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Summer Triangle Challenge

Hello everyone


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Hello everyone,

Normski is here at last, so you can all relax now :)

A bit about myself, well where to begin ..... My father spent many years in the Merchant Navy, and as a result knew his way around the sky. As a kid, growing up in South Shields at the mouth of the River Tyne in England, he encouraged me in this direction, and I can remember spending a few long cold nights stargazing through an old pair of binos he gave me. Nothing pretentious like a telescope! :)

Teenage years came and I discovered sex and drugs and rock and roll in the form of women, beer and heavy metal and progressive rock music. Skywatching took a definite back seat. I got married, had the obligatory 2 kids and moved to Sittingbourne in Kent, and now as I'm fast approaching the half century, I've made a conscious effort and am taking it all up seriously again having very briefly flirted with this hobby a couple of years ago.

I went and bought a second hand Meade ETX70AT, a rather nifty pair of Bresser Cobra 20x50 Binos, (my Dad would have killed for something this powerful), and am starting to build what I hope will lead eventually to my indulging in astrophotography, but that requires a lot more "ooomph" than I currently posses or can afford.

There - my life in nutshell

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