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  1. With the ASI1600MM, I think not having a luminance filter would have caused an issue as there would be no IR and UV filtering. Also if the scope can't cope with 36mm filters on a 4/3rds sensor, then it's not really fit for purpose. Exposures were 60 seconds, but the guiding was excellent, in fact I don't think I've ever seen the mount so happy. Probably due to it having such a light payload.
  2. Thanks all for taking a look at this. Looks like the scope has got to go back. The issues with this scope appear quite prevalent. When you couple this with the fact that the vixen dovetail is undersized and the focuser isn't all that great, it's not looking like a great product launch from WO. You would have though they would have learnt from their previous mistakes, as should have I. I feel sorry for the retailers in all this who'll have a lot of work on their hands dealing with all the returns and will probably end up absorbing some costs.
  3. I took advantage of some clear weather yesterday to give my RedCat a test out. Reading all the stories about collimation issues had me worried that I might have bought a turkey. Coincidentally it was also the last night with a shred of astro-darkness, so I had to move fast. Picked M101 as a target as it was nice and high up in the sky. In the rush my filter wheel stopped working, so I was stuck with just luminosity frames. Setup was a RedCat on an ioptron CEM25p. Camera ZWO ASI1600mm, EFW7, Baader 36mm filters, ZWO mini guide scope and ASI120mm guide camera. I'd really appreciate it someone could have a look at my attached image and give me their opinion on the star shapes. I'm no expert in this, but to me it looks like there's some coma and there's something definitely odd going on with the brighter stars. Attached file is a png from sharpcap as I was livestacking during testing.
  4. You might want to take a look at this page. It has a lot of useful information and examples of good beginner telescopes. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes.html
  5. Ah ok, went on a course with him a couple of months ago and he spoke about his 2 C14s and the trials of travelling with them. He now has one in the UK and one in Barbados to save the hassle of carting them about. I'm not at all jealous, honest. He didn't mention any other scopes at the time, so I assumed he only used those.
  6. I think Mr Peach uses C14s exclusively. So take from that what you will.
  7. Hi John, I run mine from one of these. Seems to last ages. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TalentCell-Rechargeable-6000mAh-12000mAh-Lithium/dp/B0713T4XT9/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2MCDBVU1T0XFW&keywords=talentcell+rechargeable+12v&qid=1556206673&s=gateway&sprefix=talentcell+%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-2 Alternatively it should run from any centre positive 12v supply with a 5.5 / 2.1mm plug. I doubt you'd need one that puts out any more than an amp. I've not tried this, but this one would probably do the job. https://www.amazon.co.uk/LightingWill-Supply-Adapter-100-240V-Transformer/dp/B07P71DTSP/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1AYU0YYNBI6C4&keywords=12v+1a+power+supply&qid=1556206777&s=gateway&sprefix=12v+1a+%2Caps%2C165&sr=8-3 Cheers Jim
  8. Thanks. It’s an Altair Astro 102/700 Super triplet. So I thInk made in the same factory as the TS and Williams Optics stuff. Not weighed the whole setup yet, but I must be well over the recommended 1/2 payload for imagining. She guides ok but can take a while to settle after dithering.
  9. I routinely see sub 1” when guiding. And that’s with a 102mm. Heres my setup in action. I had to get hold of a extension for the counterweight bar to help it balance. Also attached a pic of the soul nebula I’m H alpha . Which i think were 640s exposures
  10. That's pretty much what it's designed for. I've been running on for the past year with only a few minor grumbles. I'm now using it with a 102mm/700mm triplet, guidescope, filterwheel etc which is pushing the payload a bit, but it's still delivering good subs most of the time, as long as you get it balanced well. I did run into an issue with declination backlash which was solved using this pdf, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-uq7suUJw8osozk1aGyOzTlRVwXDEi5V/view I would hope this is something they'd sort in the factory now. Ioptron's QC has improved a lot in the last couple of years. Overall it's a great little mount, but I'll probably be upgrading soon.
  11. When you first turn on the mount, it's going to assume that it's pointing north and the scope is parallel to the ground (level). Then when you ask for it to do a one star alignment it will slew to roughly the location it thinks the start you've chosen should be. You then adjust the position of the scope so that object is centre of your view through your scope and hit the tick button. I think you have to finish the alignment with an up and right movement to account for any backlash (slop) in the mount gearing. So just overshoot and adjust back the other way if required. This should get the goto working approximately, although it will be much more accurate with a 3 star alignment. You might want to think about updating the mounts firmware to the latest version as there have been a few bug fixes which solve a number of issues. You can download the firmware and the wifi firmware loader from here. http://skywatcher.com/download/software/motor-control-firmware/ Connect directly to the mounts wifi when updating, it's a lot more reliable.
  12. I've had similar experiences with Altair. They seem to have great products but are sorely let down by their customer service. I'm never buying another product from them. But just to make sure you haven't got the correct mount. The CEM25P EC has red knobs, I'm not sure how else it would be labelled. Does your mount look like this, or are the knobs black?
  13. My ASI120MM Mini isn't a happy bunny when connected through the USB hub on the ASI1600MM. I was having all sorts of issues. Filter wheel and focuser are fine with it though.
  14. They do look nice and would make a nice upgrade to my CEM25P. But the price is so close to the CEM60. I can’t help but think that would be the better long term investment. Although I suspect the price is currently at ‘early adopter’ level and might come down a bit in the future.
  15. ASIAIR is a good option, but you will need a tablet. There's no dedicated app available for Windows. There's also no Polar alignment routine, so you'll need to either align manually or use a PC and run sharpcap to get setup. I'm experimenting with an ASIAIR for my portable camping setup but I still use sharpcap to get aligned and in focus before I let the ASIAIR take over. If you do get one, make you get a tablet with built in GPS, it makes setup a lot easier.
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