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  1. The handbox on my HEQ5 has died. Mount works on eqmod but I don,t. So looking for a replacement hand control. If you have one your not using then I am in the market for one. Thanks Phil
  2. Continuing my theme of imaging with a vintage long fl achro and mirrorless camera combo. Here's my shot from last night. Stack of 100 subs through vintage Towa 339 F15 80mm with Olympus OM D EM1 mirrorless. Each sub ISO200 at 1/200s. PIPP and AS3 then sharpened in Photoshop and a little colour adjustment. Quite pleased with this. It's in colour, Chromatic Aberration quite low because the F15 was collimated well and nicely cooled. Evidence of CA at the limb, (being blown a bit) but the bits that matter are quite good. I reckon there's still some wobbly frames in there, o
  3. 28, sorry Here,s my review whenI got it
  4. Its the Uni with tray, very stable even with an Heq5 and ed127 on top
  5. Your old mount has the plate John
  6. My 1960s Towa as it is now. Scope updated with Craford and extension, (the scope and how I did the mod featured in Astronomy Now in 2010) Sitting atop my Berlebach and recently acquired Vixen GP with drives mount (thanks John) This is my grab and go ish set up, e.g. when I havent got time or cant be doing with setting up the HEQ5 and / or Meade 127edt and goto. Just set up, point at polaris , switch on the drives and away I go cloud permitting
  7. A decent star atlas, I still have my Nortons from the 70s Lidl ironing chair, so I can sit comfortably and observe RA finder, Saves my back and knees Varifocal spectacles, so I can see the stars and then read the star map without changing from distance to reading glasses. Oh the joy of ageing
  8. Wanted, EQ3-2 mount, with or without polar scope, drives or tripod. Cheers Mount now found, admin please remove, thanks
  9. I see they havent changed much. Years ago I bought a CGE mk1 mount, not cheap at all. It had 11 faults, mechanical and electrical. It went back to the supplier twice. The electronics werent well put together, loudy soldering and the cheapest most unreliable connectors they could find. The connectors and wiring were 4 of the faults. Celestron customer service at the time were a waste of time good ole Dave Hinds eventually sorted some of the faults, I sorted the rest.
  10. I fitted one once using a 2" visual back that screwed on to the back of the scope I had to get an adaptor ring I think to convert the thread on the 127 to accept the visual back. It worked well.
  11. Well done another classic brought back to use
  12. If you ever experienced a Celestron CGE mk1 going daft due to mount lead or microswitch problems then the dictionary definition is very apt
  13. I took 40 subs for each on this occassiin, I used to take about 100 but I wanted to check this technique with the live view. You can still stack with undriven, its fiddly but doable. Adjust the moon to be in the centre of the frame each shot. Not the best way, it can give aligning software a headache.
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