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I just recieved my new Skywatcher EQ-5 GOTO EQ Mount for my new SW 127 Mak tube, however one small problem though???

The suppiled dovetail fitted on to the 127 tube doesn't fit onto the mount!!!!

Wot's going on here, why doesn't it fit properly!!!!

Now I've looked at FLO website and I'm looking at the Skywatcher dovetail bracket's, however there is 3 types small 15cm, medium 21cm and large 31cm.

However I know that the large will definitely won't fit anyway, but wot confuse's me the most is that the small would fit but it appears that the shape is very different compared to the standard one I already got with the tube. The medium looks like the correct one to go for, cos it's straight but it is too long for my scope.

So wot's going on here???? I do not want to make a dovetail cos I don't have the time to waste and I rather buy one which be manufactured properly and for me to waste time and effort, you might as well buy one instead anyway!!!

However if there's anyone who has bought a SW 127 mak black tube and as already fitted onto a SW EQ-5 mount, please let me know ASAP!!!!

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I've waited over many month's of hard money saving and waiting, And it would kick me in the head if both items I've bought don't even fit in the first place, I would be so devstated!!!!!!!!!!:)

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OK - thanks.

The dovetail is on upside down.

Recently on my Skymax 127 (blue version) I removed the dovetail and added tube rings.

On my blue version you can undo the bolts that hold the dovetail on without letting anything get loose (the nut) inside the scope.

So assuming that the black version is the same, you should be able to undo the bolts turn the dovetail over and do the bolts back up.

I would suggest before doing that you contact the seller to make sure that you are not voiding your warrenty by doing that.



EDIT: I type too slowly :) But I think John is right - thats not a dovetail - you need a medium dovetail - did you buy the mount and OTA(scope) together?

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It looks alot wider than a normal dovetail, and the angle on there seems to much as 45 degrees. The normal dovetail seems much narrower angle to me???? I've tried to fit the other way up and still doesn't fit.

I know I've bought the tube as a serperate piece and I have not bought it together with the mount.

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Looks like you're going to have to buy a dovetail


eg: a medium one like here, would do the job. Dovetail bars - Skywatcher Dovetail Mounting Plates

I must say at first glance of pics on dealers websites, that the piece on the ota, does look like a dovetail.

Sucks mate.


edit: woops, Ant got there first.

Edited by AndyH
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The screw's are too short to fit the dovetail at the other way round. Luckily I've got M4x15 screws somewhere whereabout's???

Damn where can they be???:)

I see some holes along that bar - are any of them threaded ?. My guess (only a guess) is that the bar stays where it is and the dovetail bar, widest part outermost, fits on top, held on by screws (M6 ?) that go into the bar that's already attached to the scope.

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I just want to sypothise with you, as I have been in a similar position as you...

The OTA will fit to the EQ5..thats for sure!

It's is just a case of racking your brains to get them to gel. :)

been their done it....and i'm sure most others have had these problems too.

Don't worry you will get their. :)


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The mounting plate is not on upside down, it is designed for regular photo tripods and some alt-az mounts. Skywatcher offer an alternative mounting bar for Skymax 127 for use with regular vixen-type saddles but it isn't listed on many dealer's websites.

Party Marty, it is best that you contact your supplier. If they haven't got one they should be able to order one in for you (product code 20174).

It is easy to fit. Unscrew two Philips screws, remove the existing plate then screw on the new one. When the Skymaz-127 is bought with a mount it has the correct dovetail pre-fitted.

Hope that helps,


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