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  1. The video grabber came yesterday so I decided to see if it worked. I managed to find the scb2000 under the OEM camera, after playing in the side bar I managed to get a view of the setting menu on the screen. However, I put the scb2000 in the scope but no stars came up onto the screen, I centralized stars into the middle of the eyepiece, I tried to focus using the truss of the heritage 130p, all to no avail. Any ideas?
  2. Hi all, I bought a Samsung scb2000 to use as an eaa observing aid. Last night I got to try it out and the amount of setting up it took was a bit tedious, infact I gave up and just did visual observing instead. However, I saw a meteor and thought how about a more permanent setup for the camera to capture such events. What camera settings would be best to use for this kind of setup and what software would be best to use? Many thanks.
  3. Oh yes, I ordered one of them, I'm still waiting for it to arrive.
  4. I remember reading something about a flip mirror a while ago, i could of done with one last night! I'll put it on my ever growing list.
  5. Yeah it was definitely vega, Venus was around the side of the house at the time. It's a nice clear night now, shame I can't take advantage of it!
  6. A little clear when I got home with Vega sitting a little above the tree line. I decided to try out the samsung scb2000 on my heritage 130p. No tracking yet. Put the settings in for planetary nebula and globular clusters from a list that was given to me in another thread. Now, with no tracking and no focus it took a while to find Vega. I found it in the rdf and then the eye piece, then in went the camera, out went the camera, in went the eyepiece, out went the eyepiece etc, etc. A lot of jigging about later and it kind of looks like a star, if you squint your eyes! However, just as it looked like I was starting to get somewhere the clouds have come over.
  7. Thanks Davy, I shall keep in mind the removal of the ir.
  8. It's all a learning curve, something new to try once the rain stops!
  9. I have ordered the same one that you have linked to, just from a different seller as it was a little cheaper but it's going to arrive sooner too, hopefully by Saturday. Does that mean if I only used a monitor the camera would automatically stack each video on top of each other internally. Example - I set the exposure at 1 second, every second the video stacks on top of the previous, giving a little more detail each time?
  10. My camera has arrived, so has my dc plug and bnc to rca cable. I'm still waiting on the video grabber so that I can play with sharpcap. First of all I had to decapitate the Jack off of the plug and strip the cables to expose some wires, I should of crimped some connectors on at this point but didn't know which size to buy, what size fits? I looped the wires and tightened down the screws. A quick test and the green light at the back illuminated! I then tried simply plugging the rca into the back of the TV but this didn't work, I then put it into a scart that I used for an old Wii console and the camera view came up on the screen. Now apart from learning how to use sharpcap I have the menu system in the samsung to learn too! What's the recommended settings?
  11. I will have to learn how to use sharpcap now, while I wait for my bits and pieces to arrive.
  12. Thanks for all the help. I'm just going to test it first before committing to more stuff.
  13. The things I've read about the near live view is that you can see fainter that your eyes wouldn't be able to see, maybe through light pollution. Is this through simply viewing or stacking images?
  14. This is the camera https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Samsung-SCB-2000-CCTV-Camera-c-w-Lense/264587106120?hash=item3d9a9ed748:g:FeYAAOSww0ZdwSTb#vi__app-cvip-panel I shall order the frame grabber, BBC cable and DC plug. That should be enough to see if it works shouldn't it? I've already ordered a cmount nose which comes with a free 0.5 reducer.
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