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  1. I'm looking for a Skytee-II or TS AZ-5 mount head. No tripod needed. Or something similar that's heavy duty, alt-az and has slow motions built in. Thanks! Ant
  2. Two items for sale. One Vixen 22mm Plossl complete with bolt case. In good used (?) condition, with a smattering of dust and marks on the barrel. Performs well though. £30 Unbranded Red Dot Finder with curved base. Works well, battery included! £10 £30 for the eyepiece, £10 for the RDF - take both for £40! BOTH SOLD NOW Ant
  3. Thanks to your advice, I decided I'd prefer a tele-extender over a Barlow this time round, but with the Meade and ES ones being hard to find, I have ordered an "Altair Astro 2x 1.25" Flat Field Extender Barlow" (phew - that's a mouthful!) It looks pretty similar to the ES extender (which in turn seems to be identical to the Meade, so we'll see how it turns out) Cheers!
  4. Thank you guys for the very useful info so far!
  5. I asked the seller that already. Got no response....
  6. Hi! I'm sure this has been discussed already, but things do change. If this thread is redundant, please remove or direct me to the appropriate thread. I am out of touch with Barlows. To be honest, I've never had much experience with them. I think I had a Meade Shorty 2x back when I started, and currently have a 2" Revelation ED which I've had for a while. I'm interested in getting a 1.25" 2x BArlow or tele-extender for several purposes: to make it easier to attain high magnifications with my Tak FC100, and to do the same job in my other scopes that are limited to a 1.25" diagona
  7. ADM Quick Release Finder bracket mounting foot, with attachment bolts, used but in great condition. £48 new, asking for £30 NOW SOLD! Ant
  8. Takahashi 6x30 finder bracket in "older" green not the "newer" green-blue. Hope the pics are good enough to show. Used but in excellent condition. Attachment bolts included. £30 + post (NB finder-scope not included) NOW SOLD Ant
  9. An oldie but goodie - my Swift 839. 60mm f13.5. It now serves on my modified AZ-3 mount, though I have the original EQ mount and storeage box (courtesy of PhilJ)
  10. The coldest I've been out observing in was -13'c, but that was about 25 years ago, when I was....about....25 years younger! The cold didn't seem to bite so much then, but now I feel it a lot more keenly. That was a great night though. Up until that night, I hadn't seen the Horsehead Nebula in a 90mm scope! I didn't that night either, and I still haven't and I never will. I'm just saying lol
  11. 2" Diagonal 2" Diagonal The 2" has no branding on it and I can't remember 100% where I got it, but I think it may be a GSO or similar. It has some small flecks of dust on the mirror but is otherwise in excellent condition. 1.25" reducer and caps included. It may have dielectric coating or it may be a high reflectivity 99% one - I honestly can't remember which, but those are the ones I usually bought back when I would have got this. 2" Asking £60 ono. NB - readvertised due to a change of plans.
  12. If that's the case, and you won't be carrying the mount and scope around to set it up and take it down, go for the ED120. At f7.5 it has everything from widefield to high-power capability. "Big" refractors give views that are very special. Your experience with the Helios 8" Dob will have shown you what you can expect in terms of medium aperture light grasp, but when looking through a 5" refractor you'll see an increase in Contrast, if not in actual detail that can be resolved. The enhanced contrast "can" make it appear that there is more detail visible, and it's also worth mentioning that usua
  13. Not at all surprising! A lot of us have multiple Orthoscopics specifically for lunar and planetary views. Why? Because they're so good at it! Really really dedicated planetary perfectionists use monocentrics, but I've never tried one and 30 degree afov... nah, I'm quite happy with my more-versatile Ortho's! Ant
  14. As I've owned several of all these EDs.... They're all great. The only concern is light grasp and expectations. The 80mm is very nice. It excels as a portable or quick-trip telescope, and has the oomph to do low power wide field right up to planetary at 200x, all with virtually zero false colour and great optical quality. The 100mm is very nice too. It excels as a portable or quick-trip telescope, and has the oomph to do low power wide field right up to planetary at 200x, all with virtually zero false colour and great optical quality. It will show a bit more detail and woul
  15. Not needed now. Posted needlessly due to case of equipment acquisition hyperactivity!
  16. Hi. Looking for a Skywatcher or similar R&P focuser to fit 90mm refractor (Evostar, Celestron etc). I don;t mind "fixing it up" if it needs work. Let me know if you have anything suitable, thanks! Ant
  17. That looks like an excellent scope for white light solar or h-alpha viewing too. Sorry - I'm not nearby at all or I would be seriously tempted, but just had to comment because I love (and laughed at) "gentleness on eyepieces"! Great price!
  18. I've had several Meade S4k eyepieces, and still have their 6.7mm UWA, which is a very good eyepiece. It's one of my longest surviving eyepieces and sees regular use, usually after using the 13mm Nagler. I owned the 14mm UWA too and it was very good, and was one of my earliest ultra wide angle eyepieces, but I think I disliked the weight and bulk, if I remember correctly. Very nicely made though and I do remember having excellent views through it. The S4k Plossls are good workhorses. Probably very similar to smoothside TeleVue Plossls of the same era, or maybe a tiny tad behind them b
  19. 1. Consolidate my kit to stuff that I actually use and enjoy using. (this means 1.25" as much as possible and if I can't tweak something until it works as I want - it goes) 2. Try and take a scope out at least once a week through the winter, even if the forecast is variable. A quick look is better than no look. 3. er... concentrate on #1 and #2!
  20. FWIW I've had several, which I tidied up and sold on to beginners, and they all performed really well - better than I expected.
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