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  1. My first ever attempt to photograph the M31 Galaxy Nikon D300 stock with a manual focus Nikon 200 f4 lens @300mm f5.6 focal length with the Omegon LX2 tracker 49 x 15 sec subs 20 darks 20 bias frames ISO 1000 12.25 minutes total expoure. Processed in Siril and PS6 Very happy with results as there was bright moonlight,I know I can do better next time without the moon! I know there's some digital noise at it was the first time using Siril but considering the max focal length of 100 mm was what the Omegon was designed for I'm sure I can capture higher quality images with lower n
  2. Thanks Peter, I'm happy with the final result........just need some clear skies now so I can go out and enjoy the views while my camera chomps through the exposures! Ash.
  3. Just a quick final update....I have applied another bandage to both sides and given them a good coat of clean resin...they are dry they just need a little more time to cure. I'm happy with the result they feel good in the hand so I won't be sending them off! If anyone requires some leatherette then please send me your contact details and I'll send you some as I have lots left and it will be shame it it goes to waste......I might recover my Tento 8x40's because their a much easier two piece design Happy New Year gang. Ash.
  4. Hi John, Like the double pun regarding the camo tape as my surname is Field! Tried that Copydex glue it stank.......but didn't hold, 0.8mm thick leatherette I thought would have worked,I used duck permanent double sided tape whci was cleaner than using contact adhesive as you didn't get and massing and causing a ridge under the leatherette etc etc but the next problem came while I was gently heating up the leatherette with a hair dryer to help with the contours......it left the tape on the body. So I thought enough is enough and went with the black bandage tape. Like I've mentio
  5. Hi Mark thanks I'm happy now that their functioning now if we only had some clear nights! I'm gonna add another layer and seal them with resin. You never know I might have started something! Ash.
  6. Hi Peter, Thanks turned out ok in the end! I've got two more rolls left so will apply another layer and then seal them with a good coat of resin sealer I tried a patch on a tin can and it turned the bandage a bit darker which I don't mind and seals the fabric tight. Ash.
  7. Thanks well come to think about it I was quite handy with the knitting needles my nan taught me a long time ago lol!.......a word of advice......if you have a pair of bins like this design e.g one piece and they require a new leatherette jacket....save yourself the trouble and send it away....or if you like the above look you can wrap them (5) rolls for £5 inc p&p or go the camo look like I did as a test run, it might just start a new craze!! Regards Ash.
  8. Hi Dave, Yep didn't turn out too bad in the end....I'm happy with them but OMG I won't be buying this design again just in case it needs new leatherette..........which I might add I've got loads left over because I ordered a slightly thinner roll 0.8mm vs 1.5mm to see if that helped.......oh wait it didn't!! I've just treated a test patch on a tin can with a resin we used to seal in a reclaimed "pallet" wooden kitchen I built and fitted....well it was just the floor and work surfaces with a natural looking waterfall effect to see it if seals in the bandage,so if all looks good I will s
  9. Afternoon all, I have tried and tried to cover these binoculars in leatherette to no avail.......I will leave it to the experts recover to when funds are available and I've found a new job! For now I've covered them in the black self adhesive bandage! Have a good Xmas all and keep safe.....oh yeah ask Santa for some clear skies! Ash.
  10. Hi Vlad, Thank you I did not know this as this was the first time I had used Siril,thanks for the link! Clear skies and keep safe. Ash.
  11. Hi all I've just started with siril but require help!.....have loaded and stacked lights,darks,flats,biases but they are 32bit files,have got an image on screen with all the channels and RGB etc but when I try to use the colour calibration tool it's greyed out and can't use it but can use most of the other commands,do I have to start again but convert all the files to 16bit first and then run it all again? Thanks Ash.
  12. Yes agreed could do the trick.......I'll see what happens with the bandage! Ash.
  13. Hi Dave, Yes the Evostik is pretty powerful stuff works fine on wood etc because I used this type of glue to bond some formica and plywood years ago for a dobsonian mount I was making. I'm reluctant to keep buying more glue as I've just looked and the tester patch that I glued earlier failed too so I think the black bandage is my only course of action now! What cement did Nikon use I wonder. What about extra strong double sided tape?
  14. Yet another update!! Black bandages should have been here today....now saying Wednesday so I thought why not try my leatherette skins as I have managed to make the skin one piece.........used Evostik contact adhesive....all was going well until applying firm but even pressure around the front when the leatherette lost it's shape and had stretched which left the grain a very weird shape. I took it off as I wasn't happy with the result............the leatherette must have reacted with the glue...too hot? so I've glued a small patch with the original Evo-stik grab glue taped it down a
  15. Hi Dave, Nice jobs fella.......I've spent a while re-working the skin for my binos so frustrating because of the design,my black self adhesive bandages will be here Monday so I'll try and get a neat wrap out of them as I feel without the correct templates for the skins I'm just wasting my time! last resort send them off when funds allow. Ash.
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