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  1. Nice advice from everybody. I wish to get that book, "Make every Photon counts", i do use FLO and they have it, but unfortunately they don't ship this book out of UK, at least not to my country. I asked about the scope 130PDS on another forum or site and funny they aren't interested much on newt or reflectors much for AP, and here this scope is becoming like a popular newt or reflector scope, so i really don't know who i should follow or trust.
  2. Autoguiding - in which way

    I asked about guiding too but couldn't find a clear answer myself, so i went with things slowly and i am still going. First, i bought a finder scope, which is ZWO 60mm, then i ordered QHY5L-II-M, luckily i found it cheap price but with free shipping, so the only thing is left or lack is to buy an OAG just in case, not sure which but maybe one day i get something proper to use, and i am not in rush, i tried to take 300sec subs before without guiding and it wasn't good but close to be good, not sure if it was due to polar alignment, but being close to be good means if i can go guiding and check out PA accuracy then i can go even longer than 300sec, but very recently some told me to stay with something like 30-60 seconds only, if longer than 2 minutes maximum, if that is so then i don't need a big guiding tools, QHY5 is a nice camera really, and this ZWO 60mm finder is a reliable one even i didn't use it for guiding yet. Take your time,, i keep reading everywhere and taking like 1-2 months or even more for one item or more, because i try to buy things once, even with not top or high end i try to have something that are quality-like equipment as possible, i skipped AVX and EQ5 and went with EQ6 from beginning, i can't go to Paramount or Astro-physics mounts due to price, also i can't buy Takahashi scope but it doesn't mean i will buy a $400-800 scope as will, i bought ST80 for practice and i can ne ready for a scope that is about $1500-2000, so i try to be in the middle for equipment if possible.
  3. New to astronomy

    Hi Lobo, welcome to the forum! I don't know what i can say, but i am new here, and i started this year. I do have Canon DSLRs including 1DX and older models such as 1Ds3 and 1D3 and even 1Ds2 and 5D classic, but i knew that those will be just fine but not mind blowing results until i can really modify one of them and start to use filters, and i do live in a light pollution urban so many advised me to go narrowbanding which is expensive, but i have to if i want quality. As folks told you, you must get a mount, EQ type, i started this year and i didn't try to save much and i got AZ-EQ6 brand new, i wanted a mount that can last for 2-3 years rather than a mount that last for about 6 months if i start using it, AVX and EQ5 are good mounts but have limitations, even my AZ-EQ6 has limitations but its limitations is less than AVX/EQ5, so it can last slightly longer. Once you buy the mount then other things will come smoothly, you will know which dovetail to buy, you will know which adapter, you will know which equipment to load on that mount because you will be given the payload capacity, if you think about accessories now you may end up not using something due to wrong choice or not compatible with mount or it is not enough, i bought the mount first, and because the price was high so i bought Skywatcher ST80 to start with until one day my budget recovers, then i can afford a better scope that can be handled on the mount. Many told me to learn the sky, so you will have an idea what do you want to shoot, and maybe it can tell you the limitation of your DSLR upon different targets, but if you are wealthy or lucky enough then the best way to do is buy the mount first, and then buy a cooled astro mono camera then slowly add filters, you will be amazed with what you can get, you can use your Canon lenses first then later add a proper telescope. Books are nice, add to that some videos too, both will put you on track, i keep going and hope sooner or later i can get there, you said you are a semi pro photographer, so that will help you in this journey. Good luck and clear skies!
  4. I have to read more about Atik filter wheel system then, as i see many are happy with ZWO and QHY filter wheels already, i doubt if they have issues then they will keep using it, and rarely i did hear Atik filter wheel anywhere, maybe because more expensive? i am not in rush, someone who has knowledge about equipment suggested i just stay with same manufacturer of the camera, he knew about other brands, he won't say that if he knew a better option out there, even him don't use Atik filter wheel for his ASI1600MM-C, so i will research about it or ask about it more wider in forums, and i agree to get a right thing from beginning if allowed with budget and never look back, absolutely right, but we most of that time it should be as this "You get what you can only pay, just keep wishing or dreaming".
  5. I started with what i have, but the budget can't wait longer once i get it, and i better have something now before i wish if i have budget then wait longer for something to buy, for example i waited long enough to have a guiding camera and a PoleMaster, if i had them earlier before then i was already started much earlier, so with all accessories i mentioned, they can be used one way or another, maybe not now or today, but later when i buy more or upgrade something, and sometimes i can start with cheaper second item before the main expensive one that to be used with second item, if i bought a planetary camera now it doesn't mean it is pointless because i don't have a planetary scope, it is just i have to keep the camera until i get the scope, but if i buy the scope then i will wait until i can afford the camera maybe to use with the scope, so the waiting is almost the same in both cases, the difference is, now i can afford the camera not the scope, later when i can afford the scope i won't have enough left for the camera itself.
  6. I understand this point very well, Want/Drool is always something pulling us over let's say "Need/necessity". Well, 5X isn't a big deal, i added only because i found a store few months ago and they have TeleVue Barlow at nice price with free shipping, but they have only 3 Barlow lenses from TV, 2.5X, 4X which is much pricey, and 5X which is same price as 2.5X, so i was thinking to buy it now before it is gone and then i may need it from another site more expensive and no free shipping, and most likely i want to use it for imaging in planetary more than using it for visual, i did see some images done with 5X Barlow, wasn't bad actually, i do have cheap 2X Barlow that came with my ST80, so i am not in rush to replace it with another 2X yet. And now you are focusing on Barlow only. Thanks, Tareq
  7. So from all those you put this scope as top list? i didn't mention coma corrector because when i will buy this 130PDS then automatically i will buy a coma corrector and a collimator for any issues i may face and to have best performance, not in rush as i will see what others will see about other items too.
  8. Maybe yes, but that Atik filter wheel is much expensive than ZWO or QHY filter wheel, is it worthy over them anyway for any reason.
  9. The signature told you what i have, but sounds i need to update it a bit, for example i do have QHY5L-II-M for guiding. ST80 is only i have, QHY163M is my main DSO camera, and it is a mono and i don't prefer a mono for planetary for some reasons i did read, i have Canon lenses such as 300 2.8IS mk1, 100-400mk1, 135L, 70-200 2.8 mkII. Anything else i can tell you if you need.
  10. Hey all, I am started to recover slowly these days, and good news is that i am expecting money/budget [do you say some before those words], soon, then i have many plans in my head but i have to choose wisely what i should get next, but nothing as a big buy yet, so i am still with accessories now. Now, i have items i would like to buy this month and next month, but i can't tell which are most important to get first or which i can delay for later, i know here people have experience with all items in my head so they can give me a better advise or opinion which helps my decision. The following are the items i would like to get sooner than later within this month and next: 1. LRGB filters, i may add OIII but i am not in rush for it yet. 2. Filter wheel, should i go with QHY or ZWO for my QHY163M? 3. 2" eyepiece, not sure which one, but sounds something for wide view. 4. OAG, also not sure which, but something good that i can use for different scopes i the future such as 80-120mm refractor and 10-11" SCT maybe. 5. Televue 5X Barlow [not important, but the price is good and maybe i can use it one day] 6. Books, not sure which, but something to read sometimes when needed. 7. Camera color for planetary, either 224 or 290 or waiting that ZWO new camera as big brother of 224? i don't have a planetary scope now, so maybe this item shouldn't be list? 8. Skywatcher 130PDS, not a big deal as am still thinking about either a refractor and/or 10"+ scope, but everywhere i tell people about i have ST80 then all telling me get another scope, this 130PDS is the cheapest an overall scope i could find, and with it i may put the above item which is planetary camera into choices. 9. Additional accessories as adapters or dovetails to help fixing and installing main items as cameras or scopes for better performance and better safety, not sure which of them to buy though. 10. Anything else i don't know about or never hear about that is affordable and necessary? With above items, i am trying to keep or limit my budget this month to around $1000-1250, next month i can add about $200-400, so consider it as total price around min: $1200 - max: $1650 for 2 months, what will be your suggestion/recommendation?
  11. Without a budget range it is difficult. Can't you wait longer? Can you save? I started this year, haven't good budget, not even for a good cheap mount, but i kept waiting and saving, then i started to buy items one by one, not in rush at all, i was going to buy AVX as starter, but in another forum they suggested me slowly to go with EQ5, then slowly i looked at EQ6, i knew i am going higher with money so i tried to limit myself, even with EQ6 they told me it is not the high top end one yet, i ended up with AZ-EQ6 because i wanted AZ for visual and EQ6 has slightly more load than EQ5, it is an expensive mount for sure, but looking at it as overall i think i did a good choice, no regret here, AZ-EQ5 also a good choice, but if you can save you can go with HEQ5 at least, and buy a mount with a motor rather than adding it later, you may save this way better. If you will use a DSLR then definitely a T adapter/ring, also there are dovetails for DSLR, but i thought you mount a scope or lens not a camera, unless you buy a mount that using camera to be mounted, i don't mount any of my camera on my mount, only scope or lens. Don't think too much about accessories now, i was thinking the same, but at the end the main things are things that you will always use such as the mount itself, a camera whatever, and an optic either a scope or lens, if you combine them with cables to be connected to computer or storage/data acquisition device then you are almost done, later you can add more accessories such as filters, extensions, filter wheel, ...etc. Good luck in your falling down in the Rabbit Hole, it will be dark enough there so you can take images of sky, just i hope it will be clear, hehehe Tareq
  12. HEQ5 mains power supply

