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  1. Looking at getting a small USB filter wheel (x5) for my 6" SCT for a bit of colour planetary imaging with my mono DMK. I've seen SX , ZWO , and Xagyl wheels. The ZWO wheel is £175, the SX is £280 but includes a guider port and looks a bit bigger. The Xagyl is £199. Any opinions on these wheels, or possibly other ones? Also what would be a decent LRGB filter set to go with the wheels?
  2. Jupiter last night. From left to right, Jupiter, Io, Europa,Ganymede, Callisto. 6" SCT & DMK, about 1500 frames at 1/30s, processed in Registax.
  3. I've read about the Starsense Camera for alignment, and I'm thinking about one for use with my Evolution 6. I know they work by automatically looking at different parts of the sky and plate solving to find position. Fine if you have a clear sky. But what happens if it is partially cloudy, and the camera chooses a cloudy patch? If the plate solve fails, does it keep looking until it finds a clear patch, or does it fail after two or three attempts?
  4. I'm looking to spend up to about £350 or so on a lunar/planetary imaging camera. Not sure whether to go mono or colour, but if I went mono the colour wheel would be a separate purchase. Just want to get the best out of the scope. Its a good few years since I got a DMK mono (21AU04AS) but I'm thinking the technology would have moved on a bit by now. If it has I will sell the DMK to help fund the new camera, if not maybe keep the DMK. The scope is a 6" SCT, 1500mm focal length, with x2, x3 barlows. Any opinions welcome.
  5. I think moving the prism/camera together just changes the sampling point in the telescope aperture. You have to move the camera up and down the prism to focus, with the prism stationary. Do the stars in the rectangular corner of the main camera field have a similar distortion? Depending on the relative size of the main camera field and the telescope image circle, you could be sampling beyond the main camera field in a distorted part of the telescope image circle. Or it could be a duff OAG!
  6. The Jupiter shots were from the same session last Saturday. This one was taken after the previous Jupiter shot showing the moons, but with a x3 Barlow and DMK, about 1500 frames at 1/60th. Only Ganymede would fit into the frame this time. Interesting to see how much detail a 6" SCT will give. I think there is more to be had as the seeing was quite bad.
  7. Taken with 6" SCT, x3 Barlow, Mono DMK. Seeing not brilliant on Saturday night.
  8. Recently acquired a 6" SCT, and here is my first shot at Jupiter with it. This was Saturday night with 6" SCT, DMK mono, about 1200 frames at ~ 1/60s
  9. I think I'm going to go for the Evo 6 for a number of reasons. The Evo 6 is £1209. If I were to buy the Evo mount and say the SW 127 Mak it would cost £1156, roughly the same. However, the 127 Mak is less aperture than the C6, and the price of the Evo 6 package is £315 less than buying the Evo mount and C6 OTA separately. So effectively you are getting the C6 for half price in the Evo 6 package. The saving in the Evo 8 package (cost £1799) is only £95 less than the separate prices so not quite such a good deal. I had thought of the Evo mount plus the SW 150 Mak, which has similar aperture to the C6, but this would cost £1426 which is £217 more than the Evo 6 package. There seemed to be a view that the performance of the C6 and 150 Mak would be broadly similar, so the saving on the C6 OTA in the Evo 6 package is worth going for. I know aperture rules for planetary and lunar detail, but I wanted to keep the package reasonably small and light for portability. I could go for the Nexstar mounts, but the 6SE plus skyportal plus battery would be about £1000, but I think I like the Evo mount better.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking of a Celestron Evolution 6 or the Evo base from FLO plus the SW 150 Mak. I can store the OTA outside. I also want it to be portable (car) for dark site use.
  11. I have a choice between a Celestron C6 XLT SCT or a SW 150 pro Maksutov for lunar and planetary webcam imaging. The C6 is 150 mm aperture, 1500 mm focal length, F/10. The SW Maksutov is 150mm aperture, 1800mm focal length, F/11.8. Which do you think would be the best choice?
  12. Thanks for the comments. Does the 150 have any significant advantage over the 127 (considering the 150 is twice the cost of the 127)? Should I buy two 127 instead of the 150 for the world's biggest binoculars !
  13. Bresser and SW both do 127 and 150 Maksutovs, with the SW being a bit cheaper. Does anyone have any views on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two brands, and which to go for? Are there any other Mak brands I should be looking at?
  14. I think I have narrowed it down to the following scopes: Meade LS6 (£1599), Celestron Nexstar evolution 6 (£1209), Meade ETX-125 (£699). I started out after a small portable easy to use scope for lunar/planetary with minimal setup time, few components, and the option for some serious webcamming. The LS6 is old but is fully automatic, the ETX-125 is new and cheaper, but both are small and easily transportable, but cannot utilise different scopes. The Evo 6 is also new, a bit bigger and heavier, but would allow different scopes. Any other views?
  15. This is the secondary dew heater I put on my 10" RC: