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  1. Pm with ? 7: GSO 50mm 2” EP ...again in great condition £40 plus postage
  2. I am looking for a Maxvision 2", 68° 40mm eyepiece as pictured, optics must be in excellent condition. Thanks Simon
  3. A very difficult question to answer as to an exact favourite, but for high resolution visual work, I tend to use eyepieces from TMB SuperMonos, Clave, UO/Baader HD orthos and Zeiss Orthos. Performance / value wise the HD Orthos are very good. I get very good results from these but it all depends upon which scope I am using. Wide field I like my 37mm NATO Konig and my 44mm Kaspereit. But have others I quickly grab for a casual view. If I had to nominate a favourite? Not ultimately the best performing but much better than many modern eyepieces are two a 18mm Erfle and an 18mm Symm
  4. The eyepieces are available checked my EP boxes and I need 5 or 6mm HD Ortho and already have a 50mm erfle Sorry about this Dm
  5. I’ll take £50 for the Fuji HD 7mm Ortho £40 for the GSO Superview 2" ERFLE 50mm PM on the way
  6. Hi Mark, thanks for that, I have just bought one of these so will find someone to make me an adapter or I can have a go on my Dad's lathe, do you know off hand the thread diameter? I will search out a suitable bit of Ali metal. Thanks Simon
  7. Hello Was the military EP easy to adapt for use in a focuser? is it being used in a 1 1/4" unit Thanks Simon
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