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  1. Very nice pics. I got to try me this monkey pallette ;-) Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
  2. Hi sbooder, im thinking of doing the thumbscrew mod, what size thumbscrews do I need? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Many thanks everyone for the replies and advice. I'll double check the sensor and oag. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
  4. After tinkering with my gear for a year I've finally been able to take a half decent photo of M31. It's been my first DSO object and been a bit of an obsession. Now that I got this snapped I feel I can finally move onto something else. The left corner is messed up because I accidently rotated the camera while changing it's battery. Not sure what the bottom right blob is...could it be a reflection from my OAG? I get it in all my photos at the same spot. WO FLT 100 FF IV TS Slim OAG Canon 7D 22x5m @ ISO800 (11 darks)
  5. Hi, I've been trying to scour the internet for 1/4x20 low profile socket head cap screws but to no avail. Would anyone know where I can get some? They are to attach aLosmandy Dovetail bar to my William Optics CNC rings (and have to be low profile to that I can fit it to my Puck) Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Downloaded it on my Desire HD and it works perfectly. Fantastic update to one of my favourite apps. Couple of feature requests: 1) ability to store a location. For example I'd like to check weather at my home site while at work 2) ability to check weather at a certain time and notify you if it's gonna be clear. (I.e. An hour before sunset). thanks and keep up the great work. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks...but I am ashamed to admit that I had not actually tightened it properly! Time to RTFM!
  8. I've noticed that the Polar Finder on my EQ-6 wiggles. I can only assume this is throwing off my Polar Alignment. Are there any instructions on how I can tighten it? Thanks
  9. On the show he made it seem like Proton Decay was a done deal. Great show though, really enjoying learning new things. But I wish he would stop posing. That sequence of him gangling along trying to look butch while the building behind him exploded had me in stitches.
  10. I'm catching up with the Wonders of the Universe episodes and in the first one Brian Cox mentioned that after a gazillion years the Universe's entropy will increase and eventually turn into a sea of photons. How can that be? I didn't think atoms would disintegrate to photons. Did I miss something in my physics class?
  11. congratulations...looking forward to your images.
  12. Very nice! The ikharus looks like my next purchase. Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
  13. Stunning...truly stunning. I love the way you laid out your gallery by drilling into the starcharts.
  14. I saw "Social Network" last weekend and that got me thinking ;-)
  15. I think this would be a great tool, a kind of facebook for astronomy. What would be perfect would be if there was a way to extend AstroPlanner (or other observing tools) to upload observing data to the site. Also it could be a great tool to research equipment to see who else has your equipment and what they have been doing with it. Or if you are researching other equipment see easily what potential it has by seeing what other people have been able to do with theirs. Lot's of possibilities.
  16. I notice that the area around your scope is well trodden :-) Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
  17. I'm looking around for a good APO Refractor for DSO imaging and have seen: WO Megrez 90 William Optics - William Optics Megrez 90 APO Ikharus 102 And at Astrofest I saw this Ikharus 102mm from Ian King and it looked very good but I had never heard of it so held off buying it. IKHARUS Telescope and Accessories from Ian King Imaging Optically, is there really enough to justify WO's difference in price? Alternatively for a scope/flattener I have a budget of £900. Would people recommend one of the above (or any other I have not listed). PS: I plan on adding a Atik 314L+ with a filter wheel later. Thanks.
  18. 5 stars from me! Just what I've been waiting for. Thanks for putting it together. Works fine on my Desire HD. Athar
  19. I use 2 methods: Dropbox to immediately replicate my files between Desktop and Laptop and the web ($9.99pm for 50Gb of space). I also use it to share files with family and friends. Mozy: to backup to the cloud everything I don't want to lose (personal photos, music, documents etc). $55pa for unlimited storage....I currently use about 250Gb. It's all fully automated and backed up to the cloud so don't need to plug anything in.
  20. I'm a beginner and when I bought my EQ6 mount it didn't come with the Goto motors. It was very frustrating for me to find the objects I wanted especially in Light Polluted London. It took me about 40mins just to find M31. Also considering how little clear sky I seemed to be getting. When I upgraded to goto it was a revelation....I could quickly locate the object I wanted. I still use the Binos to do some star hopping and try to get my way round the sky. But don't think I would have seen one tenth of the stuff I have if I didn't upgrade and certainly wouldn't have enjoyed the skies as much.
  21. Welcome Artur from another Londener. You certainly chose the best time to start. Fire away and send those questions, I've always found the people here really friendly and knowledgeable. Athar
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