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  1. Is this the Milky Way?

    Good job and images, the milky way is just over my head or my house and i can't see it at all, but i know it very clearly because Stellarium told me about the stars and showing its appearance, and the Cygnus stars is just over my head/house so i know there is milky way.
  2. My viewing area

    I hope i can add my own yard landscape too to Stellarium, not sure how but i hope i can do it one day or another. My house is covering most of the South direction, and i have to go back in my yard to shoot above the house, most of the time i see Saturn that direction above my house, but of anything else then no chance, so i just neglect the Southern side for now, other sides are just the fence walls, and the nearby houses aren't covering most of it, and few trees.
  3. m16

    I add this to my list for future objects to image i hope, not sure if i can find it from my yard, but i hope it won't be difficult to have it once i start, so this is the Eagle Nebula, i have to list the most popular nebulae that others did and i do them too, i can't do all 110 objects of Messier, so i have to choose few, M42 and Horsehead and M45 are the first because i saw their stars and location by my eyes, so i can focus on them. Did you use filters here? maybe i need to have filters anyway if i want to shoot many DSOs, even if it is possible without filters but i think i will be missing a lot there, Ha is the first main filter i will get as soon as budget possible, hehehe
  4. If it is general photography then anyu or many camera will be just good, For astrophotography, i have dozens of cameras but i never think about using any for astro, so i simply went with a dedicated astro camera, first with ASI120MC for planetary, then QHY163M for everything else, and i can't be happier with those choices regardless i didn't use QHY yet, modding my DSLR won't give me happiness for long time and i am still thinking to sell them as stock so i can upgrade to newer DSLRs if possible, so getting Canon for Astro isn't my good idea to be honest, and that is me only.
  5. +1, it is a very good one. Or, if you can increase budget then you can get into EQ level i think, and get AVX. If you can even increase much more then don't look anything less than EQ5 or iOptron 45 or something similar, even Orion Sirius is a very capable option, it is better to jump once, i know that SW SA is enough for your gear, but think twice and long term, SW SA won't give you more room for bigger gear onec you go for scopes, even EQ5 or AVX have limitations, but that means that SW SA is differently behind then, i started for the first time ever this year and i already got AZ-EQ6, no SW SA no EQ no AVX, and i know very strong that if i bought one of those then i will regret them and i will so soon replace them with something more. But, with all above i wrote, i know there is only and only one big problem as always, THE BUDGET, so if your budget is very tight and you can save more or can't wait then destroy all what i wrote and enjoy with whatever you buy.
  6. So it is about how many exposure to take, and if possible also how long it is. I am waiting forever my PM that never showed since little over 1 month ago and i can't do anything, i want to do Polar alignment but i don't like to use the polar scope and i can't see the Polaris anyway, so i don't use my mount, once it is ready then i want to give it a try, i have DSLR but i never tried to shoot like you did, i managed to get only M45 stars and another shot with Orion belt or zone stars only, but no galaxy and no nebulae yet.
  7. computerized mount help for noob

    Nice you have almost same cameras i have, but i never count on them for my astro photography, so i let them away far from astro, and it is no way at all that i mod my A7r, i will sell it one day so i want to keep it as original. The mount i went with is SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6, i got it for about $1600 more or less, so this is one option i gave you.
  8. Filters ..... how important?!!!

    Nice, thank you very much!
  9. Filters ..... how important?!!!

    I didn't ask about which filters, because simply i know that Ha is the main filter i will use, and i will add LRGB and OIII laterally later, and ending it with SII, but until i can get any filters of those for narrowbanding i would like to know how much i will miss without those filters. I do have UHC and OIII filters, but they are very cheap and i heard they aren't a real deal here, so i can't depend on them for imaging, and i also have Baader Moon&SkyGlow filter which they call it [Neodymium], but i thought it is more for the moon and some bright planets rather than light pollution for nebulae. I keep worry too much about light pollution in my area, regardless how many stars or which stars i can see from my yard, i just have no option but to imaging in my yard for whatever i can, the sky in very late time in my area is really shown as black, not grey or glowing from light pollution, but i call it light pollution here because simply i can't see the milky way with my naked eyes at all, not even with my binocular or scope, so i believe i live in severe light pollution to prevent me from seeing the light pollution, but i was shocked to see the Orion region by my naked eyes from my region so clear, and the Pleiades are very very far but barely i can see with my naked eyes if i keep focus, but with bino or scope they are amazing standing out in the view. I will try with those filters i already have, i am waiting some budget to buy one filter at least, but it may take long time until something arrive to my hand, and every night passing since last month i keep seeing that M45 and M42 passing the sky late night before the twilight for about 1-2 hours earlier, so i wanted to give it a try within 1 hour maximum if i can, and i don't have Ha filter so i don't know how much i can get without it then.
  10. Hey'all I would like to know how important or necessary are the filters for DSO imaging? can someone get DSO without filters if possible? Let's name 2 or 3 objects, say M42, M45 and Veil Nebula, can those objects be done without filters of any kind? The question is about a mono cooled [CCD or CMOS] astro camera, not a modded DSLR or OSC. I saw the stars of those objects by my naked eye without nebula, not even with a scope or binocular, so does that mean it is impossible to get any kind of clusters or nebula if no filters used? and seeing those objects by naked eyes does it mean the light pollution isn't bad that much yet? I know filters isn't a substitution or replacement for a dark sky, but if there is no dark sky clear, what is the possibilities to get any kind of DSO nebulosity without filters under any percent of light pollution?
  11. I want a visual reflector

    I won't buy a historical scope anyway, so i hope to get a scope that i look for or at least one that will make me happy.
  12. I have 80mm/400 and i am doing fine with 10mm for the moon, even if i added 2x Barlow not 3X which i don't have is more than sufficient for the moon, at least with your setup using 9mm and 3X Barlow then i will definitely look at Jupiter or Saturn instead even they are blurry, not worthy to look at the moon with 233X magnification, this is too much close and you are entering the moon surface details, leave that for imaging not visualing, but buy another EP and keep that 9mm and the Barlow, you may need them later in the future with a better scope, also you will use the 3X ore for imaging if it is too much for visual.
  13. And here you can see the Cygnus region, with the summer triangle or trinity stars https://s26.postimg.org/lgrc4dk1l/DSC2985.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/ou464u309/DSC2987crop.jpg This region many said it has lots of DSO or interesting images, this is above my head or say above my house, pity i didn't shoot it yet, hope it will be there longer for a while until i am ready. So, as you can see, even in light pollution with single exposure it is possible to shoot only stars without nebulae or galaxy, and this is with unmooded cameras, i can't imaging if i try with a mono astro camera, and if i use filters and if i took longer exposures and have subs for stacking, i really can't wait, i had hope finally after i captured those images.
  14. Ok, here are the images then, just click on them to have them larger M42: https://s26.postimg.org/hr02bae2f/DSC3037.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/yc33d7fsp/DSC3041.jpg M45: https://s26.postimg.org/jhehz167t/DSC3042.jpg https://s26.postimg.org/rhhq30055/DSC3024.jpg That was quick dirty shots, not the best night, 2 days ago it was much better view, so imagine if i go with stacking longer exposure and using filters? and those images with non astro camera which i now have, maybe later i will try with astro camera even for single exposure.
  15. Imaging with the 130pds

    I wasn't interested in that eclipse, but i did shoot it quick, but not this scope, nice images above you did.