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Saturn + Storm + Moons 18th n 19th March


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Bit better conditions for these than last time, focus was bit better, altho prob 1 frame out 10 were really only worth keeping.

18th slightly better than 19th esp storm detail, so after couple x3 planet captures i decided to try for moons :hello2:

Could only make out Titan at 1st on laptop, but when focused could spot Rhea aswell, other 2 were unseen until registax and wavelets applied.


1st pic 18.3.11 - 1.30am 930/3000 frames

2nd pic 19.3.11 - 1.35am 430/1800 frames

3rd pic combined pic2 @ 70% reduced size with moon's pic taken prime focus f/11.8 this was cropped and resized 200%

stack 900/1400 altho moons showed well on 250 reference frame stack with bottom 3 wavelets adjusted

4th pic same as above but with pic1 Saturn used instead

5th pic same pic 4 only extra unsharp mask and saturation and contrast :hello2:

more info on pics, questions, comments appreciated







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thx guys yeh was chuffed with getting moons :hello2: over d moon LOL

for some reason never try'd getting Saturns Moons before,

tho i had accidentally captured Titan last year

was good to bag 3 other Moons i never got before

viewing at EP and webcam i could only spot brightest 2

cheers James

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