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  1. Hi Emil, Sorry i didn't see your post earlier, but it is ok to bring this topic back to life, i appreciate it and happy with it, Yes, i am still using my QHY163M with this filter wheel model, but i only connect it with USB cable to laptop, not with 4-pin cable as i failed to make it before, so i decided i will stay with on solution, and Robin sent me another cable for free although it shouldn't be just to test, but i really didn't try that yet and maybe not at all, i bought a power box device so i connect almost all to that box, including the cable from QHY filter wheel, and i think i will be happy with that, it always go to the correct filter and no issues, only issue once because i did tighten the screws internal too much which prevent from rotating smoothly. I will try again for 4-pin cable, but i feel like it will give me headache more, and i don't want to depend on half solutions while i am imaging, so the safe thing for me is to connect to USB port separately rather than from camera, ZWO is different story.
  2. Easy, go bigger for anything not just the lens, you will know that you will be in safe side always, i didn't process my image yet to see if i can see much bad vignetting, but i don't have Samyang 135mm lens actually.
  3. That is one main reason i ask, because it sounds there is a filter set that has a gap between two bands maybe, and another filter set that has less extended into blue/UV bands.
  4. Not silly question, but i didn't or couldn't understand it, hope others can and answer it.
  5. That is exactly why i asked, for narrowbanding i already completed the set of NB with Astrodon/Chroma Ha/OIII/SII, so now only left LRGB, and i can see that all LRGB brands or makers are doing great these days really, so i don't want to pay more and not have that difference in cost performance really, my scopes are getting better by the time so that will definitely hide the difference really.
  6. Good for you, i have Astrodon/Chroma Ha/OIII/SII set in the filter wheel, so i hope to get good LRGB set too, Baader is nice, or same my NB will be also nice, Astronomik and Optolong aer nice too, so as i said, everyone will swear about what they are using in hand because they didn't use different brands, i have 2 sets of the same maker, and both are nice, but one set is complete at 36mm with NB too, and another set it is for planetary only and it is doing great, now i only one one last set for my 1-1/4 NB set i have, and i keep thinking about trying something else than what i already have although it is great, and for now the only three in my mind are: Astrodon, Chroma and Astronomik, there is one new maker in the marker, but i am not thinking about their LRGB set, i will go with their NB set i believe.
  7. I can say i am happy with my set also, but that is not a fact then, i think all LRGB sets mostly are good, even new ZWO LRGB filters, but i try to keep that statement aside for choices. Yes, i have Astrodon/Chroma in filter wheel with 1-1/4 size, so want to complete it with LRGB at same size too.
  8. Actually, i want that LRGB filters set inside filter wheel next to Astrodon Ha 5nm and Chroma OIII/SII 3nm all 1.25" sizes, but i always take all people reviews or experiences, someone who is using Astrodon for years just recently gave up his Astrodon and stayed with Astronomik for one setup he has, he said it gave him better dealing with colors than Astrodon, he is good imagers, i don't think he is doing a mistake to give up Astrodon without a reason and i can't say it is only his fault and not filters, but i want to learn more as i don't want to end up paying more for not so much gain anyway, Chroma is less than Astrodon these days and they are both in same level of quality, but to have another set to par with them and even cheaper than both?!!!
  9. Of course to do LRGB imaging. For now i have ST80, 8" F/5 Newt and 6" F/4 Newt, i ordered a triplet 90mm but that will be available and shipped next year. Camera i have QHY163M and ASI1600MM-C Pro also for now.
  10. Hi all,As the title said, very simple, which RGB filters set to buy? There are many, and most are good anyway, but i want to buy something and never look back, everyone will recommend something and swear by it, but i can't say what will be my experience or impression about it, so i want to make sure that i have one set that will last for years and no issues, and i am under Bortle 7/8 sky.
  11. The site i don't use it, so i will try to find those from somewhere else, but that Bresser 8" f/4 isn't a good choice, it is not lightweight much to have both on my mount.
  12. What a coincidence, 130 pages for 130PDS [or should we say 130PGS], it will take long time for me scrolling back in pages to see images with cooled mono and filter wheel. I think i will keep searching, and i will read some pages here and hopefully to see more images with camera and filter wheel, but i think it will force me that if i buy two 130PDS then i have to replace both focusers too, that will add additional costs to it when i can have something ready or buy one scope only of what i have.
  13. So your comment is not a final confirmation then about it, i still can go with it for that reason, money isn't a big issue, my 6" F4 wasn't expensive anyway, and between buying another 6" F/4 or even 8" F/5 then any will be cheaper for me than two 130PDS, right? Thank you very much
  14. Hello AstroRookie, Thank you very much for your answer. As much i like F/4, i just don't want to buy any different scope than what i have, i am trying to do dual imaging system, and the best way i can do that is the match two scopes exactly together, some will say you can use two different scopes, if that so then i can use my 6" with 8" then, but both are different, so i want to use two same scopes with two mono cameras i have which are the same in specifications [QHY163M and ASI1600MM-C], i don't know why people keep pushing me away from dual imaging system and even for that they never try to suggest me any two same exact scopes of any type/size. I have no problem with collimation, maybe with f/4 a bit but not a big deal, and later i will buy a high end collimator then i will never worry or look back. Regards, TareqPhoto
  15. I can change and upgrade the focuser, but as you mentioned i am just worried that even with that it is still not perfect, i feel like the mono camera and EFW for example is as heavy if not more as the scope itself, so i am not sure going with 130PDS to use a mono and filter wheel will be a good idea, i will wait more reviews or impression from some if they did it, but for now i am not gonna think about 130PDS as an option for my two mono cameras and two filter wheels.
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