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  1. I’d be wary of that jump starter battery’s ratings. I’ve seen them quote the mah for the batteries at their cell voltage of 4.2v. So you’ll possibly only see 1/3 of that capacity. Considering a high spec 18650 battery can give you 3000mah at 4.2v. You’d need 21 cells to give you a pack with 12v at 21000mah. That’s quite a big pack If you want something reasonably light weight but with good capacity, you should have a look at LiFePo4 Golf trolley batteries. I’ve got a 12v 22ah one and that lasts me all night with a dew heater, mount and camera cooler.
  2. This is what I’m using and it seems to work ok for me. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer-Photography-Accessories-2-5mm-N3-Control/dp/B00OHDARXG/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=nikon+n3+cable&qid=1569828923&s=gateway&sprefix=nikon+n3+&sr=8-3 are you using the advanced firmware?
  3. I’d second looking at STFC, they’re responsible for funding the UK’s involvement in all the large telescope projects. They are now part of UKRI and you can find details of all externally advertised jobs on this site. https://www.topcareer.jobs/ You might also want to look on some of the large telescope project web sites as they may advertise roles directly on there. A lot of funding is done via universities and some facilities are managed directly by them. For example Jodrell Bank is run by the university of Manchester. So you could try their recruitment sites as well. Finally
  4. Looks pretty much perfect to me. I’d maybe dial the stars back a little, perhaps just 5%. But that’s just personal taste, I’m not sure how valid my opinion is.
  5. Nice work. Looks pretty good for 14 mins data. Just shows what F2 can do for you, it just hoovers up those photons.
  6. Got myself one of these lovely lenses for a trip to Ibiza. I was hoping to get a nice shot of Rho Ophiuchi which is always too low for me to shoot. But thanks to a well placed tower crane and light pollution all my data on that target is garbage. Thankfully I took some test shots of the Sadr region in Cygnus. This shot is made up of 5 x 120s exposures of HA and SIII and only 1 x 120s of O, no flats or darks. So I'm pretty pleased with the result. Just wish I'd shot more data on this target but I was only messing around with the setup. Shot using a Samyang 135mm F2, ZWO ASI 1600MM and an ASI Ai
  7. Pimoroni appear to still have the 4GB in stock. Unless I’ve just bought the last one https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-4
  8. What a fantastic image, thanks for sharing.
  9. With the planets situated as low as they are this year, you may get more bang from you buck by getting an ADC. This should correct some of the distortion effects caused by the atmosphere and lead to sharper views with more contrast. Please note that I’m not talking from experience, an ADC is still on my ever expanding shopping list. I’m just regurgitating some previous advice I’ve been given. So as with most things, your mileage may vary.
  10. I've used a 70mm ED Altair travel scope on a star adventurer, seemed to work ok, but I needed guiding to get exposures of any decent length. Although I'm not sure how good my PA was.
  11. Nicely done, especially considering the circumstances. Hoping to achieve something similar from Ibiza next month.
  12. Please close, no longer required. Found one on mpb for a good price.
  13. Don't worry I've answered my own questions now I'm looking at it on a desktop screen. Looked a lot more vixen like on my phone.
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