    Funny that i asked about a power adapter converter few days ago, and i stumbled upon something similar to that from eBay, it was 2A, and someone just told me it is not enough power and corrected me with something else, and i forgot to order it that time, maybe i will do it tomorrow i hope.
  13. Skywatcher Explorer scopes

    So maybe one day soon i will buy it.
  14. What is a dark site ?

    I don'k know if i wish to have a dark site or not just because i am starting to do AP, but i really don't like to be in a very dark sites, i was like that twice, once in Scotland in specific in Sterling, and second in New Zealand more than one spot, back then i was just into terrestrial photography and astro wasn't much into my head, now i feel i wish if i was there with my gear. I do live in a bad or severe or heavy light pollution area or urban, and driving miles away isn't in my plan at all anytime, so all my hope is that one day my government can find a solution for street lights, my house is in red zone but the area itself isn't really that shiny lit as a center of a big city, so this is giving me like an opportunity to detect something in the sky, now i can see very bright stars easily in the best nights or moon-less nights, even in some full-moon nights if the air is transparent or no haze/dew/humidity then i can see bright stars even next to the full moon, so it is all about how bad the lights around my area and how good the sky transparency i think, and i am trying to adapt my eyes to the darkness, but i still think i can't go far much with my eyesight to watch some interesting targets, for now i am happy that i can see stars of nebulae or targets that many like to shoot, if not then at least i know where they are and i just point my scope on mount there and start getting exposures, i will try to make astrophotography overcoming visual plan for me. My question is, this thread or topic asking about what is a dark site, and my question is, for what is the dark site needed? and my concerning is either visual or astrophotography, and dark site is always winning ofcourse for anything astronomy except the sun[or something else in day light time], but how dark is dark enough for the astrophotography anyway if someone can use camera without filters then?
  15. Here comes winter! M42 quickie

    What a great image, no wonder why they call that region the great Orion nebula then. One day i hope to modify one of my DSLRs so i can use it to process quicker, rather than using mono and filters, but if i have time to learn and practice i am sure the mono with filters i use will outperforms any DSLR modified [unless the modification is done to surpass mono astro camera + filters, which will cost even more than mono camera with filter and accessories].