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  1. My telescope is out by 10mm from its original recorded 2854mm but I am not fussed!! I think anything over 50mm + or - you could be running into issues.
  2. Nice. I recently had a 70kg payload on it and tracked really well at 2500mm focal
  3. Decent yeah he came to pick that one up from me. I only needed four in the end
  4. Nice one Sam, did you get a counterweight with it?
  5. Have you tried Version 95G
  6. I haven’t experienced that as of yet! Did you download the latest Sitech software. .95 G ( something like that )
  7. Go big for sure I own a 14RC on a Mesu Mrk2 and love it
  8. Worth a read http://www.loptics.com/articles/starshape/starshape.html
  9. Hi from experience when collimating my GSO 14 inch RC (Truss) design I’ve used the Tak collimator / Howie collimator (green) and the new R.E.E.E.G.O collimator All providing slightly different results... question is which one do you follow!!! one reason was the focuser end, I have three grub screws with a copper compression ring, Good way to test the howie is, insert the laser into the focuser, slightly tighten making sure it’s plush then rotate the howie, whilst observing the laser dot, if the laser dot moves lot ( up down etc ) then it’s not collimated Correctly best advice is to look at a real star at night and work from that. tools will only give you rough error
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