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Hello everyone !!


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Hi everyone.

I've been a lurker in the Lounge for about 5 months and thot it time to say hello to you all.

Many years ago my dad bought me a 2nd hand (Polish) maksutov (PZO?) from that camera shop in Parnie St. Glasgow. Whilst it was small and my astro knowledge limited, i got some nice views of the moon from what i remember. Many years later, due to the discovery of beer/women, :D i got the bug again, and I've been hooked ever since.

I have a few scopes of which the biggest is 6"(Tal 2M). I'm a sucker for wee scopes tho. Love 'em. My current fav is an AT 66ED refractor, anodized green, mmmmm. blumming great birding scope. None of that horrid purple/yellow fringing.

I don't get out under the skies as often as I'd like due to the cr*p weather. Or, when it is clear, being too bleary eyed, due to beer poisoning(check out beersofeurope... it's the dogs gonads....German beer is my other passion).

Anyway, I hope you'll let me join in some discussions now and again.

Cheers, Andy. :p

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Hi chaps.

I'm also a rabid armchair sports fan. HUGE baseball fan...go Jays...(subscibe to live Jay games), sadly an Oakland Raiders fan(how cr*p are they?), A humungus college (american) footy fan...go Trojans(subscribe to ESPN gameday), massive Ottawa Senators(ice hockey) fan, used to be a season ticket holder for the Paisley Pirates(bring back 3 import hockey!!!) and the glorious and majestic Partick Thistle F.C. ....mmm... think that's my sports done.

Cheers, Andy.

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"Hi from me too Andy. Tal2M eh? Cool "

Damn right. Had a wee snigger at your piccy thing(avatar?) a while back. Nice.

What a mount, what a mount (Tal 2M). At work i fabricated a taller tube mount thingy(my brain has shut off) so that the legs of the 2M mount would screw onto it like normal. My Tal 100RS could then be be at the perfect height, driven(by the 2M head) and with that smashing wee grey hand held box of tricks. Runs at different speeds. Got it from Malcolm Bird in Canada. Em. It's on Tals official website. It makes things run at their proper speeds. ie:sun, star, moon.

Duuuhhhh. Think my brain has been dulled with this Lindauer special select. blumming lovely.

As well as the 2M and 100RS, i've got a 1M, a 65(battleship grey) and the ota of an M(also ancient grey). Love those Tals. '50's build quality' as my dad said. Love to get my hand on one of those Klevtsovs one day.

Bleaearg. Time for bed methinks.

Cheers, Andy.

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Hehehe Andy - got my old 100r on a 2m mount on the 100r's wooden tripod at the mo :p Its the old mount though - aint got the socket for the drive corrector but still pretty good. Got the tripod double braced so is WELL solid - just got to iron some backlash out of the mount - which first means translatin the comical manual :D Don't use it much at the mo cos m'back's pretty crook - just use the lighter stuff;

...got the Tal1 - non driven (working on that though) and just got hold of a sweet little 65mm in (yep, you guessed it) battleship grey. Saturn was pretty good in it the other night so will go for some moon shots with the mobile phone when the weather lets go. The flippin ep is a weird size though eh?

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