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  1. Hi. Am definitely selling this time: Skywatcher ED80 in Black Diamond, with aluminium case, tube rings, dovetail bar, compression ring adapter on drawtube, Scopestuff 99% 2" diagonal. All in excellent used condition, and very well cared for. Case has a very few marks of use, and the scope has none. I've had it several years, and used it mostly with a Herschel Wedge. Superb colour correction and contrast. A GREAT 80mm ED. Pictures will follow in next day or so hopefully. Thinking £250 ono. NOW SOLD!
  2. Nice wax, good resuls - but wow it can take some buffing!
  3. Amazingly, I have a tin of this too! I bought it when I was working on a project Skylight Telescope package, and it was recommended by Richard Day, but the project didn't take off and the tub went into the cupboard under the stairs! I'd forgotten all about it until I saw this post! I must dig it out. Got some time off, so I must treat my scopes to a coating! (specially as I need to polish the wooden tripods again too) Ant
  4. Meade SN6 6” f5 Schmidt-Newtonian OTA. In good used condition. Comes complete with fitted single-speed Moonlite2" focuser, dovetail bar and rings, red-dot finder, focuser extension tube & 1.25" reducer and caps. A very nice semi-classic scope in good working order. Some issues: the paintwork has some scuffs and nicks here and there (please see pictures) and both the corrector plate and primary mirror could do with cleaning, but do not seem to be damaged. Collimation may need to be adjusted too. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Selling on behalf of Highlands Astronomical Society
  5. That's what I was doing with my Telrad, and what I wanted to get away from. But yes, it certainly works!
  6. It's not on the wrong side, it's just not on the right side. Which for me is perfectly right anyway.
  7. AZ4 is great with it. AZ3 (modified with counter-weight) is also great, but it really needs the modification. AZ5 I don't know as I haven't had one.
  8. Well, I got a very quick half hour First Light session. The scope cooled outside for half an hour first, and first target was Mizar & Alcor. Beautiful sharp stars at 50x with no hint of false colour. Increasing to 100x showed similarly sharp views. I then switched to Polaris. The companion B was easily seen. There was some turbulence so I can't be 100% sure that my short session can really confirm anything yet, but I feel there is some astigmatism. I'm assuming that is what I detected, as outside of focus the rings seemed slightly oval horizontally, and inside focus slightly oval verticall
  9. Just a quick question. Not really aware of the Vixen HR eyepieces, but I see adverts for them occasionally, and am wondering... how good are they? What are their positives and negatives? do people part with them regularly? Thanks Ant
  10. My Vixen GP is my workhorse EQ mount. Bought it at least a decade ago and it gets regular use. I will take some pictures hopefully this week sometime. I'd like to get a nice old Polaris mount too as a light-weight alternative for my smaller (classic) refractors.
  11. Focuser update! After a couple of hours work (- honestly, thought I'd NEVER get some of those tiny screws undone -) this is what I'm left with. Oh yeah - this is what I was aiming for! Can't wait now for a proper astronomical first light. If you haven't seen one of these older focusers before, there is an inner drawtube, which slides in and out, and is fixed by a compression locking collar. This is used to achieve "rough focus" and then the actual rack & pinion focuser is used to achieve fine focus.
  12. Superb looking scope. Looks like it has a lot of the necessary mods done already. I love the fact that it comes with TWO finderscope mounting points - so you can effectively set it up for use with left or right eye. Something that is missing from most other Newts. What do we know about mirror specs on these scopes?
  13. Another small update. I got a card through the door today, inviting me to visit the local Post Office and pay them some money so that I could get a parcel to open. After doing so, I made myself a cuppa, cleared a space, and opened up this box - all the way from the US of A, and a gentleman over there who is very active on the Classic Telescopes section of Cloudynights, Dave Trott. Inside the package, an original 40mm finderscope for the Swift 831! Complete with the adjustment mechanism, and home-fabricated attachment brackets. I'll need to finish those off - paint, line with felt, select
  14. Congratulations on your new Tak and bits'n'bobs! Clear skies ahead hopefully!
  15. YAY! Great idea! Now... go for another Df or hold out for the new DZ.....?!? Decisions....
  16. If you took out the optics and the baffles, you could use it as a protective shell for your Skywatcher 60mm! Upcycling is good!
  17. Yup, that's the thingy. Nicest little disc of branded aluminium I ever owned!
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