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  1. Hi all I'm thinking of buying this mount known as Kenko NES(Sold in UK as Orion Gazer gem1 mount complete with the hand controller to focus on astrophotography with upto 450mm focal length prime lens. Has anyone used this mount and can tell me how accurate it will be in tracking,I'll be selling my Tasco 16T dob mounted scope on that well known auction site as I want to concentrate on astrophotography as my time is limited and photography has been a passion of mine for decades. I'll have my 20x80's and 7x50's for when I just want to lie back and scan the milky way etc any help and advice regarding the capabilities of this set up would be appreciated. Clear skies all. Ash.
  2. Hi all,well I've tried to collimate the scope and still can't get it right,it needs someone who knows what their doing and that's not me!...........so I've now put it up for sale on fleabay so someone else can own one of these rare scopes. It was difficult to put a price on it as they do not come up for sale but I'm open to sensible offers! Clear skies all. Happy New Year Ash.
  3. Hi all I really need your help to collimate my Tasco 16T,it's of the "bird jones" design Ithought I had acheived collimation last night but when I star tested it the stars had tails! Can anyone please describe in detail what I should do and what it should look like in the eyepiece etc I've got a collimation cap and a cheshire tool with an adapter so I can use it on this scope. I have read that it's required to take out the corrector that's infront of the flat is this correct. I've looked online for help but I'm confused as to what I'm looking at etc plus the flat to my mind cannot be adjusted for tilt as it only has a single screw in the middle of the flat holder and a tiny grub screw above it. I know that the 3 screws on the mirror cell are to adjust the postion with the longer screws are for locking down the adjustment screws. Can anyone describe in detailed steps as to what I should do. Many thanks Ash.
  4. Hi all Well I've made the dob mount it's taken a while due to work hours etc,not had a chance to take it out as the weather isn't good at the moment...lots of cloud! I've made the mount quite tall to save my back it's heavy,has locking wheels and it rotates on teflon and a vinyl 12" album glued to the rocker base and it rotates very smoothly. I'm thinking of making another mount either another dob made from a heavier plywood or something like a "horseshoe mount" your thoughts please! Just the OTA now weighs 28lb alone with the added box and bearings! I've got to collimate it but have never tried this I do have a Cheshire collimating eyepiece to hand. I've also got an adapter so I can use my 1.25" eyepieces. Can anyone give me any help and advice on collimation please! All the best and clear skies! Ash.
  5. Hi all. I'm well into the new build for a "Dob" mount for this 16T,the mount is big and stands approx 34" high then when the tube box and scope are installed should have a comfortable viewing height,beacon hill telescopes are making me the side bearings 6 1/4"x 1 1/2" out of plastic drain pipe with milled wooden inserts,something I can't make as I do not have a router and hate using a jig saw cutter!. Still away to go filling,primer then the top coat and last of all handles and feet. Will be using an old LP and teflon should be quite a smooth motion. Ash.
  6. Hi not as feet but as bearings instead of the second base board with formica and telfon pads, or using an old 12" LP on the rocker base and teflon pads on the ground base. Ash.
  7. Hi all I'm making a dobsonian base for my Tasco 16T, long story got it free as the equatorial head was missing after I had already paid for it off Ebay. Now here's my question instead of making two bases so you can rotate the scope on to the desired object,has anyone used heavy duty rubber swivel castor wheels with breaks on either 2 or 4. Do you think that these would work or do you think that they would move too easily,bearing in mind the mount will weigh approx 30-35lb then add the weight of the scope which is 19lbs add the tube box and side bearings to that figure say 55lbs all up. What are your thoughts please fellow sky watchers. Clear skies. Ash.
  8. Hi Philip, Well I'm off to buy some timber gonna make another dob mount like my other but a little more refined as the first one for my celestron 130 didn't take that long to make,this one I'll take more time over! Atleast I'll be able to use the scope while a GEM/EQ3-2 or better comes my way!. Has anyone had success with using an old LP album instead of formica for the base,I've have read online it works very well! Regards Ash.
  9. Well to be honest I've sort of lost all interest.....yes I could very easily make the dob mount but what I really wanted was to keep it original looking on a GEM looks so retro! Looking at the rules for the classified section I can't even even find it a new home as I need to have made 50 posts...and I'm a long way off that target. Not that I would know what it's worth as It's incomplete but I'm sure someone could turn this around with some tlc and have this rare legend of a scope looking skywards again! Clear skies. Ash.
  10. Hi all bad news regarding the missing mount.........the seller couldn't find it so I quess that's that to keep or not to keep that is the question........ Any advice or help? Ash.
  11. Hi all I've emailed the seller from this add " Celestron CG5 mount with dual axis motors and tripod" on U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell but nothing back yet probably been sold already but the listing says its active! I thought about something like SW EQ2 parts from "AstroBoot" comes in at £51 +p+p as I can use the wooden tripod legs I've already got...........but I really don't think that this could take the weight of the tube! for the same money I can build myself a heavy duty "Dob" from 18mm ply which would be man enough to take the weight,plus I have thought of a way that I can secure the tube without drilling holes in it...simply use the cradles one each side of the tube box to stop it moving and as an added bonus it will make balancing the tube much easier.The picture shows my smaller dob mount which I threw together to checkout my smaller scope,it's great for star clusters and wide field viewing. So do I make the Dob or simply sell this on ? Ash.
  12. Hi all, Well I managed to rig up the OTA supported by my homemade dob mount from another scope,got the moon in my scope with I think the Or. 5mm the Or. 9 considering I had to cradle the tube in one arm and focus with the other I was very happy to make out very fine details on the moon's surface although it was full the worst time to observe as you all well know! The massive finder focussed very well stars were pin points,contrast not so good due to the over powering light from the moon.I called it a night as I didn't want to have an accident and drop the OTA,collimation wise looks really good stars again were pin points but a darker sky would have been better,all in all I'm very pleased.......now all I need is the seller to message me to tell me she's found the missing box and mount. I did find an old tasco price list I guess from the early 1980's top of the line back then was their 8V Saturn 5" Catadioptric RRP no less than £839.95 and their top refractor was the 10K a 80mm F600 costing £892.95 and the 15K model as above but with a motor drive for a mere £971.95.......................the 16T wasn't even mentioned I guess because it wasn't available in the UK. I will keep you posted on whether or not (A) I'm able to get the lost mount,(B) if I decide to make a dob mount or more than likely (C) put it up for sale and let someone else enjoy this rare beast. Regards Ash.
  13. Hi again yes I know I have stumbled on hidden treasure,I've sent a message to the seller and photo of the contents of the box that should have the mount in....she told me yesterday that she only thought that it came in two boxes not three! I really hope she finds the missing box..........otherwise I have two choices.....put it up for sale.......or make a "Dob" mount. If I choose to sell even though I only paid £50 +petrol and yes it's incomplete but what do you think the OTA would be worth due to the fact it's so rare! Silly question due to the focal length would this be better for viewing the planets,moon etc as last night I turned my celestron 130 astromaster which is on a handmade dob mount as I bought it as an OTA only so I put in my highest EP which is I think x69 and mars was no more thana red star! Tonight I'm going to place the 16T OTA in the rocker box just to hold it steady and chuck in an EP and point it at the sky,coz I won't be able to hold the OTA on it's own too heavy! would it be worth making a bigger dob mount and use the 16T that way! Ash.
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