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  1. I found the problem...! It appears the worm nut has three pins sticking out of the worm nut so when the arm reaches its length, it hits the tapered plastic cover and stops the motor with a beeping sound. Those pins apparently, had jammed into the tapered plastic cover end, and that is why it would not rewind. I've since tried the run again and all is good. Thought I'd mention all this in case it happens to other Astrotrac users. Nevertheless the Astrotrac is a grand piece of kit
  2. G'day, After a 2 hour run, the worm on the Astrotrac will not rewind. All I hear is a 'jamming' sound. Brand new battery so its not power. You would think it would come to a hard stop and turn itself off rather than just keep winding itself into a jam. Does anyone know how to fix this or have I got a stuffed RA worm? Thanks guys, Jim
  3. I have one of the 12 " long USB heaters from Ebay and they do work, but they're too bloody short to fit most FF lenses. If I can find out what material they use, yeah right, I could make mine longer!
  4. It is to conserve battery power during our long winter nights here in Oz. That is why I want to go 5-6volt and just have the min. number of resistors to keep the lens above the dew point. I've made nichrome heaters with 12volt b4, but they drain the batt. too soon, hence going to a lower voltage.
  5. Hi, I want to make some 5 volt USB lens warmers for typical Canonand Nikon lenses for MW shots and night-caps, but I don't know what OHM or Wattage resistors to use or how many. I will power the warmer off either a 12 volt 26/a/hr battery with a USB adapter of off one of those USB Li-On battery paks you see on Ebay. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  6. Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading to a more better GOTO and tracking mount, and the LX850 Starlock looks promising. Those who use one, does the mount live up to your expectations? What are the Pros and Cons of the LX850 Starlock? How accurate is the guiding and RA tracking? Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  7. Just bought a ZWOASI 071 CCD and using SharpCap. So I made a directory folder to save the stills and AVI and after some test shots, there was not one single saved file! yet the program shows it has the correct file path, directory etc. I use W10 OS. If I use the camera with say, Nebulosity4 or AA6 it saves every image into that Directory folder, but not SharpCap. Anyone know why?
  8. Would this particular PA program work in the Southern Hemisphere?
  9. Just bought a ZWOASI 071 CCD and been setting it up with SharpCap. Made a folder to save either FITS, PNG or an AVI and after some test shots, there was not one single saved file! yet the program shows it has the correct file path, directory etc. I use W10 OS. If I use the cam with AA6 it saves, but not SharpCap. Anyone know why? Seems there's no way to getting to the programmer either.
  10. I'm looking around for a OSC, 24 x 36mm chip CCD for DS imaging with a C14 Hyperstar F1.9 system. Which of the above CCD's gives the best overall performance with fast systems and with little or no hassles, downtime, m'taince, etc? Thanks, Jim
  11. I've just bought the above and want to know, what would you think the ideal OSC CCD camera would be, to match the scope's hi rez. output? Jim
  12. Is there a robot focuser for a Takahashi E180? James
  13. HI, I'm planning to get a Nikon 810a DSLR and want to know if anyone is, or has used this camera and what are the Pros and Cons of it? Any images to see? How does it stack up against the Canon 60Da? Thanks, Jim
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