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  1. If you are using Windows and are happy to activate developer mode then Siril will not make a copy of your files for processing but will use 'symbolic links' to the original files. These are just pointers to the files just like a shortcut in Windows. They are used a lot in Unix & Linux systems. See https://siril.org/tutorials/tuto-scripts/ for details
  2. Important factor in my calling myself an amateur is that I have to pay for my equipment.
  3. Your next mission, should you choose to accept it is: Add a motor and an AI computer to roll it out for you on clear nights and message you when it's cooled and ready to use.🙂
  4. An paleontologist looks at a small bone and says, this is what the Dinosaur looked like 65 million years ago. An astronomer looks at a the sky and says, this is what this looked like 65 million years ago, but what it looks like now I can't say.
  5. I'm an amateur Astro photographer and occasional stargazer. Or possibly a light historian.🤔
  6. The standard scripts are stored in a protected directory which needs admin privileges, but you can add a folder for your own scripts in the settings. Scripts added/changed are only available when Siril is started so you can't modify one without a restart. There are some you can download which only run using the combination of files you have. From lights only to all. Each is a separate command in the script. See this for all scripts info Links for scripts to add at bottom of this web page too If you intend to edit them and need assistance just ask in SGL there are several Siril users here.
  7. I can drop a fits file (drag & drop) or (Other Media) - don't know why you cannot! Simple start for you with Siril: Open the file Then in the Image Processing click on 'Remove Green Noise...' and just click on Apply. Should fix your green tint in above image of Pleiades
  8. I found the below video a great explanation of the curves control in Pixinsight Curves in Pixinsight And welcome to SGL. Steve
  9. Can you drag & drop the fits file instead of the jpg file? I have Siril so could correct the green tinge and run colour correction so you can see the result. If it's worth it to you then downloading and add Siril to your tools.
  10. I've found that some programs will report the fits header of some ZWO files as 'file does conform to FITS standard' but will still load and allow stretching. Have a go with Siril (as it's free) which may enable you to open the image and save in another format the Gimp supports.
  11. If that has a 3/8" thread then yes. If you are referring to an EQ5 tripod then you would need an adapter.
  12. If the target is a Windows machine it needs Windows Pro (with remote server running). The connecting PC does not need to the Pro version
  13. A telescope for all ages: The actual scope you have, but now in hands of a more skilled user. 🙂
  14. Have you left the ASIAir+ dc power ports for the dew straps at full? If you set them as Dew power they have a variable setting to reduce the heat/power consumption. The ASIAir will continue to run if you disconnect your phone/tablet so I expect the power ports would still run even if you have no Wi-Fi. Though exceeding current draw, albeit briefly can have odd effects. Whatever you have connected there is only 6A to share between all power/usb ports.
  15. Yes it replaces the handset and needs a USB driver on your PC and the appropriate Astro software (Ascom etc). The handset needs a different type of cable to connect it (it's there for firmware updates & PC direct mode).
  16. Dwarf app requires Android 5.0 and up, and Seestar requires Android 8.0 and up. The info is on the app information on Play Store if you click on the arrow next to the 'About this app' section.
  17. It's not just down rather it's suspended. The person behind has been asked to cease using certain software and is looking for an alternate to do the same service.
  18. As a user of the same software behind astrocooker I was surprised it was actually allowed to do what it did. Your best bet for a similar processing (free) is to have a look at Siril. The developer behind astrocooker has said he will try making a similar web system based on Siril (if that's allowed),
  19. In the early 90s IBM and Microsoft were doing a joint development of an operating system called OS/2 Warp. There were differences in opinion on the direction of the OS and the user base/equipment. I was told by an IBM rep that they had wanted to restrict the drivers to approved ones as the hardware would affect the reliability of the OS. Microsoft wanted it left open so more vendors would provide the hardware and peripherals and market prices would keep the costs down. We all know that Apple had the IBM idea for Macs, hence the reputation for reliability as the OS was tested against a much more limited set of hardware than WIndows allows. I guess that ZWO have the same opinion, in that the variety of hardware that can connect to an ASIAir would lead to increased support issues, that could be down to other manufacturers hardware and not the ASIAir itself. I had an OS/2 Warp system running at work (freebie and free support) as we had ties to IBM and Microsoft. It was a stable system but onerous to setup new hardware and not masse audience friendly. In the end Microsoft took the work they had done and used it for Windows NT.
  20. Managed to take advantage of clear skies to grab a solar image or two with the Seestar Straight from the Seestar as a video and stacked in ASIVideoStack on the left and post-processed on the right. Not too shabby for a quick 2 minute video.
  21. The Seestar only saves to the main unit if you select RAW when shooting. I found that out taking solar video and only had an mp4 on my iphone. As most stacking software needs avi or ser files it's a pain getting it converted. I asked ZWO if they could allow us to choose the format and that's when they told me to select RAW to save the avi to the main unit. Can't help with the jpeg format.
  22. I'm not sure exactly why you think the ASIAir does not save files for post processing, as it's quite popular with astro imagers like myself. Perhaps it's down to the EAA definitions on CN. Astro imaging sessions on the ASIAir can be viewed as they stack, sort of EAA in my opinion. The fits files (lights) are saved to the ASIAir for further processing and via the planning section you can do the darks and flats the same way and download them all for post processing. There is an EAF focus motor for the bigger Celestron scopes which may fit the Nexstar but you'd need too check the dimensions of the bracket and the fitting holes.
  23. Was it the selection of the files in the gaia process selector that resolved it? I've added a couple of images in case of anyone doing a search later.
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