passed its physical.
  10. domstar

    Greetings from Germany

    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum. Binocular users are well respected here.
  11. Plus one for having a design with the eyepiece at the back for the balcony- and definitely not a dob (depending on the size of your balcony, of course). Dominic- a winter balcony observer
  12. Hi everybody, I'm going to Hurghada in Egypt on holiday at the end of August. It's a family holiday and the moon is full at the start of it but you know how it is. I'd like to get a better look at Ptolemy's cluster and some things that will benefit from me being further south. My question is whether it's worth taking something very cheap like a Celestron firstscope (with better eyepieces). I don't really like binoculars, probably because of my spindly arms and one good eye for observing. Also Hurghada is on the coast and bordered by desert but the light pollution map has it as a red zone. Has anyone been there and noticed if the skies are nicely visible from the beach at night? Thanks.
  13. domstar

    Leo Triplet... well 2/3 anyway.

    Great report and sketch. Once you've found it once it's much easier and after twice you'll be able to see it straight away. If I've never seen a particular galaxy before, I'm never 100 percent sure exactly where in the field it is even if I'm confident it's there somewhere. The Hamburger is a real challenge (depending on...).It took me four goes before I managed the slightest flat wisp. No wonder Messier missed it.
  14. Hi everyone, What telescope is this? A 120/600? Bigger? How long ago were Skywatchers blue?
  15. Enjoy your new scope. Welcome to the club.

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