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  1. With my SXV-H16 the read noise is 10e, gain 0.6e/ADU, however I cannot find an offset value anywhere. So my calculated median range with be (500 - 1667) + Offset. My example image statistics say range 2031 - 50440 adu, median 2487 adu. With your example offset value of 100 my target would be 600 - 1767 adu, so it looks like over exposure. However, the offset value is only a guess. Is a value of 100 typical? How can you measure offset?
  2. I think the only difference is the built in USB connector. With the old handset you need a dedicated USB-Serial adaptor for updates or remote control. Otherwise I think everything is the same. I use the old handset.
  3. So for a practical example I just looked at a 200s luminance exposure from my location. MaximDL histogram says the brightness range is 2188 - 41654 (adu?). My sensor has a read noise of 7-10 electrons, say 10. So I should aim for 300 - 1000 (adu?) in the background? In which case the sub was over exposed, maybe by a factor of 2?
  4. BlueAstra

    Solar Imaging with Ha?

    Does Ha get through the foil?
  5. BlueAstra

    Solar Imaging with Ha?

    I have a Meade 5000 apo 80 mm with a metal foil filter for solar imaging. Would there be any advantage with adding a Ha filter to the camera for solar imaging?
  6. Taken on 19.4.18. Evolution 9.25 & Zwo 224MC
  7. Taken on 19.4.18. Evolution 9.25 and ZWO 224MC
  8. oops. always read the instructions!
  9. This is Mare Crisium, also taken 19.4.2018. Evolution 9.25 & ZWO 224MC.
  10. This is Langrenus taken 19.4.2018. Evolution 9.25 & ZWO 224MC.
  11. Do you just load the Avi produced by camera into A/Sk? Where does debayerring come into it?
  12. I've just received my new ZWO 224C camera. My previous camera was mono, so what is the suggested video processing software for lunar/planetary images? Are there any special settings to handle the colour avi?
  13. I'm selling my DMK 21AU04AS mono planetary/solar/lunar imaging camera. I've had it a few years, but I want to use a larger format. Shown is a 28 pane composite taken with this camera and a C8 SCT, featured in SatN mag. Camera details can be found here. Price £90, including UK P&P. [SOLD]
  14. BlueAstra

    Zwo 224 or 290MC?

    I bit of quick advice required. I looking at a Zwo 224MC or 290MC camera for planetary imaging only with my Celestron 9.25" SCT, and perhaps an ADC. Any major differences between these two, any preference, or should I be looking at something else? Any comments appreciated. Graham
  15. BlueAstra

    Desiccant Caps

    Yes I have one of these caps and can confirm it doesn't lock properly with the 2" Baader click lock.

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