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  1. Is autofocus as good as it sounds?

    Well, i think i will pass that autofocuser for ST80 then, i just asked as i thought maybe i can just move the autufocuser motor from one scope to another without more changes or adding something. I upgraded my ST80 focuser to 2" CrayFord focuser to make it clear, it has dual speed, the black knob is really something else, and yes, i now do better focusing manually, but just wanted for precise or more accurate, but sounds if i will buy another scope anyway then better i wait and buy autofocus motor for new scope. How much sharp or focused the stars need to be? i asked above if tiny focus change may cause big or huge difference overall, or if it is not that much important anyway.
  2. Is autofocus as good as it sounds?

    I really really hope to find a good autofocuser product that won't cost me a lot, but i don't know if i have to wait or not because i have only ST80, does that autofocuser work on specific scope or it can be universal so i can use it on different scope for same autofocuser unit? I don't use a Bah. mask and i always trying to depend on my manual focus, i don't know how much i will lose by this way, and i don't know how big/huge difference will be between a very accurate focus and just good focus but not dead on 100%, if there is an example it will help, but please, not a comparison between very accurate focus and not so good focus because this is not a comparison, it will be a joke.
  3. Not bad, good image, keep doing it if you want or find another target to imaging, i am lucky enough that most targets in my yard can be seen fine by midnight, we have clouds these days but i am not in UK or Europe, so the clouds will go away then i can see the Orion and M45 and M31 and Rosette, but do i need to look at different targets than those as long i am just stating out? I am really looking for to do the Cone nebula or as they call it "Christmas tree" nebula, it is really very nice target, and other targets more beautiful could be far away or difficult to shoot with my cheap small one, but i have my house blocking the south too, and most above targets i mentioned are coming from East to West which means passing over my house not behind, my yard facing the North perfectly and also most of the East and parts of West are well seen, i just forget the south completely.
  4. The Rosette Nebula

    Very nice image, beautiful, i don't want to disappoint you by saying i like another images more due to colors, but you did a great job to get this result, it is one of targets i will work at doing soon, and for you try next time to do it in landscape orientation to see the difference, and if you can try different colors it may also give different impression. Good job!
  5. GoTo align

    Hi there, i didn't follow your posts while ago, so what mount did you end up with?
  6. How safe is buying from FLO?

    It is too late now, i was going to warn you from FLO..... I bought my first ever equipment in April this year[mount + scope], AND............ I can't stop buying from them again and again, EXCELLENT SERVICE AND PRODUCTS! Thank you very much FirstLightOptics, you made my nights in astronomy, and keep up your excellent service, amazing vendor out there!
  7. Hybrid mounts for imaging - Good or bad?

    I have same Hybrid mount but from Skywatcher, all manufactured under same name "Syntha i think", and it is very good mount and steady enough for imaging or AP, so don't worry to get it, You won't regret it, i love mine and i like the dual mode. No need to show examples of what this mount can do, you can search around, but if you want long and have doubt then you won't get anything, in fact i feel those AZ-EQ6 or Pro Atlas is like EQ6 mount + AZ/ALT mount, taking the best of two and combining together, even if that EQ alone is slightly better that doesn't mean EQ-AZ isn't good enough. Good luck and congrats in advance!
  8. Finally it is solved.Very kindly Mr. Robin from Cyclops Optics, helped me to figure out the problem of the filter wheel with camera direct connection, it was how i position the filter wheel, sounds maybe in different position the inside disk's screws getting loose or whatever so it prevent the filter wheel disk to rotate until i correct the position, he told me to check out the tight of those screws.It is working with SGPro and EZCAP, but it doesn't work with Sharpcap, yesterday i think or before yesterday it was working, so i don't know what's wrong, but i really don't care much about Sharpcap until i start doing planetary imaging with filters, i use Sharpcap for focus or polar alignment or something else but not much for DSO AP, maybe one day i buy ZWO filter wheel to go with ZWO camera for planetary i bought.Now all what i need is the adapter for connecting the flattener and spacers to the filter wheel then i am done, i ordered those already and now i have to wait them to arrive, under shipping already.Thank you very much for all the help, and sorry for causing any problems here.
  9. Hi, No, I have the ultraslim version. My flattener is Hotech SCA 2", and it says it has T thread, is that M45? so others told me to have an adapter of M54 to M42.
  10. Thanks! I solved one problem, i managed to control the camera and filter wheel in SGP with match, but the other problem is still exist which is i can't connect the filter wheel to the camera, the connection was from filter wheel to PC via USB directly, this means one more long cable, uggggh. Also the main problem is i can't connect the flattener[Hutech SCA 2"] to the filter wheel, i don't know what is the filter wheel front thread, but maybe i will just try to shoot without flattener if i can get the focus and see if i can start practice with LRGB filters. I ask in many forums, i try to learn from everywhere, and i can't depend on one forum if there are members don't have a clue with my issues or if they don't have same my setup, so the more i ask in different forums, the more i can get answers from some.
  11. Hi, Yesterday finally i inserted the LRGB filters inside the filter wheel, i was like doing a surgery operation, very carefully, this gave me an idea of buying same filter wheel for 8x1.25" filters, i really don't want to keep opening the filter wheel time to time, i ordered that 8x1.25" disk already but it wasn't in production and the person told me it will be done in about 2 weeks, so should i just order the filter wheel again and ask them to reduce the price of this additional disk as they don't send the filter wheel empty? or if they can then i hope they can reduce the price so i can use the disk they will send it later. My main problem yesterday was when i was trying to operate the filter wheel, it only turn on the filter wheel when i connect it with USB to computer or to camera powered, but the filter wheel never move or rotate, after some time around and with appreciate help of a member from another forum even he didn't figure it out i managed to make the filter wheel rotate...... BUT...... it rotates only when i choose the filter wheel control, but never rotate with the camera, and it only rotates from that control with USB connection, not with camera, no point i can't match the camera with the filter wheel, ofcourse i tried drivers, reboot/restart the computer, uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled again, disconnected all items then reconnect, same, nothing happen, the wheel never rotate with the camera and only rotate when i choose FW control and choose filter and press set, what i can do here? Last problem, i found out that i can't connect my flattener to the filter wheel, not directly and not with any adapter i have, so it is like i will connect the filter wheel with adapter to the scope directly, i will try with Canon lens because the package is including a new Canon adapter, but i wanted to use the scope, so how can i connect it with flattaner then? I hope members with same combo [QHY163 + QHYCFW2-M] telling me about the solution of filter wheel operating, i don't know if another camera doesn't have same problem so that i can't judge if it is from the camera or from the filter wheel.
  12. Looking to dive in

    ^^^ Great then, good luck!
  13. Best barlow x2 ?

  14. Best barlow x2 ?

    I really don't know what is that about Barlow different than extender, so in imaging does it matter if it is a Barlow or an extender? or Barlow is Extender as someone told me?