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  1. If anyone had the same problem: I spent a month searching this firmware and Skywatcher itself couldn't help me. Fortunately, after dozens of emails to dozens of telescope distributors, someone could give it to me. There it is attached. Also the upload does work without the hand controller. A bit disappointed that Skywatcher doesn't put it on its website. MC006_Tracking_V0216.MCF
  2. Hi everyone, I have trouble finding a motor controller firmware for the Skywatcher Virtuoso. Also, I don't have the hand controller. Do you think that's a problem to upload the firmware ? Many thanks, Antoine.
  3. Responding in case someone stumbles upon this topic and now that I know much more on this: Stupid me looked at the wrong protocol. The protocol I posted earlier allows to communicate with the Synscan. As I don't have a Synscan I only need to drive the motors according to the data sheet attached. Typical communication protocol is : REQUEST: ':1F<data> ' (String which always begin with ':' and end with a carriage return) RESPONSE '=<data> ' (String which always begin with '=' or '!' in case of an error and end with a carriage return) Fortunately, it's a scholar project so I can work with Matlab as it is provided. But I'm 99% sure it will indeed also work with open source equivalent such as Scilab or Octave as it is a simple serial communication skywatcher_motor_controller_command_set.pdf
  4. Hi, I currently use a Virtuoso Skywatcher without the Synscan hand controller for a project. I'm communicating from the computer to the mount directly with a serial connection. The problem is, I accidentally entenred the bootloader mode of the mount, and now it doesn't work anymore. (Can't even control it manually) I'm guessing I have to update the motor controller firmware but I don't know if I can without the SynScan controller and I don't know if I the Skywatcher Allview firmware is suitable. Does someone has any experience on this ? Thanks you very much.
  5. I've made a serial connection with my pc and my Virtuoso and i'm trying to send commands to my mount via Matlab without passing trough a Synscan controller but I'm not sure if it is do-able. I found the communication protocol of the Synscan (attached). Can I use it to send the same commands on a serial port directly connected to my mount ? SkyWatcher instruction user Manual SynScan Serial Communication Protocol.pdf
  6. Understood, indeed I think it must be a driver problem as my chip is a poor one. Thanks you very much for your help !
  7. I'm indeed using a prolific chip whith its driver. It is the version, from 27/10/2008 because it is the only one solving the code 10 error of windows. I'm not using any voltage source from the chip, only the Tx, Rx and the GND. One thing is weird tough, i feel like Rx and Tx are shorted because when i'm trying to connect to the telescope, the Tx and Rx leds of the chip are blinking which is a good thing, but if I turn off the telescope they keep blinking. Isn't the Tx led the only one supposed to blink ? I'm indeed using the driver from 5 years ago
  8. This is my very first time working with a telescope and i'm having trouble connecting my mount to my pc (It seems very easy for you guys, shame on me). I've followed a lot of threads which helped me a lot on this forum but it still won't work. This is what I've done: -I've build a cable RJ12/USB with a USB/TTL chip connecting the Rx to the Tx, the Tx to the Rx and the GND to the GND. (with the adpated driver which works fine) -I've installed the Driver "AzGoto by Armazem Do Telescopio" -I've installed the ASCOM plateform -I've installed StellariumScope, Stellarium and Skychart -In both softwares I chose the Driver AZ GOTO, fill in my latitude and longitude and the appropriate port COM But when I try to connect my telescope, I have to wait over 5 minutes until an error pops up with 'BasicApi.MountControlException" Do you guys have any idea what's going on ? Again, these are my first steps into Astronomy. Thanks you very much.
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