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Phenix D127F1200???

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Hi guys i thought id register after reading up theres a lot of great information on here :p

Im looking to buy my first scope and im thinking of buying the Phenix 127mm f/9.4 because of its good price, since its my first scope im pretty sure i will be happy with this im not to bothered about the violet rings but i am more bothered about deep space objects. I know a few of this board have this scope can you tell me what its like for deep space viewing? because its an f/9.4 does it make it completely useless for it and only good for planets? i know this might sound like a stupid question but im very new to this :D

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Hi Tom, welcome to SGL :D

If deep-sky-objects is your thing then aperture is King and Gordon is right, a Dobsonian is your best bet. I have no experience of the Phenix 127mm but at f9.4, it sounds better suited to Planets.

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Hello and welcome Tom. I've been waiting for somebody to chip in who has one of these 'scopes, but as it hasn't happened yet and I'm like that :D , I'll offer my two penn'orth anyway, even though I'm not familiar with your chosen 'scope.

On your budget refractor, does that 'scope include a mount? It seems like a reasonable deal if it does. However it is slow, i.e. has a big f/ number, which is not good for DSOs. For the faint things, you will need amplification of the amount of light getting to your eye rather than large magnifications. Many of the DSOs are surprisingly large and don't need a lot of magnification, so a similar aperture faster 'scope would suit better. The faster 'scopes have a smaller f/ number, which means lower magnification for a given eyepiece, but brighter views.

Not wishing to put you off at all, I'd like to ask you if you have any DSOs already on your target list. That will allow those of us who have the software to suggest an optimum 'scope within your budget which will best serve your needs. There are a large range of DSOs out there ranging from big stuff, bigger than the moon in the amount of sky that they occupy, to tiny specks which need big magnification.

I've got an achromatic refractor which has 120mm aperture and is f/8.3, so is quite similar to the Phenix one. This gets little useage now for various reasons, but is my weapon of choice for lunar views but not for DSOs. I'm coming across, which ever way you look at it, as telling you that you have the wrong 'scope in mind. This is not intended to put you off buying the 'scope, as any 'scope is better than none, rather to give food for thought. I bought my refractor as it was cheap and that's all, I didn't have a 'scope at the time and I've had fun with it, but have since aquired more and tend to not choose the 120mm achro.

The bottom line is that there's more than one way to skin a cat, it just depends how big the cat is and how bright it is.

Enjoy it when you get it, as it's your first, you'll love it, and let us know what you can see with it.

Captain Chaos

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