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  1. domstar

    I didn't know space was so cool!

    An inspiring read. It put me in a good mood. Now I'm off to look at the moon.
  2. Interesting. Are you saying that you think it's an indictment of the scope that it can only glimpse the Veil? Would it put you off?
  3. Very nice and a choice of two observatories in the background to choose from.
  4. domstar

    Detail on Mars at last

    As the moon shone in a darkening sky, I wondered whether I could be bothered to get the scope out and have a look. I'm glad I did. It's been a while since I've observed the moon and it was so crisp. I only use 90x but the details were so sharp I wasn't inclined to go higher. Rima Ariandaeus (I assume) was almost like a black hair across the field of view and Theo, Cyril and Cath were clearer than I've ever seen despite being possibly a day late. When the low moon went behind trees, for want of a better target, I turned my attention to Mars expecting the usual disappointment. Crisp is not a word I'd associate with Mars this year but it actually looked like a planet instead of a splodge. OK, it wasn't round but the Africa-like dark patch looked solid and constant. 150x took Mars to the same size and wobbliness as my 90x views in early August but at 90x I had a taste of what the crazy Mars enthusiasts find so beguiling. One day I might join their ranks.
  5. A great report. I really enjoyed it and a lot of it was similar to my experience two years ago.
  6. domstar

    You don't realise how good the SGL team is until ...

    Isn't this a bit like complaining to your wife about the shortcomings of the new dating site that you just tried to join?
  7. That's a thing of beauty made all the better because it'll be seen like that again. Congratulations, you must be very proud.
  8. What about aligning just as it's getting dark and there are fewer stars out? Is that a brilliant idea or totally stupid? I'm not sure but worth a try.
  9. Good choice. Don't worry about dew on a balcony if there is an overhang above you. Welcome to the forum.
  10. I think it also depends on which telescope you want to get. If your telescope has a short focal length, you can have lower power views and therefore see a lot of sky. In that case (I have 900mm focal length) star-hopping is part of the fun and an essential part of the star-gazing hobby for me. If I had a longer focal length, for example a Mak, star-hopping is much more difficult. When I try to star-hop at higher mags because I'm too lazy to put my 2 inch eyepiece in, I soon get fed up.
  11. domstar

    Keystone cop

    A wonderful silent session with lots of famous targets. The Andromeda galaxy, almost direct vision naked eye, stretched out spectacularly. Bodes low but beautifully bloated in the darkness. The Ring nebula looking donut-like for the first time to me. The Wild Duck going from mostly nebula to dozens of tiny points with a flick of averted vision. The Double cluster, the Spiral cluster, Tweedledum cluster and Graffs cluster all fantastic. M10, M12, M22 all pretty globs considering my lack of aperture. The Dumbbell bright and round with a brighter hourglass and the Veil the star of the show- the eastern part is difficult to describe- 'clearly ghostly' is the best I can do. Not everything was a success, though. I couldn't find M2 as usual. It's just too far from Sadalsuud to jump to reliably. An unsuccessful search for Uranus took about 20 minutes and I probably found Neptune but couldn't be sure. I find Neptune awe-inspiring but '80 percent sure it's Neptune' didn't float my boat. The last thing was the strangely illusive M13- the great cluster in Hercules. For the third time this summer, I just couldn't find it despite kneeling, sitting, lying on the ground to get a good look through the finder. It turns out that there are quite a few groups of four stars in a trapezium shape. I'd been looking in Draco- a more compact and may I say better keystone than the one in Hercules. I found it in the end but I was too annoyed with the cluster rather than myself to enjoy it. All in all a night of peace and wonder. Thanks to @clarkpm4242 for indirectly leading me to NGC 6633 the Tweedledum cluster- a real beauty. Thanks for reading. Dominic
  12. domstar

    I've completed the Messier list

    I like M78- it was one of my 70mm finds and a nice star hop. It was when things started taking off for me stargazing-wise. I always have a look when Orion is about.
  13. domstar

    Newbie help needed

    Hi and welcome, Yes the planets are low and your 12mm is the most useful eyepiece. You might find open clusters are the best bet for a small refractor after planets. (Are you sure it was Saturn and not a bright star?) You are not going to see a great deal of sky with your 12mm (less with a 4mm) for star-hopping so make sure your finder scope is well aligned- it's easier during the day. It will be a challenge, but Saturn, Jupiter, open clusters and the Orion nebula should all be good targets when they are in the right place (Orion in winter). Good luck- it gets easier.
  14. domstar

    Surreal Accompaniment

    Excellent report and great targets. Thanks for reminding me about Neptune. The army exercises would've freaked me right out.
  15. Sounds amazing. It's great to instantly get in the swing of things. Most things I buy it takes a bit of time for me to get into- except solar film. That got me going from the first minute.

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