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First time Saturn, first image of anything actually.


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Hi folks,

Saturn on 21 Dec 06 at around 0200. High cloud, seeing good. Orion Optics 8" F6 well collimated and cooled, 5x powermate and SC1 Toucam. I can't remember how many frames I took, over 1500 anyway, no filters used. Wavelets, brightened and histogram stretch.

What I learnt:

It's quite tricky to get the planet on the camera at 6000mm effective focal length, but once it's there my super polaris tracked wonderfully. I will go for 10-15FPS next time (5FPS this time). I'm investigating the use of filters for the next time, next apparition at the rate the weather's going.


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Cheers Warthog,

There were 2 eureka moments using registax. The first was when the selected images stacked and averaged, I was shocked by how smooth it appeared. The second was after I'd finished with the wavelets, I did go too far initially and it looked a bit OTT, even this may be a bit over-processed. Anyway I'm looking forward to having another go soon. :)

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Thats a cracking first attempt. You can see mines to the left! I have the same 'scope as you but only a 3X powermate Oh but I got my 'scope 2nd hand and it has stickers that say F5, but anyway the optics must be close. I need to get back out and try again, if I ever get a night without clouds!

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Hi Gordon,

It's the first image I've done, but observing and trying to get the best from my scope isn't new to me. I see imaging like this; there's lots of little things to get right, as some of those things become second nature things tend to be easier. I think that makes sense

Oh, I added the same image to CN also, before christmas, so you've maybe seen it before.

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