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  1. Sold the Meade OTA so just looking for the above, a Sky-Watcher Startravel 150mm Refractor OTA or similar 150mm / 6" F5 OTA must have tube rings & dovetale.
  2. I am looking for casual observation a Sky-Watcher Startravel 150mm Refractor OTA or similar 150mm / 6" F5 OTA must have tube rings & dovetale. I have, if you are interested in a trade a Meade 6" LXD75 F8 Refractor OTA with finder & tube rings. I can collect if reasonably local to Lowestoft. Thanks, Simon
  3. Yes looking at the available illuminated field which is governed by the size (diameter) of the exit point of the scope I will be using EPs with a field stop no larger that that. I only want to upgrade the focusing regime so that I can negate the effects of mirror shift. Mine will be very similar to that pictured in post #9 What eyepieces will I be using? Medium to high powers; as a double Star observer employing probably my Zeiss Jenas Claves and Baader Orthos maybe the odd TMB Mono on that special night.
  4. Excellent thanks for that and the links, I will hunt one of those adapters down first Simon
  5. Hi I am considering options for a Focusing mount for a older gold tube Skywatcher 180 pro Maksutov This I gather does not have the more modern SCT thread so need some advice as to what to consider Thanks in advance Simon
  6. Silly question alert!! but what is the thread size on the gold tube model? Thanks Simon
  7. Thanks Chris, have you directly compared them to the Delos and Radian EPs? I am interested in the short focal lengths from about 8mm down to 3/3.5mm Regards, Simon
  8. Does anyone have any pictures available of where the small screws are ?
  9. I have many eyepieces that I enjoy with various telescopes from a Zeiss Telementor, an 80 F7 apo, 5" APO 6" F15 classical refractor and Newtonian reflectors 12" F6 & 7" F11 I use Orthos from Zeiss, Baader and UO plus a favourite Clave Plossls from 3mm to 75mm. The odd Tak and Pentax ortho as well. There are types that I have not explored like TV Delos and Radian. I an interested in Delos vs Radian as part of that exploration in the shorter focal lengths 10mm and below. I am interested to learn the experiences from others. Thanks Simon
  10. Hi Jeremy Would be interested to learn what you go on with this EP and if you have compared it to a traditional Ortho or a quality Plossl Regards, Simon
  11. Thanks for the advice, I am still learning about the spacing requirements my eyepieces will need mainly quality Japan and Zeiss Orthos a few Konigs and some Clave units
  12. Coma will matter or figure in the application I will be using this scope for. Though an F5 would not normally be used for Double star work as coma would affect the observations made the coma free field of an F5 scope is surprisingly small around ~ 1.4mm aprox in my 16" F5 scopes or around 2.3 arcminutes!! looking at various Coma correctors available the skywatcher seems best optimised for an F5 system, however Reading this link http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/158529-astro-techaltair-astrogso-coma-corrector-and-user-guide/ Got me thinking, should I look for a used TV Paracor 1 as I will be using several types of EP and don't want to mess around with spacers. The learning continues.
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