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  1. One day i might try to follow all the ideas about what rings people are using for their Samyang 135mm, i don't have this lens yet, but i am thinking about getting one to have a dual system of 135mm, i only have Canon EF 135mm, but many said it is not that much good as Samyang, i thing because it must be stopped down, so if i will stop it down then it means i will use it for LRGB rather than narrowbanding, because with Samyang some said they can use it even wide open, wide open which is F2 is super fast and that better match slow narrowbanding filter, with LRGB i can use even F6 for enough expo
  2. Well done there, hopefully i will finish my dual or multiple imaging setup sooner or later and see how it will perform, but i think sooner ir not possible as most stores are delaying shipments, and i am still waiting my APO triplet i ordered since last October anyway, and waiting another nice budget to buy a second APO scope.
  3. Thank you very much for that, but i will never go that route, first i never have any access to materials and machinery, and second those materials raw or others aren't very cheap here in my country, and at the end i won't saving big amount anyway and worse thing is i waste very long time to make one and still it is not that much reliable, so i better not start it to stop in the middle or even finish it after long time and then i stop astrophotography itself after that. I don't mind if someone can do that for me and i pay him and it is cheaper, i prefer someone keep and skilled and have ev
  4. When we talk about equipment matters people always say it doesn't matter, so you should do a lot with what you already have then without buying anything else because it doesn't matter not even to a point. Buy the lens 135mm such as Samyang 135mm Nikon mount and you can get something, use 5sec exposures and take lots of them, maybe hundreds or even thousands depends on the target you capture and the sky quality.
  5. Hi all, Yesterday i tested my dual imaging setup again but i didn't make more frames or enough data as i got busy and distracted, and that was the best situation for testing that, i ended up with data of two filters in short time, that it wasn't possible if i was using only one camera and one filter, so that definitely strengthen my plan for having too many things at once. Now because i am having three scopes one of them is still not arriving, i calculated what i need as scopes to make this dual/trio imaging system possible, and for that i wanted some help from you to find out what s
  6. That is a great image you did, keep at it. Well, i am still learning, i can do whatever exposure, 1 minute, 2, 3, 5, 10, it doesn't matter, i did read many topics and discussions about having shorter exposures but many frames or less frames but longer exposures, and it shows that the longer exposures giving better noise signal ratio after all, so i decided maybe i limit it to 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes. I still have the original data, i can stack with those calibration frames, or i can process the stacked one better way without much noise reduction, i can't say i am excellent in
  7. I will, just i don't care about results now, i only care about equipment to finish, once i do that then all nice results will come eventually, and i hope i finish this before they start to install all LED street lights in my area and operate them.
  8. Giorgio, if that is your name, you never being not polite in your post, it is great post. Everything you said is correct and i agree, now all what i have to say is as following: 1. This is from achromatic scope, a temporary one, i wasn't really care much to have high quality image, i was only testing the exposure length and the guiding accuracy as much. 2. I used noise reduction in PixInsight, i followed someone video, he made that kind of aggressive noise reduction so i felt like maybe that is how it should be, and he said he was following someone else setting for it, but sure
  9. Hi all, Here is a result that i liked the FOV a lot as i did tests last year,i hope i can build on this for future success, happy with it, i feel because my area has less LP now due to not all new LED street lights installed or done yet, but my city isn't dark or good in general anyway, but the details I've got even with this bad data was amazing for me, i can't imagine what i will get in same conditions with better setup then. Skywatcher ST80 + StellaMira 0.8x reducer ZWO ASI1600mm-C Pro + Astrodon Ha 5nm, Gain 200 Offseet 50 @ -10C Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 36 x 300sec = 3 h
  10. Not good result, but just to see about the stars in the corners, sounds not bad, because the stars in the entire frame are weird anyway, so it corrected to have same shape, bad, not sure why, but some might like it, and maybe it can be better with different scopes https://www.astrobin.com/full/o6c55t/0/?real=&mod= We have many clear nights here, so i can experiment easily many times.
  11. Here is a result from someone used 0.6x reducer with his ES triplet, what do you think? https://www.astrobin.com/full/tiartq/0/
  12. And it will be nicer to work at 288mm F/3.6 on ASI1600 / QHY163M / QHY294M, and even more nice if i can use that reducer with my 90mm F/6 triplet to give me 324mm F/3.6 on future plan of ASI2600MC [APS-C].
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