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  1. Excellent Rob, I'm glad it's been of use.
  2. Glad it worked Greg, the eyepiece is too good to throw away.
  3. The click comes from a tiny ball bearing on a spring in the body of the eyepiece, mine popped out and disappeared when I took it apart. Immediately below the collar you just got off, the main body has a narrow grip round it with a bevelled edge, the bevel and the grip sections are screwed together so you have to hold each one and twist them to undo the thread. Once the bevelled piece comes free the grip section will slide down the main body revealing 3 grub screws. Loosen these and the inner workings should be free to slide out of the body. Disclaimer - this is from memory so might not be totally accurate, take it easy and you should be fine.
  4. On mine that sheath comes off quite easily Greg, it's just a thin aluminium (aluminum to you? ) cover basically for the inner section and isn't fixed in place at all. If you hold the main body and the sheath and rotate the two you should be able to rotate it off.
  5. Thanks to FLO for superb service, ordered a polarscope yesterday and had it delivered this morning first thing.
  6. Har Har might be true though...
  7. Done, 12.5k plus when I signed.
  8. Tomorrow Aldi are selling sets of 4 75mm castors for £9.99
  9. My thoughts are - I'm in awe of your skill emadmoussa, really nice job there.
  10. Kitchen cupboard handles maybe?
  11. Move it in a bit if you can but also check to see that the pst is square to the front element and centered.
  12. Ditto ^^^
  13. Some time ago in an attempt to get a camera to focus I cut down the (earlier version non removable) eyepiece holder on my PST by about 10mm and also cut down the nose piece on the camera to bring the two closer together, It worked well but I've not had a chance to use it since I TAL modded.
  14. Remote releases for the 300d are very easy to make if you have a maplin like shop nearby and can solder, I made one years ago from instructions on t'web.
  15. Ingenious solution, there are still loads of 300D cameras out there and small AV input monitor screens can be very cheap on eBay.