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  1. Changes in plan, i decided to go with Zambuto mirror after all, and i think i will go with the quartz option as i don't want any surprises with weather/conditions any time, Zambuto wanted or suggested i go with Supermax version to save the cost, but when i told him about conditions then he agreed about Quartz finally, if i will pay it once then better make it the best even it is too much, if i will pay over $7000 anyway then $1000-2000 difference isn't gonna change the worse, the waste will happen no matter, and i will buy it for lifetime, so i am ready later to pay more to have a mirror with less headaches, not only about quality anyway. Zambuto mirror of quartz will take nearly 10 months more or less, so until 10 months or 1 year i can try to save for it monthly or every 2 months period, i hope i can get the budget fully made next year, i can start with a down-payment as he said to secure the making, but i prefer to have something like 40-50% of the total cost in my hand or sooner than later then i can think about saving, the dob structure will be ready within 2-3 months not a problem, the person told me he wanted the details about the primary mirror and he already had the secondary mirror model so he can resume and finish the design, later i can get the mirror and install it myself.
  2. Hopefully i can find [if can't build] a stable sturdy effective safe trolley to be used with my upcoming dob with is 20".
  3. No answer because there will be no one adequate answer, if you want replies they will give you too many answers. First, have to know that aperture is aperture no matter what people will tell you about the scope design itself or type, so 16" is definitely larger than 11", and you can manage some factors and other factors like seeing isn't in your hand, but between 16" and 11" i will blindly choose 16" and don't listen to those who will tell you that 11" SCT is very portable and capable, yes, but i want 16" aperture not 11", this is my simple answer. You can shoot with 16" Dob, i saw that on the net only, i myself decided to go with 20" customized design and later i will add mount or platform, you can use this 16" for visual perfectly, and it is Goto then it can be enough for a while, and if you plan to do planetary imaging then it is also an amazing scope, maybe goto isn't too much for planetary, but you can manage it somehow, and i advise you if you buy one of those then just buy ZWO planetary camera, 11" SCT or 16" Dob are amazing for planets and the moon.
  4. Thank you! Why Tenerife? What makes you to mentioned it upon another places around the world?
  5. Finally i decided to go with larger scope, it is a 20" Dobsonian, so i talked with a person who is willing to design or make the structure for me at very reasonable price, i feel happy for that as i was thinking i will only go with either 16" or 18" dob anyway, but with his prices i felt like 20" is now possible. The only thing that is stopping the making to go through is that i have to decide on which primary mirror to use, secondary mirror is already chosen and let's say it will be purchased soon next month hopefully, but i keep thinking about primary mirrors, and i asked in another forum and i've got all answers, but i also waiting a budget that can be a factor for me to which mirror i can go, i don't want to go with cheapest mirrors such as GSO one, but i can't just say i can afford the highest quality such as Zambuto, but the more i wait the more i feel like i really want to go with Zambuto and never look back, the scope will be like my most used ultimate one, so i don't mind to use the best highest quality i can find for it, and sounds Zambuto is that name for it. The scope will be mainly for planetary imaging, but i decided to make this Dob for main visual too, DSO and planetary, and for that i really think the best quality mirror is a must, but i shouldn't forget about another accessories i may need for it as well, collimation i will buy something worthy, coma corrector most likely for visual i don't mind coma and for planetary i will be using Powermate so coma isn't an issue, but i am thinking about finders or guiding if i need those, also what is the best option to go with, EQ platform or an EQ mount that can handle minimum 100KG if possible, also dew shield and shroud, so i want to know everything i may need once i get that 20" Dob in my place, i want to be ready for anything possible, i will try to see if i can buy or build something like a shed for it so i don't need to move it a round a lot, i will not transport or travel with this dob out of my yard even for darkest sites, but the person said he will make the design based on the Ultra Compact design, so maybe it can be tearing down for transport, so the possible is there, but until that, i won't take it out of my yard any soon. Can't wait to have that scope, waiting that budget really, and i hope it is a great budget so i can try to accelerate the making of it to get it soon, typically it will take 3-5 months either for the structure itself or the primary mirror, so i know this year i won't have it, but by next year before the planets are out up again i want to have this scope and get ready to visual and imaging.
  6. Same here, the moon is my top favorite target to be honest, in fact because of the moon people respected me and liked my images more even i have crap or junkie planets results, the moon helped me to improve significantly in planetary imaging.
  7. Thank you very much, this is so sweet to read your post, and it is nothing for me to share with you as you share with others and i get inspired as well.
  8. WOW, what a cool nice words! I will think about having this image as a cover picture maybe if i will print a book or make an album for myself, for me i feel like i have to work more with my scopes and this camera on planetary and the moon. Thank you very much
  9. Why people afraid or scared to do lunar, it is really beautiful. Thanks
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