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  1. Sorry for any confusion. Yes, I agree with Ant's statement and based upon the way the forum seems to be run, my decision is to leave. Thanks John for your well wishes and may I return them to you and everyone else on the forum (even you Jamie). Regards Gary
  2. You know what? I absolutely can't disagree with that statement and although I'll miss all the great banter and knowledge share that happens here, I no longer want to be part of this forum. I would therefore be grateful if you would delete my profile. Thanks Gary
  3. Not a bad idea, but please don't confuse this exchange as a personal attack, this is only a discussion on the way things were done. There's nothing personal in it, based upon the fact that you can dislike a person's actions but neither like nor dislike the person. I don't even know Jamie so how could I like or dislike him? But a worthy idea none the less. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Suggest you read your reply to Adam (he is a member of SGL isn't he?)
  5. Yes, but real censorship was THREATENED. Adam made a post which rightly or wrongly you felt unfair so you were fully entitled to come back to him. But in respect of your position as a moderator, you should have been able to maintain a professional air and not one of a tin-pot dictatorship. Will you perhaps lock this thread next?
  6. Then why was it submitted to public forum? Adam's treatment is irrelevant to this. This is about your threatened sensorship of SGL members and their posts.
  7. Then Jamie should never have made such comments in the public forum. It remains a fact however that censorship has been threatened.
  8. I take it all back! I am able to see the thread again. Fat fingers on my part I expect!
  9. Or should I say "Is something is rotten in the State of SGL"? I thought we were just having a discussion on the new retailer section where Adam obviously had one view on how he'd been treated and Jamie had another. It was developing into a question of censorship when suddenly my post didn't even make it and the whole thing seems to have vanished! Or am I dreaming? Gary
  10. Hang on. This has very little to do with me but that sounds like censorship to me! Not something I am interested in being party to and that would mean leaving the forum (much as I would hate to do that). If Adam has a problem it should be sorted openly and honestly, without threats or dictate.
  11. I have a Meade ETX125 and although it has great optics, my advice would be go for the Nexstar!
  12. Well done JV. A worthy winner! Gary
  13. Just had a small bonus paid at work which is already beginning to burn a telescope sized hole in my pocket, so I started looking at the UK TAKAHASHI site. Has anyone else checked this out? IMO it lets the product down big time, to such an extent in fact that because of the lack of information and ease of navigation, I have almost given up on the idea of buying one. I feel sure that FLO would never release a site which is clearly designed for ease of use by the dealer rather than the customer. It gets my vote for the worst site design ever. Really annoys me when you're asked to pay so much more for a premium product. Gary
  14. I assumed we (you) were talking Orion Optic (UK) rather than Orion (USA). I (again) assume, that the USA outfit is much bigger. Gary
  15. Apollo 18,19 & 20 officially cancelled but I bet they launched them at night when no one was looking Aliens on the moon indeed!
  16. Thanks Daz! Can't wait for the Meade style bill Seriously, if you let me know the costs I will of course cover all expenses. Thanks Gary
  17. You're right Daz, it's me! Wondered why my bum was so wet Thanks for picking it up for me, guess I need to send a recovery squad of some kind toget it out of your way. Gary
  18. I understood these to be one of the highest regarded mounts. Expensive but very well engineered. If I remember correctly there was a review in Sky at Night magazine about a year or so ago.
  19. Nice to know you got that beast out of your car Astro! Was longing to have a view through that at SP3.5! Gary
  20. Good luck Maggie and don't let the Seben put you off, there is so much to see (even if you do freeze most of the time)! Gary
  21. Thanks Jamie. I wish I could have arrived and a day or two beforehand and actually seen some targets, but nevertheless, it was great fun meeting and being with everyone. Gary
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