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  1. @Louis D I've read the bst eyepieces have removable eye cups and 16mm eye relief, im not sure how much of that eye relief would be usable?
  2. Thanks for your reply @Louis D I would like to carry on with the bst range but its all going to come down to what the dioptrx fits and at what price, televue are simply out of my budget hence the meade 4000 range.
  3. hi all, What is the quality of the meade 4000 series eyepieces like? I have read that the televue dioptrx fits onto these and am seriously thinking of trying this out, can anyone confirm? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I'm currently using the skywatcher supplied 25mm eyepiece and an 8mm bst and combine them with a 2x Barlow. I think the weakness of the 25mm is showing through with regards to eye relief. I cant wear contact lenses, ive tried but I can't get them in my eyes, they get close and I back away. I like the idea of the dioptrx, its an expensive option to see if it works or not, especially if its like marmite, either love it or hate it,I will look into it. Does it fit on all eyepieces? I would have to use the 2.5 version, shame they don't do higher
  5. Thanks for your reply @vlaiv I do wear glasses, however not at the eyepiece. I have tried but the view isn't as good being further away. My dominant eye is my left eye, naturally I use this one as the right one gives a bit of a hazy view. Unfortunately my left eye is like a "rugby ball" to quote the optician.
  6. hi all, In a previous post I thought I was experiencing problems with the spider vane creating spikes, this is mostly true. However, I tried doing some observing with my binoculars and was still experiencing the spikes. I booked into the opticians and was told I have astigmatism. Now where do I go from here? What can I do to overcome this problem or was make it easier? Many thanks.
  7. I've hopefully found a good way to do the aperature mask. I've cut down a plastic straw to the size of the stalk, then down the length of it so it will wrap around the stalk. I've cut out 3 penny size circles out of a cereal box and stuck them onto the stalk. Now I've just got to test it out!
  8. I won't be keeping my telescopes in the shed from now on. I will only be do the visual aspect of splitting doubles not the technical type!
  9. Wow! Thanks for explaining that, I fully understand now. By doing the circles on the stalk I will keep most of the aperture and hide the stalk which will lose the diffraction spike, rather than one bigger hole which will hide the stalk but lose alot of aperture aswell as the diffraction spike?
  10. I'm pretty much set on a mak 127. I'm a curious type of person so I'm going to try the aperture mask, the way John has described on Almach and see what difference it makes.
  11. I've been reading and watching YouTube regarding the aperature masks. I like the idea alot. They all seem to do a single hole though. Could you explain in simple terms for a simple mind the way you mean please?
  12. I think the mak is going to be the best option too. How long does the 127 take to cool? I'll be keeping it in a wooden shed.
  13. That looks very professional @fiestazetecmk2 You should put up some plans/parts list OR Start taking orders and start selling them
  14. Unfortunately I would have to include a mount in the budget too I will have to try the aperture mask on the 130p.
  15. So so much to consider! I can narrow down easily with budget. I would say around £500. No apos or big maks then I saw the cr6 in the for sale section and immediately liked it, only problem is with a big refractor comes a heavy mount, im used to a heritage 130p! and its in Wales! This brings me onto the maks and the portability of them. I was looking at the skymax 127 but then heard about the long cool down times. Ideally I would like something easy to grab and go, not have to wait too long for cooling down and to see a good amount of doubles with and for £50
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