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  1. Astrophotography is expensive hobby. If you want to do quality pictures you must to invest quite sum of money. You must have mount which can track objects, probably guiding camera and guiding scope, imaging camera, some adapters, laptop etc. I begin with simple mount (EQ5) and with small but good scope ED80. I don't have this mount anymore because it was not good enough, but I still have ED80. We all make some mistakes at the beginning and we probably still are. I think that for beginning is very good choice Dobsonian based reflector. It is not suitable for astroimaging and it is not so good for observe planets in high magnifications but believe me that you must first learn the basic before rushing in astrophotography and dobsonian based telescopes are very good for that. And you don't need just scope for beginning but also some star maps or books, some eyepieces and most importantly you must go out, enjoy and learn a lot. It is not bad for beginning to see as much as scope that you can, ask people questions and of course read every post in this forum. Good luck in your quest.
  2. I ask the same question on Yahoo DMK forum and they also suggested me to buy 21 for planets.
  3. Sharp image, vith great contrasts and details.
  4. Very nice. Round stars, fine details, excellent.
  5. Stunning for first night and with only 8 pictures. Great colours and details. Well done.
  6. Nice observatory. I like it very much. I hope I have also one in the future. Good idea that you put scopes in higher location. Saso
  7. Shadows in Archimedes - fantastic. Very nice images. Saso
  8. Saso


    Nice find. Thanks. Saso
  9. I have Vista ultimate and I can run Starry night 5 and 6 pro without any problem. Saso
  10. Excellent. I like this one very much. Saso
  11. Saso


    Shadow over crater is stuning. Very nice catch. Saso
  12. This is a really nice image. I like colours and details. Too bad that clouds are come in the way. Saso
  13. Excellent images. Plato and Alpine Valley is my favorite. Saso
  14. Astrotrac is one possibility, http://www.astrotrac.com/ Saso
  15. Very nice, sharp and detailed. Keep it coming. Saso
  16. Top one is really excellent. Much better then mine. Saso
  17. Something like that for MAK 180 ? Saso
  18. I have Mak 180 (~8 kg) on HEQ5 and is not bad but I must be gentle with focusing. I think that C9.25 be to much for this mount, maybe with electronic focuser for focusing but for goto I'm not sure - maybe with very good balancing. Saso
  19. Very beautiful picture. Well done. Saso
  20. Excellent picture of M27. I like colours and details. Saso
  21. Fantastic image. So much details. Well done. :shock: Saso
  22. Fantastic shoot. :shock: Saso
  23. This is a really good first try. For five minutes long is excellent. Saso
  24. I use flip mirror and I find it very helpful. You don't need to change camera with eyepiece or eyepiece with camera when you change object for new imaging. Unless you have a very accurate go-to system. I hope you do. . Of course you must balance scope because of additional weight. I use it also before with ED80 but it is problem with focusing, with MAK 180 I don't have this problem so I think that you also don't have this problem with celestron 8i. Saso
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