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  1. I've had the 105 and 127 Maks before, and can say they are both great scopes. Be sure to invest in (or make) a long dew shield for whichever one you get as they are dew-magnets. If you can afford the larger, go for the larger, but if you go for the 105, it will still serve you well. Nice an compact and easy to use. They can even be collimated fairly easily, once you find the instructions on how to do it! It might need a little longer to cool down to ambient temperature (depending on where you store it and what your ambient observing temperature is) but it shouldn't take too long.
  2. My 831 project is almost finished now. I had the optic looked at by Es Reid, who was very encouraging about it and described it as "sweet"! He cleaned it up and I got it back from him yesterday. In the meantime I had been working on the fixing hardware for the 40mm original finder-scope which I got from the USA last year. (I actually couldn't believe how long I'd been sitting on this not doing anything with it - so I'm glad to have finally "got round to it"!) The brackets were prepped, primed and sprayed with Rustoleum paint to give the wrinkled finish to match the other metal hardw
  3. Sorry to go off-topic slightly, but... does that have Vixen/Celestron optics? And a metal objective call? Do you know how old it is? Have you posted about this scope before? When are you selling it?
  4. As this thread includes "from our Dob history" -and I'm not sure if I shared this on here, here is my long-departed GSO 8" f6 Dob. It started off basic enough, but after a while I stripped it all down, sent the mirrors for Hi-lux coating, sprayed the interior flat black, sprayed the exterior in Peugeot Blaze Yellow, added a "steering knob", added a Skywatcher electric focuser motor (later on I upgraded to a Moonlite with motor drive), added a proper flexi dew-shield, Bob's knobs, uprated collimation springs, had magnetic counter-balance weights instead of the tension-adjuster springs, did
  5. I've had two of these 90mm Evostars in the past (maybe three actually...) and they performed excellently under the stars with well aligned optics. The focusers needed cleaning up and regreasing, but this one's coming with a 2" Crayford already attached so that's (probably) one foible pre-empted. I'm highly optimistic it will be excellent for solar - as long as it's generally a good 'un!
  6. Personally, I think a good refractor with a Herschel wedge (and a Baader Solar Continuum filter on the Wedge's eyepiece holder barrel and variable polariser on the eyepiece) is the best way to view the Sun in white light. I have read that longer focal ratios provide a better image, but I haven't really tested that. I've used f7.5 ED scopes (80mm, 120mm, 100mm) and f9 (100mm) and had great results with them all. I have looked through other people's filtered Maksutovs and found the view quite underwhelming, but that may be because I'm used to what I'm used to, you know? For what it's worth,
  7. Congratulations! I have a 90mm f10 on its way to me for exactly that purpose (and to use with the Quark), and if I can ever pick up a 1.25" HW then I'll be using my Swift 77mm f12.9 (proper classic!) for that job too!
  8. White bracket for Skywatcher 30mm finder-scope. New and unused. O-ring still attached/included. £10 including postage. Buyer pays Paypal fees.
  9. I'm afraid it's not something I have any experience of. If my garden wasn't surrounded by bright street-lights I might have done it myself, but not worth it for me. I do have a freind who set up their ETX permanently on a pier in the garden and installed a tool storage box over the top of it so it just had to be unfolded open to be used. It was VERY weatherproof, especially with a secondary lining of a tarpaulin over the top of the system inside the "box". He set his up so that apart from opening it up it could all be fully controlled remotely from inside!
  10. Is a permanent setup an option? Maybe a pier in the garden with mount head fixed and aligned on it and with a weatherproof cover on it until it's needed? It seems a shame to have one's "dream setup" and then find that some aspect of it is preventing you from getting enjoyment from it. I know for me too carrying heavy stuff around is one of the major downfalls in the hobby. Ant
  11. This may sound pointless, but... if I was a lot closer I'd have grabbed that. Value for money is amazing, and it is a very versatile scope. White light, H-alpha solar, widefield, high power. Stop it down and change the f-ratio, add a Semi-Apo filter... I kinda miss mine Good luck with the sale.
  12. Alternatively I'd also be interested in an ST80 (I know, right?) Ant
  13. Selling this nice Seben 8-24mm Zoom. Complete with the original screw-top storage container. All in excellent condition. Hardly used. I think I'm just not a zoom-fan hence sale! Asking £45 including postage in UK.
  14. You may be remembering the ad for the gold ED120? Withdrawn now, but thanks anyway
  15. Hi. Looking for an old gold or blue tubed ED100, or a good 90mm or 100mm f10 achro OTA, AR127L, 120mm f8.3 achro, or something similar to the above. No fast APO's need apply! Aesthetics less important than good optics. 2" focuser prefered, but if you're looking to move an old abandoned 90mm-100mm ish 'frac, please let me know. Cheers! Ant
  16. Yes! Spotted first in my Lunt and thought it was so amazing I set up the Tak with Quark. Most amazing views today. So much structure. Wasn't expecting it: a nice surprise for today (day off)!
  17. Hi. Looking to get a small amount of paint made up to match the paint on my old Swift 831, and wondering how to go about it and who would be the best people to approach. Have any of you done this in the past and how did it go for you?
  18. Astroboot often have things like this up for grabs (and lots of other useful little bits n bobs that you didn't know you needed until you see them....) https://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot Ant
  19. Hi all. I would like recommendations for a company or individual who would be able to assess (and adjust if necessary) and clean a refractor objective lens for me. I have had lenses cleaned by Orion Optics in the past and they did a pretty good job, but to get them to assess/adjust would be quite pricey. The scope objective in question is a Swift 831 77mm achromatic doublet. Any recommendations gratefully received! Ant
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