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  1. I'm no expert but this is my setup Note location of the downloaded xpsd files Open the Gaia process (find under <All processes>) Click on the wrench Select Data Release for the files you downloaded Use the Select button to find the files Once all selected close the process Before using make sure your image has been solved (I use script/image analysis/image solver) Then use the SPCC HTH Steve
  2. Hmm, it seems to show a focal length of 335mm so possible a smart telescope.
  3. I believe you have removed the incorrectly selected driver version and loaded a working one (perhaps with built in 'pipe cleaner').😉 In any case glad to hear it works now.
  4. Reading your explanation of the pipe cleaning I think your conclusion that it is resetting (cleaning) is possibly wrong. In software terms it's more likely that ASCOM starts or loads a process when it searches for a com port and then SynScan app works as that process is already running. If you start SynScan first then it does not see the process or start it itself. This could be due to the way you start or installed software, such as one has admin rights and the other does not. Or after a quick google for your issue I found this old thread on SGL which may be worth a look. It appeared that the driver linked to the serial port was using a previous installed version. When fixed SynScan did open the port on start up.
  5. I would not expect to have both the mount usb and handset connected and have them both working seamlessly together. Just one or the other is probably best practise. The handset and the Synscan app will have an option to set whether the mount is being used in EQ or AZ mode The drivers are obtainable from https://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=225&pcid=41 by checking the version f the chip - there is a program in that page you can download to check yours. Hopefully a later driver will support both your eqmod cable chip and the one in the mount. Prolific chips tend to change the com port numbers rather than re-using the same one previously assigned to that serial cable. So are you trying all this with the correct com port for the cable being used? You need to have a different baud rate and make sure the com port in ascom is correct for the serial connection being used, they are not always the same.
  6. Not used on that specific mount but have used the USB port on other Skywatcher mounts. Yes, they are a built in replacement for the handset and allow usage as per the manual you have quoted. The usual suspect is the driver for the chipset used by Skywatcher missing from your PC. It's likely a Prolific one, whereas the USB serial lead connecting via the handset is FTDI. Plug a USB printer type cable into the mount and PC then switch on and see what appears in the devices manager and if a com port number is allocated. Or if the device is unassigned and needs the driver to be installed. The Skywatcher page for your mount should tell you which driver is needed.
  7. It's a little tricky using the FLO pictures but it appears to show that the blue is not connected on one end. So perhaps that's correct for your cable too. But your pictures seem to show the yellow wire is possibly loose on one connector. If you have a multi-meter with continuity setting you can check each coloured wire is making a connection each end. You'd need a small probe to touch each of the gold pins in the connectors. You can use a makeshift tester with a torch, some wire, a peg and some tape. There are plenty of YouTube videos to show this rather than me do a text explanation here. If the yellow wire is not making a good connection you can fix it using the method described above using a jewellers size screwdriver. HTH Steve
  8. There has been a release of the Dwarf app and a firmware update today, a bit piecemeal as not everyone was seeing the updates on Google Play and the Apple Appstore - based on comments on Facebook. Android Version is now V2.0.0 B70 iOS is now V2.0.0 B18 Firmware version V2.0.06 iOS curves tool is still not as functional as the Android version, and in my opinion these updates are probably still Beta versions based on the version numbers. As I'm not beta testing these now they have been released I can say that the curves on Android seems functional, except for the save option. On iOS it still needs work on the curves. With little chance to test 'astro mode' due to lack of clear skies I can't say if the curves issues are useable to an acceptable degree on either OS. I raised the curves issue for iOS back in November, together with a host of inconsistencies between the user interfaces of Android & iOS (most of which I am pleased to see have been fixed). But if you've been waiting for the updated catalogue of objects and the option to do 1x1 binning (4k) versus the 2x2 (2k) and a better UI then you can update without worrying about buggy beta releases.
  9. No. It works 2.4 & 5 on the Seestar. The Asiair is 2.4 only. There are several of us on SGL using it on 5GHz
  10. My initial setup was in 5GHz when I activated Station mode, I later reset by switching to 2.4GHz before switching back. Have you seen anything suggesting it only works in 2.4GHz? That would mean it switches frequency automatically when using Station mode.
