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2ndtry with modded 1000D NGC7000


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The 1st attempt at the weekend was a bit of a diaster as I'd forgotten the field flattener for the Tak FS60 a pity as we where at a dark site

This image is a stack of 6 x 10min subs with the FS60 with FF using the CLS filter from light polluted home(that street light is less than 10m from the mount)

Stacked with DSS levels and curves and selective sharpenining (thanks Steve from imaging course earlier this year) via PS



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Great capture Steve!!!

LOADS of detail!

I havn't tried imaging from my back garden yet (same problem as you..damn streetlights) but this gives me hope as I have just added a CLS CCD clip to my gear so will hopfully give this a try soon.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing,


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I chickened out

so only a 50% on the website

NGC 700 8th Sept 2010

P B - I thought you had fell out with that area :D

I am well impressed with the mod

To those with LP probs (who hasn't) do try a bit of imaging with the filters and kit available now I know Peter prefers the other filter I can't rem the name of at the mo.If it was not for imaging I would have given up years ago

Starblazer Get the mod done, if I can I'm sure you can

and again thanks for the comments


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