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  1. So guess what happened tonight? Laptop played silly games. I didn't realise the trial version on backyard Nikon required an internet connection, maybe it says somewhere? But I didn't see it. I fully intended in buying it anyway however why buy sooner than required? Because the trial very needs internet connectivity that's why! Heh! So thankfully I had the mobile with qDSLR to so got a timed shooting session however I now fully understand and appreciate @kendg's advice, if I hadn't had my phone.....ruined night..... Just so you know I wandered upto the Crete observatory and tapped on
  2. For a whole £13 I suppose it's not exactly going to break the bank to keep it on me just in case (breaking the bank comes when I get hooked). It would also save on battery as I'd normally use qDSLR for that if I didn't have my laptop which drains phone and camera battery using WiFi. Thanks for the heads up, I'd hate to have ruined a night because the laptop is playing silly games.
  3. Thanks for your insight, so currently my main goal is to work out my goal, if that makes sense. I think my main interest it in nebulas using a scope with a ccd or DSLR on an eq mount (I'm a bit of a techy so it'll all be computerised ofc), I have a friend on these forums who is helping me alot with the required kit; I just need a mount and I'm looking at/for a heq5pro. This should give me a good starter setup which if I find I'm not enjoying the cold nights and endless hours of setup then hopefully no harm done. There is also the fact that this could get very expensive very quick if I get
  4. So intend to use backyard Nikon or qDSLR to act as a remote intervalometer either over cable or WiFi, is there any reason to use a dedicated one? Thanks for all the feedback so far.
  5. Hi All, As per my welcome thread, I'm rather new at Astro photography but not to photography in general as I've been taking photographs of a ether bands for a while. As this is a rather new area I've pretty much visited the forums to get general comparisons and advice as well as dedicated photography forums, I'd appreciate if anyone could give me some pointers on the initial kit I have and if there is any way I could improve it or even use it more affectivly. My main aim is for this to be a "mobile" setup which is currently ~21KG mainly due to camera kit weight and tripod.
  6. qisback


    /me waves Hi all, I've hovered for a while but have now signed up. I've been an amateur photographer for a while and run with a D7200. About 2 years ago I went to Crete saw how clear the sky was in the middle of the mountains and took some photos, being somewhat hooked the following year I brought one of my tripods along and started increasing the exposure time remotely with qDSLR. This year I've decided to give it a fairly serious attempt so have bought a Manfrotto 055XPro3, star adventurer and a pole master along with a load of USB cables and 2.8Ah USB battery to run it. I le
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