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  1. TareqPhoto

    Takahashi scopes???

    Thank you very much all I think no much to add here, I am still going for a Tak scope if I got the budget, and I will just keep going and enjoy.
  2. I will wait a bit, but sounds I may change it later anyway even if the stock focuser isn't much bad, and I think I will go either with Moonlite or Baader focuser.
  3. TareqPhoto

    Rosette Nebula and NGC 2244

  4. TareqPhoto

    Rosette Nebula and NGC 2244

    Nice image and colors, this is also one of my favorite nebulae up there in the sky, I tried it few times, no good results, but happy to capture the form of it anyway, so I will have another go at it always later, well done!
  5. Good to know that, I was thinking about MoonLite focuser actually, but on the other thread of mine someone doesn't recommend this Moonlite for a Tak refr, so is that only for the refr or all scopes? Baader and Moonlite prices are a bit cheaper than FeatherTouch, so I wasn't planning to use expensive FT on this cheap Newtonian anyway.
  6. TareqPhoto

    Heart Ha 6hr

    I see, I will try this target one day, I tried it last time with I think either 180sec or 120sec, not good, I will try again later and see. Thank you very much
  7. Yes, Meade, someone posted a picture of his 200PDS in my facebook topic and then someone else commented something about that both have different focuser. I really feel that GSO should be the minimum focuser on any scope, I can go with GSO if it will be a big improvement, I also so Baader focuser on FLO, not sure if that is also known as very nice one, but I hope that any focuser I will decide on can be connected for motor autofocuser.
  8. TareqPhoto

    Heart Ha 6hr

    Very nice result, it made me to think about taking out my Astrodon and keep shooting with it. When you said 6hrs 150 second subs, did you mean you took this with 150 sec exposure frames up to 6 hours total? or is it 6 hours and 150 second as total? Epsilon sure helped here with its fast focal ratio, wish if it was a bit wider to include the whole heart nebula and slightly more, but it is already great.
  9. TareqPhoto

    Sadr region with butterfly

    Thank you very much Carole. Now the question is, where I can find that list or table or whatever that can determine each target brightness or faintness? I want to give it a try, I still don't know which target is bright beside something like Orion or Pleiades and such, it will be like fun or challenge for me to try doing difficult faint targets sometimes too and see if my sky is able to show them or not.
  10. What do you recommend or suggest as a replacement for Newtonian standard/stock focuser please? Hope it is not feathertouch but it is still very good enough, I don't want to replace all my scopes to FT anyway. Thanks!
  11. TareqPhoto

    Takahashi scopes???

    Ok, no problem, I will test mine anyway, no harm in that, and not sure which target or constellation I should focus on.
  12. TareqPhoto

    Takahashi scopes???

    Should I buy Samyang 85mm now? I have lenses too, I will use them soon, I bought side by side dovetail and also dovetail plate for lenses, but I have almost old versions of lenses, only one or 2 newer lenses. Beautiful image of that Orion region, I saw Samyang or Rokinon shining for ultra wide field imaging, so should I get one then? I don't know if my old models lenses can be just fine.
  13. TareqPhoto

    Let's see your 1st DSOs

    And as you can see, I already bought Astrodon filter, and I don't know why, I got nicer results with my Astrodon filter last year than my Optolong Ha filter in filter wheel this year, and this one exactly why I kept going into DSO and I will never give up even it is under red zone light pollution sky, and this is another reason I want to buy a TAK, so I never give up later at all after so much spending If you want, I can post same this target again here but I can call it "My first ever LRGB of M42", so is that counted too or only first ever at all?

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