  11. I had issues with Station mode after the update, I too was connecting to the Seestar wifi but could not get the Station mode to list any networks, though it had been set before and was still set to on. After a reset still failed to resolve the issue I ended up switching from 5ghz to 2.5ghz which allowed me to select my home network. Perhaps doing that corrected any app saved settings to match the new firmware. I just need to get the moon video files from the Seestar but can't seem to get a working PC connection - it just says I need to format the drive that appears when the Seestar is connected. I'm not happy with a reformat as that would lose the files and I'm not sure whether it would be the correct thing to do. So a little more googling for me to solve this!! Update Managed to find the video files saved in the Ipad memory so can process those. ZWO support came back with a response that the PC connection is a bug and that I can safely format the drive in ex-fat format. I managed to do a wifi connect in Station mode and after adding the Seestar login details can view the internal EMMC content, even without the reformat. First Light I managed a few photos of the moon and a couple of videos stacked post capture. The left-hand is a cropped image of a single photo 'as is', the second a stacked and tweaked image from a video. Not much to choose between them, I expected to get a better result post processed but pleased to see the straight saved photo is so good.
  12. A quick google found this page which may be of help. The ports when used for Dew straps are PWM and set as a percentage of voltage instead of just on/off.
  13. On the ASIAir (apart from the first version) the power ports can be set to control the dew strap power style, they just need a 2.1mm connection instead of a phono plug. I don't believe there is a non ZWO controller that can be controlled from the ASIAir.
  14. eqmod cables are normally 9600 baud and the new onboard serial chips are faster (115200 etc). But the decider might be whether the driver keeps the com port saved, the internal may be a Prolific chipset and a lot of USB Serial adapter cables use the FTDI chipset (which a lot of people prefer). But if price is the main objective then a standard USB printer cable wins. The other consideration is the USB printer cable is a looser push fit. Whereas the USB serial cables connect to the handset port - with a click in connection that is less likely to get pulled out in usage.
  15. Looking at mine it seems the DC plate is slightly bowed so that when in place it exerts a little pressure on the onboard component part. In your image you can see the silver metal each side of the black plastic of the power port. The 'legs' of the dc plate need to be between the black plastic and the metal sides of the power port. This is what mine looks like.
  16. There's an old software testers trick that might explain your issue. When software is updated it may need to adjust any config files and write the default values that are read at start up. The coder may only do this on the first change to the config or on a restart (hence the restarts you see systems do so often) so until a change is made the system can exhibit odd behaviour. You, changing the cameras, may have effected the update to the config solving the problem (which should not happen). Bane of my life in testing were coders who never initialised their variables but read them later in their code - my test software would catch them and the coder would be put on the wall of shame list. 😒
  17. Another new owner of a Seestar S50 from today, now I can post on this thread as an owner and not an interested party.
  18. A new arrival being fattened up (charged) for a later cloudless night! No prizes for guessing what it is.
  19. These are still around there's even a 2023 Sabre model.
  20. Try a different usb cable, sometimes the supplied ones can be a problem. If you can connect to a PC with ASI drivers installed, if it could indicate the problem is with the ASIAir.
  21. That does not make sense to me. The unpark should update the mount coordinates to match the saved park position. If you tell yours to go to the home position and it does then it must know the saved position. It could be a case of the shutdown procedure i.e. if the mount is switched off first/last or when the eqmod is closed, but that's best answered by an eqmod user who parks in a saved position.
  22. You should have told me that I'd have offered you £2 for it - twice it's current value.😀
  23. Have you got a rogue file such as a jpg in there? Check the files for any that should not be there, it's a common error.
  24. By mix up it was the linking of NCP to home position by where the scope is pointing. NCP can be set without a scope mounted. But of course if you setup your mount & scope for each session, and/or need to polar align then you will likely move the mount from whatever saved position or home to do so. If you are in an observatory and have PA sorted you can do a restart more easily, but in that case I doubt the original question would have asked. Can you let us know what software you are using and someone will point out where you can store your preferred start position? If you are not leaving the mount in the close down position for next time even the saved position is effectively lost. Plate-solving can be the answer you need as it can update the mount position for you as long as it can solve the image seen by the controlling software.
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