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  1. This will do the job perfectly, i have this one exactly and it is amazing.
  2. Sounds for me that i should go with a second camera then and anther same scope i have and call it a "NIGHT", maybe i can't afford a very fast scope now from Celestron so i better not wait until that happen and go with second camera, and yes, you added a valid great point, i have Astrodon filters, i don't think i will replace those, so maybe those filters are still not good enough with very fast F/2 scope, means i have to forget about F/2 scope now.
  3. I agree, i tried with my Canon 135mm F2 and it never made it shorter, i ended up with many issues and i still use one filter per time, so even with that i was dreaming about having another camera so i don't waste time with one lens or optics and camera for each filter, but i asked as i see that RASA and similar such as Hyperstar are getting popular, so i wanted to know the secret, the one who can afford a RASA should be able to get 2 cameras instead, so that i asked first. In addition, how much slow is slow, is it because it isn't F2 then it is slow? I mean is F5 slow or F4 or even F3.5?
  4. Hi all, It is just a simple question and hope i can get the answer as it is a decision according to budget/affordability somehow or the practical logic way. Which one do you think is faster or you like to do the things assuming you have a target and you need to do for example 4 hours at least per NB filter at average focal ratio? Using very fast scope such as RASA at f/2 [or similar, hyperstar is an example] and giving 2 hours for one filter so you do 2 filters respectively. Having 2 mono cameras so you put one filter in each [one with Ha for example and the other with OIII] and image with each at 4 hours. If it is my choice i really prefer 2 cameras, i have one already, so i can use those at any different two same scopes rather than i am stuck with one scope at specific focal ratio and focal length and aperture, but i feel like so many love a very fast scope these days, it is like they can afford 1 scope instead of 2 cameras maybe, i am not sure, but if you prefer one method or option above then please can you give me a reason or explain why so i know how to choose?
  5. Ok, sounds really a difficult question to answer, it is just about "Go buy the premium you will never regret and we don't know about cheaper one and we are all happy with premium focuser". Thank you very much
  6. This was the stock focuser of my Newt that i replaced so far
  7. I don't doubt about FT and ML focusers, everywhere they are top choice no question, but i was asking if i am having those very cheap Newt, is it really any point going with focuser that are maybe more expensive price the the scope itself? and how much improvement it will give anyway rather than beautiful design and smooth focusing? GSO i think is almost same as Skywatcher focuser design.
  8. Still i didn't get the answer, i mean are you saying that the stock SW focuser is just fine not a big deal which means no need to upgrade? Or just upgrade to be sure only? Are you asking about the scope that i already have or the one i ordered and i am still waiting it?
  9. To be honest, this isn't any cheaper, i mean it is very close to Moonlite price, very, i added that Baader focuser and the motor and it is nearly $800, let's say it is $700, also expensive, i did contact ML and i got an email with the quotation for ML focuser of the color i need plus the autofocuser of their brand and it was about $795, and someone on FB just told me he god that ML focuser only brand new for $165 without extras i think, so, for me i think going with Baader isn't any save then, and i have to know how much improvement it will give over my Skywatcher focuser anyway.
  10. I saw that, but is it really worth it? And which autofocuser i can use with this if i chose it?
  11. Hi all, So, i am still waiting my second Newt to come and i hope it will meet expectation at least or even exceed it, and with Newt it is always about the collimation and the quality of the tube and the focuser, so i will just ask about focuser here. How much improvement someone expecting going from stock focuser to something affordable medium quality? Or to premium focuser such as FT and ML? What is the main thing you need from that premium or better quality focuser over stock focusers that camera with cheap Newt? And about the motor or Autofocuser, do you prefer to go with premium brand of the focuser motors or you buy something else separately? I am still thinking about if i really should upgrade the focuser of my Newt scopes or not, i did for my 8" F5 from stock single speed to Skywatcher dual speed, i don't know if that is enough if my imaging setup isn't that heavy, Camera + FW + CC = less than 2KG or say ~2KG, is it a big deal really to upgrade for premium to adopt say 1.5-3KG weight?
  12. Great, thank you very much
  13. That is superb really! What mount did you use? If it is Avalon then does it work with EQMOD? What gain dd you use? and which C.corrector?
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