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  1. Which planetary camera

    Hi Wouter, Thank you very much!
  2. Visual or imaging?
  3. This is always the case, i just like to expect the worse and have the scenario of "What is next or what is the replacement", if it works then great, if not then i already got the answers of what to do or get, can't wait long time trying to find the right item while i am struggling with the scope parts, so i save time by knowing what is the alternatives/replacements so i can get that quick if i found out that the stock one isn't....
  4. Ah i see, great you said so, because it will be definitely for imaging, so i better avoid Moonlite due to the reason you mentioned, that will left me with GSO cheaper alternative or the expensive one, FT.
  5. I order regularly from FLO too, so would like to see which one did you choose, a link will do the job. Please!
  6. to be honest, it was the only one i added in my list long long time ago, say since last year, but the more i read about collimator i started to change my mind, i can buy this one easy, not expensive at all, but i wasn't sure if this one is good enough because it is almost not one of the expensive choices out there? Is it good with F4 regardless i have F5 newtonian but just in case for future?
  7. WOW, sounds interesting and very nice! I will buy the blue but it is unavailable at all, what a shame, my tube has white color and blue rings/adapters/dovetail, so blue is the best match, but then which installation kit to buy? i bought 8" newtonian, so i should choose 8" one? Also, which draw-tube travel measurement you recommend me to get if possible and why?
  8. Just got recommendations about Howie Glatter ones, says to be one of the best or the best, should i?
  9. The moon, full and close up - March 09 2018

    Thank you very much!
  10. An update or news, i bought another new scope, a NEWTONIAN!!! Now my question is, which collimator to buy? are all collimator a laser device? i saw some cheap or average reasonable prices and some expensive [still affordable], what will be the difference here? I know which coma corrector i will buy, so i will skip this question. One thing i have to think about is, if i should change the focuser that came with the scope, many prefer to go with FT or Moonlite ones, but is that obligatory or just optional or highly recommended? I am thinking to add an autofocuser or a motor later one by one, so i have to prepare my list as soon as possible.
  11. The moon, full and close up - March 09 2018

    Thank you very much!
  12. The moon, full and close up - March 09 2018

    Thank you very much!
  13. Here are 2 images [3rd is same of the 2nd but very very slight crop and processed for contrast]. Poor seeing, ST80, new ZWO camera, 2nd image with TV 3X, on AZ-EQ6 mount but it is not working. Stacked in AutoStakkert from videos, then processed final with Photoshop CC. Cropped/contrast
  14. What scope to get?

    Get a Mak like i did, i bought Skymax 180mm, it has 2700mm regardless its F15, give it a try or a think.
  15. Which planetary camera

    Hi again, I am thinking about a planetary camera and i narrowed it to 2 choices or options, but i don't know which one is better. 1. 290MM 2. 174MM I didn't mention the brand/maker, only the model. Don't mentioned 224 or 120 or something else, only those 2 models.