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  1. That would be rediculous. People (possibly Peter Piper) prefer purple painted piers providing perfect procedural polar alignment.
  2. I seem to recall that some Android users needed to give permission for the app to save on the phone. Perhaps the phone upgrade reset permissions.
  3. Yes I just updated my Android to check, I get 1.20.0 direct from ZWO as a download and he same from PlayStore. My IOS is 1.20.1 All a bit moot what with the weather at present and me be 'under the weather' would not be in a position to do much anyway.
  4. I thought the latest version of the app was 1.20.1 released 3 days ago as a fix to the 1.20.0 issues. FYI You can see the app details by tapping the 'me' icon at the bottom right of the app, then the settings (cog) at the top right of the screen and choosing the 'About' option on the next screen. The 'What's Fresh' option shows the changes made in the updates.
  5. I don't have these issues being a refractor user but I did see this video from Cuiv the lazy geek which may interest some of you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj-gDFrYnG8
  6. Before buying anything why not try this: See if the green dovetail fits on to the top of the OTA ring if you have the correct bolts Remove the finder shoe from the focuser (you can always put it back, but as someone mentioned it will not likely leave a hole all thru) See if the finder shoe fits on the green dovetail - looks like a single screw to connect it.
  7. How about something like this: Svbony handle You can get different lengths but you get a handle and a guide scope fitting in one. I believe the OTA rings you have there use a 3/8" bolt for cameras - which could be a problem, unless you use a standard dovetail bar upside down and get an adapter that fits on that.
  8. It is sort of unofficially accepted by ZWO, they won't warrantee against user breakage in setting up in EQ mode but have loosened the firmware restrictions that prevented it from being done. It's not a rumour as there are many actually imaging in EQ mode, including myself. ZWO are keen to see what the end users are doing as it gives them a guide to features they include in the next generation of scopes & software. The same is true of the Dwarf, their next model 'Dwarf 3' is advertised to include 'EQ functionality'. By users pushing the envelope it makes manufactures improve the product, progress that would probably not take place or come so early if users did not think outside of the box. A good example of this is those who wanted to post process their captures outside of the S50, resulted in a change to firmware V1.8.0 by ZWO to save each frame. Of course you are quite welcome to keep to the original design if that makes you happy, but insulting those of us who expand our boundaries is somewhat insulting and ignorant.
  9. Yes it's all over the CN forums & YouTube and even in this thread here If you are into watching YouTube then checkout the videos with a search for 'Seestar S50 EQ mode'
  10. With the advent of owners of the Seestar using it in EQ mode, ZWO have changed the code quite a bit since the requirement for levelling each time was needed.
  11. The new case looks a lot better and more commercial. Though given the price it's getting into the territory of the Seestar S50 & Dwarf 2 (which have their own telescope, go-to & guiding embedded). As I mentioned earlier adding the option to do a polar alignment & plate-solve would hopefully expand your potential buyers market., as would a push to target assistant. A lot I know but with the right software features I think the product would be great. And given that a lot of users of the Dwarf & Seestar post processing are you saving the raw data for later processing?
  12. Have you checked the processing software is using the correct Bayer pattern RGGB? I've had the same issues with other ZWO gear and their own ASIStudio software not setting it correctly.
  13. Some Seestar S50 images from this week: The moon and a close up: Arcturus (why not) and M44 Beehive cluster (looks like a join the dots puzzle) This was a session from the front of the house with street lights and security lights aplenty., not my preferred location but the moon was at the front.
  14. If you check out the 2 YouTube videos in this thread I posted yesterday you will see that's what I have just started to try out. It's what I bought the SW Wedge for.
  15. @JonHigh the Amazon M6 ratchet is this one came as a 2pc set. @LondonNeil the above is the same as you linked to and it's the female type. I used an M8 20mm male for the dovetail clamp which came as a 4pc set, so I have enough clearance from the base of the Seestar S50. I have not got the PA, and more importantly the calibration process, completely figured out yet. The PA is basically aligning the body of the Seestar to polaris (not the moving part with the lens). My starting point was just with it pointing north and approx. 52 degrees latitude. Others have added basic finder scopes to the side of the Seestar as @Elp mentioned. The trickier part is fooling it to calibrate, there are 2 ways I've seen: 1. Fooling the Seestar to align on a target you choose - see Cuiv first cheat 2. Setting your location to the North Pole - see Cuiv second cheat My M13 was after a lot of trying and I'd find the exact process hard to replicate why it worked. Hence, I am planning on trying the second way in the Cuiv videos linked above.
  16. The ratchets arrived today and though not high quality they seem robust enough. The M8 one is to lock the dovetail in place without it getting in the way, so the ratchet let's the handle be moved to a better position once locked in place. The M6 one replaces the plastic/nylon handle which was slipping when tightened to much, I thought I'd broken it at one time but checked inside and though it was unbroken it was obviously a weak point for anyone heavy handed. The replacement allows a much tighter solution so this should now be a proper solution though not as pretty as the William Optics wedge. If I needed to adjust this for each session I'd probably go for a WO wedge if one came up for sale used, but for the Seestar S50/Dwarf in EQ mode it will do just fine.
  17. Thanks, I've ordered a ratchet for both the clamp and alt bolt (same maker as yours) from Amazon for my SW wedge. If that fails to be as stable as expected then I'll go for the Omegon Deluxe (in stock at Altair but they did not confirm it includes a dovetail - though I did ask in my email).
  18. Out of interest was the ratchet for the clamp (M8) and was it long enough at 20mm. And was it from Amazon/Ebay? I think the SW needs a better Alt ratchet as well (M6) - with those replaced it should be a workable wedge. I used to have a WO one for an AZ-GTi setup but sold it, doh!
  19. Starting to try using the Seestar in EQ mode, had issues first time getting it aligned but managed to hit a rough PA before calling it a night. I did a goto to M13 to check it was aligned and managed a 10 minutes of 10 sec exposures, with a quick process in Pixinsight as below. It even caught NGC6207 in top right of image. Once I get the hang of setup and PA it properly I can try longer exposures and more of them.
  20. The Omegon one is sold at widescreen deluxe metal version or slightly cheaper (if they have stock) at Altair for base version or deluxe metal version
  21. @JamesF has not been on the forum since 2021 and I have not seen any updates to the oacapture program on https://www.openastroproject.org/oacapture/
  22. An often talked about comparison is the Nexstar 4SE and SW AZ-GTi with SW 127 mak - see this old thread
  23. He assumes it is. Unless the power ports, usb ports & wifi are on the end of extended cables it's likely a re-configured base board. Though could be the basics of the ASIAir Mini or the SeeStar.
  24. ZWO have parted with using Raspberry Pi boards and have their own using Rockchip processors so can be more flexible on their internals. Likely to be similar to what's in the ZWO Seestar but with more external ports.
  25. If I decide to switch over from my ASIAir Plus for Astro imaging (to use non ZWO gear) I'd still keep an ASIAir for PA (I have an ASIAir Pro in my unused gear collection).🙃 I was one of the first UK users of the Polemaster and dabbled with the Python PhotoPolarAlignment (PPA) program first introduced by an SGL member @themos which was later adopted & adapted into SharpCap. Back then on another now defunct forum I did mention to Robin (SharpCap author) that t would be nice to have a PA tool like PPA in SharpCap but with the capture repeating automatically. I believe he was already considering it but I'd then got the Polemaster before his PA routine was made available.
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