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Really excited to have just recieved a second hand HEQ5 PRO :)....yey!

Anyway it didnt come with any power connections etc as I imagined it wouldn't so my question is how do I connect this thing to power?

I think I need something like this for mains power to the scope:

4A AC/DC POWER SUPPLY/PSU 12V/15V/16V/18V/19V/20V/24V on eBay (end time 16-Mar-11 11:30:38 GMT)

But I hope over the next month to bargain hunt for all the astrophotography /guiding equipment I will need and so would like to use some form of leisure battery. I have seen this one:

Leisure Battery 88ah - Marine and Caravan Applications: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure

Now how the heck do I power stuff from that? I have never used one before and have no idea what kind of connections would be needed?

My guide camera will be powered via the laptop, and DSLR camera runs off own battery. So I would need to power the handset Synscan, Mount, and laptop. Also what connections do I need to get the HEQ5 connected and controlled via laptop? I was planning on just connecting through the handset but not sure of the lead required?

Any help is much appreciated!


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Personally I would simply look out for a 12v @ 2a (or more) power block from something like Laptopshop (I use one that powered an old Netgear network switch) - with one that has so many variable voltages there could be a risk of blowing the controller at 28V

The alternative is for the cost of both the powersupply and battery you list you could look at getting a powerpack from maplins HeavyDuty 5in1 Jump Starter Free Delivery : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin

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Thank you to all those who replied! information has been excellent. I think I finally understand how this all connects :)

I will go ahead and order my self a 12v leisure battery and also these: "Cigar Lighter Socket to Battery Terminal Adapter" :

Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions

Final question I promise! Do these connectors come with fuse's for protection or do I need to add them in (read somewhere you would need to add some, but was unsure whether this product has them inbuilt)



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Hi Ste, I have a HEQ5 Pro and I am very new to this game. I had a power pack, but found that it really did not give me the amount of power I needed to keep the mount going for any length of time. I found that the light on my mount started flashing (indicating a lack of power) very soon after setting up when I was moving around the skies. It became very frustrating, ver quickly. So I bought myself a mains power supply, since then, it has been fantastic and I can power it all night if I want.

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Just as an aside...

The Skywatcher 12V power socket requires a 2.1mm centre positive supply....there are VERY similar 12V plugs but they have a 2.5mm centre....if you use the wrong one - it may still work but can cause voltage drop outs and you loose connection - the mount stops.

Worth checking you use the correct 2.1mm plug.

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I also also use a mains psu - currently my bench psu from electronics bench until I get around to making a purpose built one.

I keep the psu indoors and run the 12v cable down the garden with a handily modified cable reel from Maplins.

*edit: zcapp, I went for the usb version from FLO - it has the serial port built-in.

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i use one of the maplins power packs, cheap 17 amp power enough to power the scope for 7 hours as the mount are 2 amp, the only problem with them is that the charger that comes with it is 1/2 an amp which takes forever to charge the pack fully, so when charging use a proper 2 or 4 amp car charger, since i`ve been doing this i`ve had no problems, the black maplins packs can be bought for £20,

power cable i use one of these from flo,

Cables, Leads and Controllers

and to run the mount from a pc, a free program that works well is stellarium, you should have had a greyish cable with the mount, this cable plugs into the bottom of the handset then the other end into the laptop, once stellarium is configured it will then contol your scope

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One thing I've been toying with is using the four 12v flight packs from the days I used to fly RC electric helicopters. Each pack uses 10x 1.2v Sanyo 2400 cells, so that would give me 9.6 Ahr from a full charge with them all wired in parallel. Has a few advantages

* can be rapid charged (should take around an hour and a half from my RC charger)

* cheap - I already have the packs :)

* cells are designed for heavy current draw, so will take the 2A when slewing in their stride :p

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