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  1. The manual for mine was included on the software CD. That said, most of the stuff you need to know is given in the specs at the UK Bresser product page. HTH, Geoff
  2. FWIW, I have a 150 PDS on an EQ5 Pro. The 150 PDS doesn't need an extension tube with any of the eyepieces I possess (either 2" or 1.25"). Although the OTA is a little shorter than the 150 P to optimise it for astrophotography, the focuser has enough backtravel to cope with visual obs IME. Since the OP mentions crosshairs, I wonder whether the "eyepiece" is a colimator rather than a reticle eyepiece? That said, I also have a Baader Q turret, which doesn't work with the 150 PDS as the turret 'pushes' the eyepiece further out and makes it impossible to focus, so the comments about trying to use the 1.25" adapter in the 2" adapter make sense. Both adapters are threaded and you need to remove the 2" adapter and screw in the 1.25" one to use 1.25" eyepieces. I hope the above makes sense and helps. Geoff
  3. Thanks for the info on the distros. To be honest, I didn't think of a Pi, but I will now. It might make sense to have the mount, cameras and a Pi at the mount and then run a single cat 5 cable back to drive the lot over RDP. FWIW, I've just 'hit' another snag. I had assumed that Linux versions of Registax and Deep Sky Stacker existed -- but found these are Windows-only. It seems that at least one version of Registax runs smoothly under at least one version of WINE, but I've found reports of lots of issues running DSS under WINE. Perhaps I'll have to keep Windows for stacking.
  4. Many thanks. Looks ideal. FWIW we ended up at Burke's Lookout (just down the road from Sky-high) last night and got some great views of the Moon .. and the grandkids had fun with the RDF I added to their collection recently. However Jupiter was too low and masked by trees, so again thanks, Geoff
  5. We're currently visiting our son and his family, who live a few km outside Belgrave, VIC. We bought him an ST80 on an AZ3 a couple of Christmases ago, but he hasn't been able to use it much because he can't find anywhere to park up, set up the 'scope and get observing. The problem is the trees; yes, they are beautiful, but they are copious and block the view. We thought about some of the parks (Aura Vale, Cardinia, etc.) but the authority locks the gates at dusk! He has a view to the South with a hole in the tree canopy about 30° horizontally and from 30° to the zenith vertically -- but everything they want to view (Moon and planets) is to the East right now I was going to give them a present of membership of the Mount Burnett Observatory -- but they can't make it on member nights. So we're stuck looking for somewhere to set up the 'scope for an hour or so every so often. I know that a few Aussies post here and so I'm hoping someone can recommend a suitable site near Belgrave. As they're mainly interested in the Moon and planets, moderate light pollution shouldn't be an issue. All help gratefully received. Thanks, Geoff.
  6. Many thanks for the replies. I guess that I need to try GPhoto as my EOS 450D is on the supported cameras list (but in PTP mode -- and I'm not sure whether I already use that with BYE). I might get a 1TB SSD for my current laptop, use DD to copy Win 7 to that and then install some flavour of Linux (I mainly use Debian for other purposes, but I note that lots are using Mint) dual boot, or perhaps just install Linux and run Win 7 as a VM. At least I have until next January to make up my mind. Thanks again, Geoff
  7. With the impending end of support for Windows 7, I'm looking to switch to Linux. I know that I could isolate the Win 7 laptop from the 'net and just run it for astro, but I'd rather have something I can use for everything else and so not have to take two machines with me. I've identified stuff that should work for most of my astro needs: INDI, KStars, Stellarium, PHD2, Raw Therapee, The GIMP, etc. However, I haven't found anything to replace Bacyard EOS or Canon EOS Utility. Does such an animal exist? Thanks for looking, Geoff.
  8. FWIW, I had similar issues the first time I tried to use my EQ5 Pro Synscan. On trying to align, the handset offered Vega as a first star, which I accepted, but I couldn't see anything that could be Vega in the finder after slewing finished. For that, Stellarium told me that Vega was below the horizon at the time. Turned out that I'd entered the date in UK format (10/02/2017 for the tenth of February) rather than the required hideously illogical US format (i.e. 02/10/2017). The reluctance to track past a certain point in RA could just be due to the need for a meridian flip. Perhaps manually slewing to the other side of the meridian and then checking whether sidereal rate tracking now works might help. HTH, Geoff
  9. FWIW, I remember doing the same thing. IIRC, both of us tried to put a Skywatcher 150 PDS on that mount. Thankfully, I also have an EQ5 Synscan that works well with the 150 Newt. That said, putting a 150 Newt on an ES Twilight I is by no means my biggest mistake, for which ATM I have two candidates, both of which I can chalk up on my "Apprentice Astronomer" tallystick: When I first got the EQ5 Synscan, I first used it on 10th February 2017. I'm British, so I entered the date as "10/02/2017". When I tried to do a three-star alignment, I was offered Vega. I hit "Slew" and the mount slewed somewhere other than Vega. Checking Stellarium showed that Vega was below the horizon. I muttered something about contacting the dealer who sold the mount, cancelled the alignment routine and carried on observing using the arrow keys on the handset. It wasn't until the drive home that I realised I should have entered the date in US format. Last night we had almost perfect skies -- among the best in two years. We took our motorhome out to a campsite where the local astronomy group was holding a practical session. After brief visual observation, I made my excuses, returned to the motorhome and got the EQ5, an ST80 and my EOS450D out of the locker to set up for a few hours imaging. I'd levelled the tripod when it hit me that I'd forgotten to bring the counterweights. Due to weather and other circumstances, that's probably the only shot I'll get at the Orion Nebula and the Pleiades until Autumn wasted.
  10. Thanks guys. Polemaster is outside my budget. However, I'll take a look at sharpcap (I already have the free version) as I have a basic CMOS webcam (Bresser Mikrokular HD) that I'm planning to re-purpose for guiding.
  11. Hi All, Over the weekend I decided to buy Alignmaster to make PA on my EQ5 a little easier. However, the website (http://www.alignmaster.de/) returns the text "Website offline". Does anyone know whether this is temporary? If not, are there any budget alternatives?
  12. Thanks. FWIW I've just had a response to my query to the retailer, who say: Do you have details of that Maplin converter? Thanks again, and clear skies, Geoff
  13. Many thanks for the response. According to the product page, the hub is supplied with a 240V AC to 5V DC power supply. I'm hoping that this plugs into a USB port as I need to power everything from the motorhome's 12V system and 12V USB power supplies are plentiful. I've sent a message to the supplier and await their response. Thanks again, and clear skies, Geoff
  14. I plan to park my motorhome at a dark sky site, set up the imaging rig outside the motorhome and 'drive' it from a laptop inside the motorhome. I need to connect the computer and the imaging rig. The imaging camera is a Canon EOS450D paired with Backyard EOS. Guide camera is a Bresser MikrOkular full HD (in Windows WDM-style webcam mode) paired with PHD2. Mount is a Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Synscan Goto paired with Carte du Ceil and EQASCOM. My computer is a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit laptop with Core i5 processor at 2GHz and 4GB RAM. Unfortunately, the computer only has two free USB ports and, to get a cable through one of the cab windows, it'll be about 5 metres from the mount. With three USB devices and only two available ports, I'm going to need a hub of some sort and was thinking of running all three USB connections through an active USB 2.0 hub similar to this Lindy 8m, 4 port hub. ISTR there may be issues with USB extensions, so would be grateful for any advice as to whether the Lindy hub would be OK and/or recommendations for a suitable alternative. Thanks and clear skies, Geoff
  15. Grovers might be able to help. They have a product page for slow motion controls and the EQ5 is in the drop down list of mounts. Hopefully, it's the original item or a copy of that; you could give them a call to be sure. HTH & clear skies, Geoff
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