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  1. Thanks Anne, 6.3 but that only applies to direct control of the mount. Firmware update and the Starfi don't use it. I'm arranging for Altair to check/test the handset so hopefully I'll have some good news soon.
  2. For reference, this is the wiring diagram iOptron sent me today.
  3. Update to the update. I decided to go ahead and figure out the wiring for the Starfi myself Diagram below for anyone who might need it. The Starfi cannot see the mount either though so it must be a faulty port on the handset.
  4. update - iOptron support (who will only answer one email a day no matter when it's sent) suggested using an FDTI chipset cable so I bought a new one of those but it BSODs the instant it's plugged in on Win10 the same as the old one did. I have one option left, I've ordered a pci card to add serial ports directly to the PC. If that doesn't work I think the handset must be faulty. The iOptron Starfi wifi adaptor arrived and it doesn't work with my iOptron mount either without an 'optional' USB to RJ cable linked to a separate power supply. Naturally no-one in the UK has stock, iOptron want
  5. Yep, tested every lead umpteen times. I'm beginning to think I may have a duff handset, though it works solo nothing will connect to it via the port. I think I missed the delivery of the skyfi today, if it is that I'll pick it up and try connecting it, that will be a completely different set of cables and equipment, a good test.
  6. Ronin, I'm not sure now that they are discontinuing it, only one supplier seems to have listed that. It's possible that they are just waiting for the next batch from China so unless you find a suitable substitute meantime just keep an eye out. Anne, thanks I emailed them as well yesterday, don't expect an answer till tomorrow at the earliest though. /Edit - tried everything I can think of with port speeds and settings, no luck. Also tried iOptron commander and it can't see the handset at all so I'll need to wait for support to get back to me and hope they have some ideas.
  7. Actually the port speed is a possibility I hadn't though of, thanks for that. There is a specific smarteq firmware listed and one of the improvements is for skyfi connection which I hope to be using. I don't have the skyfi adaptor yet so I may not need to upgrade but as with all new things you like to fiddle (or at least I do...) and of course it's been constant grey skies since it arrived I managed to find mine at Green Witch after much hunting but it was the last one in stock (show model), Lee gave me a good deal on it and I suspect it's being discontinued. It's ideal for my needs thoug
  8. I got a new iOptron Smarteq Pro this week and have been trying to upgrade the handset firmware without success. I'm wondering if anyone who has managed a firmware upgrade on any iOptron could tell me what usb/serial adaptor they used (if you did use one). My issue is that I can't connect to the handset, the upgrade utility tries to connect and fails every time. I've tried different PCs (Win10 and older XP) with different RJ9-DB9 leads including one I made myself so I'm left with the USB-Serial adaptor, there are different chipsets and I've tried with two kinds, PL2303 and an older FTDI l
  9. Excellent Rob, I'm glad it's been of use.
  10. Glad it worked Greg, the eyepiece is too good to throw away.
  11. The click comes from a tiny ball bearing on a spring in the body of the eyepiece, mine popped out and disappeared when I took it apart. Immediately below the collar you just got off, the main body has a narrow grip round it with a bevelled edge, the bevel and the grip sections are screwed together so you have to hold each one and twist them to undo the thread. Once the bevelled piece comes free the grip section will slide down the main body revealing 3 grub screws. Loosen these and the inner workings should be free to slide out of the body. Disclaimer - this is from memory so might not be tota
  12. On mine that sheath comes off quite easily Greg, it's just a thin aluminium (aluminum to you? ) cover basically for the inner section and isn't fixed in place at all. If you hold the main body and the sheath and rotate the two you should be able to rotate it off.
  13. Thanks to FLO for superb service, ordered a polarscope yesterday and had it delivered this morning first thing.
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