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Hello Everyone !

Red Dwarf

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Just to say hi, I live near Broadclyst in East Devon and have a 10" dob (skywatcher) with a selection of lenses and a 2x barlow. I've always been an astronomy fan but could never afford a scope up until a few months ago.

I'd like to say 'hi' also to Steve, I was in your shop this morning (where I bought the dob) talking about Andromeda and have now successfully registered as you can see - (had a bit of trouble last time).

I'm looking forward to using this forum - looks great !

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Yes I have good sky here, a bit of pollution from SW where Exeter is - but there's s house and trees in the way anyway, so I don't do SW astronomy! - I just wait for it to come round.

Apart from that, no complaints, I'm in Westwood just NE of Broadclyst (middle of nowhere!)


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Thanks for all your welcomes !!

I walked up the top of the hill where I live, earlier today and had my first thought of an observatory. At one point you can see 360 degrees of sky. Wow! - I'm thinking about this. It's not my land, but the farmer who owns it is a real gem.

Where do I go on this website to talk about building a simple observatory (shed), anyone know someone??

This could take some time though, finance, etc... - but it's not out of the question at all. I would need to talk to the farmer first of course, but I wouldn't mind a few ideas or interest from someone, anyone ??

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Have a look in the equiopment section - there has been discussions on different types of shed's as I remember - or at least different types of roofing!

Sounds like an interesting plan though!!

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Welcome to the forum...

Be careful when wanting to erect buildings on farm land...They usually have to be for agricultural use only...You don't want to spend money on something the local council will make you pull down...

Apart from that...have fun and enjoy the scope and I look forward to your observing reports..


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