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  1. domstar

    Observing Report - 11/11/18

    What a session. M77 was my first galaxy after M31. A real thrill for me. I'll have to try the blue snowball. A great report.
  2. domstar

    a truss dob?

    Wow. Thanks for the info. Is that terminal, ignorable or sandpaper and hammerite?
  3. domstar

    a truss dob?

    Is that you then? I've had it on my watch list. It's beautiful but collection is impossible and it's going to take me a year or two to come up with the money.
  4. domstar

    a truss dob?

    Thanks for all the help (and entertainment). The one I was considering was https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6879_Explore-Scientific-Ultra-Light-Dobsonian---aperture-305-mm---Generation-II.html (I probably should have put that in the original question) I'm afraid I won't be able to afford anything larger or anything as wonderful as a Sumerian. I've read the threads on this scope and there doesn't seem to be many people with one so I thought I'd ask a more general question. So what I've learnt is- Nobody has told me it's crazy to get a 12 inch truss dob as my first dob. Nobody has said that truss dobs are complicated gimmicks and it would be better to just get an 8 inch solid tube. Nobody has told me I'd need to buy Televues for it. (I assume now that a 12 inch f5 is no harder on eyepieces than an 8 inch f5) Therefore, I'm happier about the choice than I was. If anybody has anything to add, I'd be pleased to hear it. Thanks again, Dominic
  5. domstar

    a truss dob?

    @Stargazer McCabe Thanks, it's probably a Truss or nothing due to living in a flat. What about DIY/ problem solving? Is it all fairly routine or do you need to be a handy sort of guy to get the thing running smoothly (apart from collimation).
  6. domstar

    a truss dob?

    How does he like the scope? Is it significantly more of a pain than your big dob? Does he have to be extra careful not to get the mirror dirty or break it?
  7. domstar


    Stunning 3D. Congratulations.
  8. domstar

    a truss dob?

    Oh, and when I say truss, I mean one that I have to assemble every time- that's why I like the portability but am also concerned about putting it together and collimating it. And thats also why the weight won't be a big problem (I think).
  9. domstar

    a truss dob?

    Hi, Doug, I know you've raised your dob a bit. @rhw1967 Do you use a chair? Any issues? I have a hunched back and spaghetti legs and I don't want to stand at the eyepiece.
  10. I love my 4 inch frac and wouldn't want to replace it but maybe I could add a complimentary scope. I think that if I had an 8 inch dob, it would be better at most things so I wouldn't feel like using my frac very much. I think a 10 inch would be too cumbersome given that I live in a third floor flat with no garden. So my idea is to get a 12 inch Explore Scientific Ultra Light truss dob. Not just yet- it's a couple of years til my 50th birthday (I'm still in the SGL youth wing). I'm also open to the 10 inch version of the Ultra Light but my thoughts are- if I get a nice big one, I would only take it out when I'm really committed to a big night and I would still use the frac a lot, but when I did take the dob out, the difference would be significant. However, I do have some reservations. Firstly, I've never even looked through a dob. Secondly, I'm a particularly clumsy person and I'm worried about getting it dirty or scratched. Collimation is something I've never tried. Would any of you be put off by doing it every night at least once? Also, searching threads on this forum it seems that I might expect to do some DIY on the scope, which could be a deal breaker due to my afore-mentioned clumsiness. Lastly, would an f5 12 inch be extra hard on eyepieces- I have BCOs and starguiders and wouldn't have any extra cash for hundred-pound eyepieces- oh yes coma correctors too. Would I need one? Absolutely lastly, is getting a hefty 12 inch dob too much for someone with no experience with large telescopes? Anyway, I would be really grateful to hear of people's truss dob experiences. I've read posts by @seven_legs and @russ.will but I don't know if they still visit the forum. p.s Unfortunately, there's no astro club anywhere near me. Thank you,
  11. domstar

    Which Telescope?

    Are you sure about the EQ mount? It's a fantastic concept but the problem is that it is difficult to move from one star to the next. You want to go left but you have to zigzag. EQ for visual is fairly unpopular here. You've gone from goto to EQ but an AZ mount is the simplest to use and set up. Does anyone else have thoughts on a manual EQ mount? I'm reluctant to put myself forward as an expert but 'Don't go manual EQ' is the one thing I'd tell a beginner.
  12. domstar

    Arthur Splits That Pesky Double!

    What a great find that was and it's interesting that Maurice Bronson was a teacher at Arthur's school before he moved to Grange Hill.
  13. domstar

    Arthur Splits That Pesky Double!

    Intelligent, painstaking and accurate- the exact opposite of me. Still, I almost earn as much as Arthur anyway.
  14. domstar

    Eye relief

    Does that mean eye relief is simply determined by the diameter of the glass at the top part nearest to your eye? For example, my 6mm ortho has a tiny hole and little eye relief but a different design with a bigger hole would let me see the whole field of view from further back. Or is it more complicated than that?
  15. domstar

    Eye relief

    Thanks @vlaiv a very clear explanation (as always). I won't even mention what I thought they were .

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