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  1. Very nice. I was just watching Sherlock on Friday and a man was murdered because of his astronomical knowledge. He had a small reflector aimed at a skylight window. I had a hideous moment of self-awareness as I couldn't stop myself from talking over the episode to my less than interested partner.
  2. Great report. Keep them coming. The reports section is my favourite part of the forum. It's good to hear about successes and failures. I can compare my observations, find new ideas and stay enthused when I haven't managed to be out for a while. I also enjoy double stars; they are beautiful and a challenge, both finding them and splitting them. Your session sounds just like how I like mine- some successes, some failures, something old and something new.
  3. An excellent report. There have been very few opportunities here since October and reports like this really keep up my enthusiasm.
  4. Excellent report. A good reminder of why we do this.
  5. That's very true. My advice is to use the ones you already have and then you will see what you want. I found I needed to see more sky so I could find objects, so I bought a 2 inch with a long focal length. I found I don't need a lot of eye relief, neither do I need to see a lot of sky at the shorter focal lengths so my Baader Classic Orthoscopics are fine. I don't like fiddling around changing eyepieces so I think maybe a zoom would suit me well. Take your time. You'll appreciate better eyepieces mostly by seeing the subtle improvement they make over your old ones- well, that's what happe
  6. I use gloves for running under a pair of mittens. The running gloves allow me to change eyepieces and focus.
  7. Hi, I use my 4 inch refractor on an AZ4 on my small balcony and it's a squeeze. I think a 127mm Mak would be better for me. Are you sure you want a 150mm scope? A 127 seems more practical. On a balcony with light pollution would you need the extra aperture and expense? You would still get spectacular views of the moon and planets.
  8. Well done on your decision to go for the Messier catalogue. Doing the same thing really suited me. It helped me focus on a session and gave me direction and a lot of satisfaction. I have a 4 inch refractor so you'll be fine with a 6 inch scope if your skies are dark enough. Bodes Galaxy and the Cigar are great, but I still find it a bit hit or miss to track them down. It's not an easy star hop. As for the brightness (or dimness) of the galaxies- your eyes will get used to that (on mooonless nights). Things that seem to be just short of invisible will seem a bit clearer with practice. Goo
  9. Highlights for me- 1 Spring Virgo galaxies in spectacular skies including the Siamese Twins. Learning to use higher magnification on galaxies. 2 Early Autumn spent trying to see Stephan's Quintet and perhaps getting a glimpse of something so mindbogglingly far away. 3 Mars (of course) and finally understanding what all the fuss was about. Happy New Year to everyone. Dominic
  10. Miram (or Miriam as I can't help but call it) is a lovely star. It looks good directly and also there are those little averted vision stars to see. It keeps me occupied at the eyepiece. Glad to hear you've been able to get outside. You are an expert at making use of those little clear windows. I haven't managed to get out for weeks. Anyway, Doug, have a great Christmas and all the best for 2021. Dominic
  11. Great report. I generally look south in the winter because the cold forces me to stay on the balcony so most of these are new to me. I must keep this list to try out when it gets a bit warmer.
  12. A great read. It makes me feel a bit guilty for staying in the warm last night when the sky was clear. M 108 really is a nightmare for me. I find it much more challenging than I think it should be.
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum, If your eyepieces have a big H written on them, then almost anything will be a significant upgrade. I bought a couple of cheap skywatcher plossls from ebay for just a few pounds. These eyepieces come with new scopes and people who already own better eyepieces sometimes sell them. When I bought mine, it transformed my observing. A few months later I bought a better scope and never used them again but at around 10 pounds for two, it was well worth it.
  14. Nice report Doug. It is thrilling to see an asteroid. I've only manged Vesta and maybe one other (I'll have to check), so I'll definitely look out for Pallas next time as it seems to be in the right part of sky for me. I like the way you use a variety of telescopes. I'm concerned that if I got a bigger new one, then I would never use the old one again and I wouldn't want that. Your reports give me hope that it wouldn't be the case.
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