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  1. That looks cracking, fair play. Did you make/keep templates?
  2. Around the base of the mount, but not touching. Build a small set of steps that go all around the pier, This way you can have the pier higher to clear the obsy walls, but also still be able to step up and see through the eye piece. If it's fixed in place, less chance of toppling over onto your scope if it moves too
  3. Gutted I couldn't make it up lastnight, I did pass over the top of the mountain around 11pm on the way back from Govilon, was tempted to stop by, but being unsure exactly where it was and the fact that I would have probably blinded you all, I decided against. That said, had some cracking views at the BBQ and was up late enough to watch jupiter rise over the hills Nice to see that it wasn't so hazy around the tops as it has been recently.
  4. If you notice he does say "Unguided" so this would mean his PA is off ? That said, it's only a quick test run, so not aiming for accuracy, just seeing what the scope can do off the bat, I would guess.
  5. Sat24 shows it starting to clear a little later, so you should be good to go. I'm not going to make yet again >.< but i'll head up with Nilchill sometime soon.
  6. If it is a low profile focuser, then chances are you will need an extension tube, rather than inward focus.
  7. SPC880nc unmodded on ebay ending soon http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160860888612?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1414 Grab yourself a bargain
  8. I took my 10year old son to watch it in the Imax in london science museum Was brilliant!!
  9. I wish lol ..... As always, from the surrounding valleys all I have is a big sheet of mist/fog leaving a tiny hole with decent seeing. It's getting a bit silly now to the point im wondering why I keep the gear. Everytime it's clear, or they say it will be, I am greeted with the wall of glowing orange horror.
  10. U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell What about that?
  11. Probably come with blackened metal washers
  12. Oh noe's the star is on the run and is showing a tail lol!! Sure is a nasty reflection. Would this mean you require the filter to be further from the ccd? i.e reducing the reflection? Going to be costly to replace those filters...unless you can get away with an extension ccd end and getting closer to focuser-base on back of filter.
  13. If this winter is anything like last 2 years for me, I doubt i'll be seeing any stars!! Right at the peak time where I could fit in plenty of viewing, I had to contend with grabbing gaps in the clouds, not easy with an eq6 and 10" scope lol.
  14. Pop the Diagonal in the st80, then use a 6mm eye piece to focus on something as far away from you as possible .... pref more than 40ft. Then take out the eyepiece and place the camera in (leave the diagonal) see if you can get an image in focus now?
  15. Having had no time as of late to do any observing other than on the walk from my car to my house, which is up a few steps >..< I thought it was about time that I got the scope out and give Jupiter a try with the SPC900nc 2x barlow and the 250px The seeing was a little hazy but partly due to the mountains either side of the valley being covered in an orange glow and the limit of my view meaning that when jupiter was at its best, it was behind the house and to close to a streetlight. Anyhows, only done a quick stack, scope needs collimation and really should pick through frames to sort best one's.
  16. Out of curiosity, is there a specific movie mode on there or are you able to access movie mode in manual settings? If so then this may allow to use it without the lens as in manual you should have the option to make your own focus/aperture/iso adjustments. Sorry if this is of no help, I only have the 1000d so just thinking of something simple that could be missed. Also have you checked the camera settings to see if there is an option on there to turn off the lens connection confirmation??? << long shot.
  17. Giving my scope the reach-around the other nite to let off the dec clutch, only to plant the palm of my hand on the alt gauge and stab that little pointy metal piece into my hand >..< that was a wow moment lol
  18. Looking good mate, we'll have to get to a nice darksite soon and get to grips with this together haha.
  19. Welcome from south wales too Nice Bill Hicks reference in the name there
  20. Who told ya that? Weather Europe, Satellite Weather Europe, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in Europe - Source: SAT24.com
  21. Howdie, did you remove just the both sets of glass? Reason I ask is that I have already modded my 1000d but have found that there is a scratch on the dust/piezo glass and was wondering if you could simply remove this or the whole fitting and still use the camera as normal?
  22. Looking back at the subs you posted, they all seem to show what looks like some sort of vibration smudge, sometimes in a couple of directions (if you look at the crops, can see colour variance and smudge at about 4 o'clock and 1 o'clock) If this is repeated over all the subs then it may well be orthogonality. The vast majority show a fainter version of the stars at 4 o'clock across the field.
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