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  1. M27

    Ok, nice, thank you very much for answering me and gave me details.
  2. M27

    So which scope and which mount and which camera/filters you used for this image? Nicely done, not sure if i prefer it like this with the green color or with the blue color of other images, but still nice, well done!
  3. Congratulations on your mount, but you will regret it sooner or later, i have EQ6 and i feel it is still at low level, i am kidding, you have fun with it and hope to see results with or by your new gear!
  4. I am so happy that i say Jupiter and Saturn for the first time ever in my life and also my daughter [i don't remember my other daughter saw them with us], so i hope by next year i will be busy in visual and imaging of planets more and more, but i understand the feeling of seeing those planets through the scopes, very exciting!
  5. I am too late into this astronomy, i hope this year or at most by next year i will have the gear ready, then i can wait Saturn, this year i viewed Saturn few times but very very tiny due to my small refra, i did image it with a Canon lens but that was like a very small object, so i am not sure when i can have that large scope, but if i do not sure if Saturn will be high in sky again like this year with us.
  6. Good that i am not at Equator, but we aren't that much far, i think we are the next line, the Cancer one, and it is worse than Equator to me because it is dry and hot and high humid more than Equator, while in Equator even it should be hottest but due to the Earth's inclination and rotation i think they don't get that much heat and humidity like us, they get rains so much which kills or calming down the heat and dry weather, no winder why they have forests and green while we don't have at all. And about observing, i think we are in good location geographically, i mean Lat is about 25 and Long is 55, not that bad, i can see most objects during the year, summer or winter, Jupiter is clear, moon is clear, sun is very very very very clear :-) and even Saturn is visible more often, yesterday i was able to see Saturn high in the sky. I will ask later somewhere -either here or another sites- about scopes for observing, i want one for planetary visual only, if it can do imaging of planets then fine, but i will focus on observing or visual, and i don't know if it is difficult for Equator people to observe or not, they can find a way always.
  7. Oh my, it is even more expensive than my mount AZ-EQ6, no thanks, i know the weight is less than my mount, but the price isn't any less, hehehe
  8. Ok, is it same as let's say EQ5 or better? i mean having same capacity load? i hope it will be lighter than EQ5 or equivalent, I will read about it more. Thank you very much!
  9. Any news about your filter?
  10. SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6
  11. I am thinking to get another mount in the future regardless i still didn't use mine i bought 2 months ago, it is very heavy and i still learning about it in my bedroom upstairs then i will take it downstairs for long time then, but i still think it will be a pain taking it outdoor then indoor every night, i will think about a lighter weight mount but still good load capacity.
  12. Ah ok, i can understand that, i was thinking the same but with SkyWatcher because i bought their mount as first ever 2 months ago and also their scope guide ST80, so that i was thinking to stick up with SkyWatcher, but i was thinking maybe i shouldn't do that, some other options could be as good or cheaper with similar performance or even better than SW, so i try to widen my choices first, but you mentioned FPL-53 which means i can narrow even more, but i already took out other brands such as Celestron or Meade and Takahashi, i chose those above because they are almost good prices within my budget, other brands cranking up over $2000 somehow. Thank you very much!
  13. Well, StellarVue SV80 is also a triplet APO and using FPL-53 optic, Skywatcher Esprit too, so if i take AT out and Explorer Scientific too this will remain to 3 options only, ST, Esprit and GT81 your recommendation, so you still choose GT81 out of three? SkyWatcher is F5, GT81 if i use a reducer flattener it will put me at F5 range too, not sure about SV80ST though, and they all use FPL-53 glass.
  14. But all those refractors are in wide field, something between 70mm up to 80mm [FL 400-500mm], so it is not about FOV because this is already fixed too, if i asked about say 800mm and 100mm and 120mm then you can tell me about FOV, but i only look for something around 80mm [~400mm], and above refractors i gave in that range, also with reducer i can even go wider if necessary, so i just placed some options to choose from, i narrowed my choices, but it was my mistake that i didn't title it with something like "A 70-80mm refractor...".
  15. If you asking about camera then i am definitely planning on a mono dedicated or astro camera, and that is why i said next month i have something to spend for and i meant that astro mono camera. Mostly likely my camera choice is QHY163M, i was looking at ASI1600MM, but QHY163M has better temp controlling with heat and dew control, new version of ASI1600 had a solution but not as built in, so i just passed that ASI and i will go with QHY163M, so now you have an idea which camera i will use, how this will refine the recommendation?